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Full text of "A selection of Christian hymns / by Rice Haggard."

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Digitized by the Internet Archive 
in 2014 


The Rice Haggard hymn book is one of the 
rarest of the early hymn books of the Restora- 
tion Movement In America. Only tvo copies 
have been discovered. One of these is held by 
Lincoln Christian College, Lincoln, Illinois, 
and the other by Richard N. Smith, Burkesville, 
Kentucky. Unfortunately, both are defective. 

Lincoln Christian College's copy has been 
used as the basis for this reprint, supplement- 
ed by Mr. Smith's copy. The indexes in these 
copies are defective and of little or no use. 
While the original index of the college's copy 
has been reprinted, a new index has been pre- 
pared and included in this reprint. 

We are deeply indebted to the great grand 
children of "Blind" Billy Wilson, early Indiana 
preacher, who shared their copy with Lincoln 
Christian College. We are also indebted to Mr. 
Smith, who supplied a number of pages for this 
reprint. Without his co-operation, this fac- 
simile would not have been possible. 

Lincoln, Illinois 
November - 1983 






" every tiling that hath breath prct%' 
i.\el*'ord. Praise ye the "Lord?* 

• Psalm ex. & 







«• JLrt- every din j that hath Irtoth /roue 
the Lord. jPraiie ye the Zwtl." 

Tulm ex. 6. 




19 8 3 


The following is a collection of 
Hymns, selected from various au- 
thors ; wherein great care has been 
taken to avoid every thing of a party 
tendency, and every thing that might 
prevent a congregation of Christians, 
of various denominations from hearti- 
ly singing together. 

Cumberland county yK.') 
May 1, 1818. J 


HYMN 1. L. Af. 
The new and living ivay. 

1 MY GOD, inspire this heart of mine 
To praise thy name in songs divine ; 
J.ct heav'nly Jove breathe thro' my day, 
While speaking 1 of the living- way. 

2 The way to death with haste I trod, 
Oppress'd with sin,- a heavy load : 
But O, how happy waajhat day, 
When first, I found the living way. 

3 The veil of Jesus' flesh, I see, 
Was rent, and torn, and bled for 
That Mood divine fcheds heav'nly day. 
And mark* tlii* new and living way.' 

4 Jesus, when I view the plan. 

How God descends to dwell with mart. 
I leap for joy, and boldly say, 
I'm in this new W>4 way. 
4 3 


5 Whene'er thy smiling face I view. 
My strength and vigor I renew ; 
I'm then prepar'd to shout and nray 
Along the new and living way. 

6 A sinner I confess I am, 

liut, O, I've found the bleeding l«amb ; 
lie wash'd my foulest stains away, 
And set me in this living way. 

7 When in this living way I move, 
I'm fill'd with sweet seraphic love j 
O ! how I long to see the day 
When all shall crowd this living way. 

8 How boundless is the love of God, 
How rich the drops of Jesus' blood t 
And yet what thousands g^> astray, 
And miss the new and living way. 

9 Some hate this way, which life imparts ; 
But let us run with cheerful hearts, 
For when we quit this house of clay, 
We*ll rise, and shout this living way. 

10 And when we reach the heav'nly goal, 
Where living streams of pleasure roll, 
Our song *!»all be, to endless day, 

" All glory to the living way." 

HYMN 2. L. M. 

I COME, sinners, to the gospel feast> 
Let cr'ry soul be Jcsua' guest i 



Ye need not one be left behind, 
for Cod ha* bidden all mankind. 

Sent by my Lord, on you I call— 
The invitation is to all ; 
Come all the world, come sinner, thou, 
All thing* in Christ arc ready now. 

3 r»mcfcll ye souls, by sin opprcst, 
Ye restless wanderers after rest ; 

Ye po«»r, and maimed, andhalt.and blind, 
In Christ a hearty welcome find. 

4 My message, as from Cod, receive, 
Ye all mav come to Christ, and live ; 
O let his iovc your hearts constrain, 
Nor suffer him to die in vain. 

5 1 lis love is mighty to compel ; 

J lis conquering- love consent to feel, 
Yield to his love's redeeming power, 
And fight against your Cod no more. 

(> Sec him set forth before your eyes, 
That precious bleeding sacrifice ; 
His offered benefits embrace, 
And freely now be saved by grace. 

7 This is the time, no more delay ; 
This is the acceptable day ; 
Come in this moment at his call, 
And live for him who died for alj 


HYMN 3. S. M. 

1 HOW free the fountain flowsy 

Of endless life and joy ; 
Thatspring-which no confinement knows, 
Whose waters never cloy. 

2 How sweet the accents sound, 

From the Redeemer's tongue : 
" Assemble all yc nations round, 

3 The Spirit bears the call, 

To all the distant lands ; 
The church, the bride, reflect it back. 
While Jesus waiting stands : 

4 " Ho ! every thirsty soul, 

" Approach the sacred spring ; 
" Drink, and your fainting spirits cheerj 
" lienew the draught and sing. 

5 " Let all that will, approach, 

" The waterfreely take, 
" Free for the world, behold it flows, 
M You all may no w partake." 

(5 With thankful hearts, we come 
To take the offered grace ; 
And call on all that hear, to join 
The etrial and the praise. 


HYMN 4. C, M. 
1 RKJOICE, believer, in the Lord, 
Who makes your cause his own j 
The hope that's built upon his word; 
Can ne'er be overthrown. 

3 Though many foes beset your road, 
And feeble is your arm ; 
Your life is hid with Christ in- God, 
Beyond the reach of harm. 

> Weak as you arc, you shall not faint, 
Or fainting shall not die ; 
Jesus, the strength of every saint, 
Will daily strength supply. 

-i Tho' sometimes unperceived 
To faith he's always near, 
A guide, a glory, a defence ; 
Then what have we to fear ? 

5 Cleave to the Saviour's precious name, 
Your confidence hold fast ; 
And surely as he. overcame, 
You'll conquer too, at last. 

HYMN 5. Lenox Tunc. 

1 BLOW ye the trumpet, blow 
The gladly solemn sound ! 
Let all the nations know, 
To earth's remotest bound, 
The year of jubilee is come ! 
Heturn, ye ransomed sinners, : 
A 2 



2 Exalt the Lamb of God, 
The sin-atoning Lamb ; 
Redemption by his blood, 
Thro' all the earth proclaim : 

The year of jubilee is come, 
Return ye ransomed sinners, home. 

3 Ye, who have sold for nought, 
The heritage above, 

May have it back, unbought, 
The gift of Jesus' love : 
The year of jubilee is come, 
Return ye ransomed sinners, home. 

4 Ye slaves to sin and hell, 
Your liberty receive ; 
►Vnd safe in Jesus dwell, 
And. blest in Jesus, live ; 

The year of jubilee is come, 
Return ye ransomed sinners, home. 

5 The gospel trumpet hear, 
The news of pardoning grace ; 
Ye happy souls draw near, 
Behold your Saviour's face ; 

The year of jubilee is come, 
Return ye ransomed sinners, home. 

<; Jesus, our great high priest, 
Has full atonement made ; 
Yc weary spirits rest, 
Ye mournful souls be glad ; 
The year of jubilee is come, 
Return ye ransomed sinners, home. 


HYMN 6. C. M. 

1 LET every mortal ear attend, 

And every heart rejoice; 
The trumpet of the gospel sounds, 
With an inviting voice ; 

2 Ho ! all ye hungry, starving souls, 

And vainly strive, with earthly toys, 
To fill an empty mind. 

3 Eternal wisdom has prepared 

A soul-reviving feast, 
And bids your longing appetites 
The rich provision, taste. 

4 Ho ! ye who pant for living streams, 

And pine away and die ; 
Here you may quench your raging thirst, 
With springs that never dry. 

5 Rivers of love and mercy, here 

In a rich ocean join : 
Salvation in abundance flows, 
Like floods of milk and wine. 

6 Ye perishing and naked poor, 

Who work with mighty pains, 
To weave a garment of your own, 
That will not hide your stains. 

f Come naked, and adorn your sows 
With righteousness divine ; 


This robe is spotless, rich and free. 
And lasting as the mind. 

8 Dear God, the treasures of thy love 

Are everlasting mines, 
Deep as our helpless miseries are, 
And boundless as our sins. 

9 The happy gates of gospel grace, 

Stand open night and day ; 
Lord, we are come to seek supplies, 
And drive our wants away. 

HYMN 7. L. M. 

I WHAT shall the dying sinner do, 
That seeks relief for all his wo ? 
Where shall the guilty conscience find 
Ease for the torment of the mind ? 

3 Flow shall we get our crimes forgiven, 
Or form our natures fit for heaven i 
Can souls, all o'er defiPd withsia, [clean? 
Make their own powers and passions 

J5 The gospel shows a Saviour ni&u* 
All ether schemes in vain we try ; 
Tis there that power and glory dwell, 
That save rebellious souls from hell. 

4 This is, the piUar of pur hone, 
That bear* our fainting spirits up : 
We read the grace, we trust the Word> 
And find salvation in. the l^ord, 



s \,qx men or angels dig the mines, 
M here nature's golden treasure shines 5 
llrought near the doctrine of the cross, 
All nature's gold appears but dross. 

6 Should \ile blasphemers, with disdain, 
Pronounce. I he. truths of Jesus vain, 
'We'll meet the scandal and the shame, 
And sing ami triumph in his name. 

HYMN 8. C. M. 

l JKSr.S, thy blessings are not few, 
Nor is thy gospel weak ; 
Thy grace can melt the stubborn Jew, 
A m\ heal the dying Greek. 

5 Wide as the reach of Satan's rage, 
DotU thy Salvation fow ; 
J 'J is not confined to sex or age, 
The lofty or the low. 

3 While grace is offered to the prince? 

The poor may take their share ; 
JJo mortal has a just pretence 
To perish in despair. 

4 T.c wise, ye men of strength and wit 

Nor hoait your native powers \ 
But to his sovereign grace submit, 
And glory shall he yours, 

5 Come, dl ye vikst sinners, com*, 

He'll fonayQur. hearts anew » 



His gospel and his heart have room, 
For rebels such as you. 

6 His doctrine is almighty love, 
There's virtue in his name 
To turn a raven to a dove, 
The lion to a lamb. 

HYMN 9. 7's. 

1 NOW begin the heavenly theme, 
Sing aloud in Jesus' name ; 

Ye who his salvation prove, 
Triumph in redeeming love. 

2 Ye who see the Father's grace 
Beaming in the Saviour's face, 
As to Canaan on Remove, 
Sing and bless redeeming love. 

Mourning souls, dry up your tears-. 
Banish all your guilty fears ; 
See your guilt and curse remove, 
Cancelled by redeeming love. 

4 Ye, alas ! who long have been 
Willing slaves to death and sin, 
Now from bliss no longer rove, 
Stop and taste redeeming love. 

5 Welcome all, by sin opprest, 
Welcome to his sacred rest: 
Nothing brought him from above* 
Nothiog but redeeming love. 



When his spirit leads us home, 
"When we tt. his elory come, 
Uc shall all the fulness prove, 
Of our Lord's redeeming love. 

7 He subdued the infernal powers, 
Those tremendous foes of ours; 
From their wretched empire drove 9 
Mighty in redeeming love. 

8 Hither, then, your music bring, 
Strike aloud each cheerful string: 
Mortals, join the hosts above, 
Join to sing redeeming love. 

HYMN 10. L. M. 
TVcary souls invited to rest. Matt. xi. 28. 

1 COME, weary souls, with sin distrest, 
Come and accept the promised rest; 
The Saviour's gracious call obey, 
And cast your gloomy fears away. 

2 Oppressed with guilt, a painful load, 

O come, and spread your woes abroad ; 
Divine compassion,, mighty love, 
W ill all the painful load remove. 

3' Here mercy's boundless ocean flows, 
To cleanse your sins and heal your woes; 
Pardon and life and endless peace ; 
How rich the gift! how free the grace ! 

4 Lord, we accept with thankful heart, 
The hope thy gracious words impart: 

16 rNVITATIOtf. 

AVe come with trembling, yet rejoice, 
And bless the kind inviting voice. 

5 Dear Saviour, let thy powerful love 
Confirm our faith, our fears remove ; 
And sweetly influence every breast, 
And lead us to eternal rest. 

HYMN 11. L. M» 

Christ's invitation to thirsty souls. 
John vii. 37. 

1 THE Lord of Life exalted stands, 
Aloud he cries, and spreads his hands ; 
He calls ten thousand sinners round, 
And sends a voice from every wound.. 

2 " Attend ye thirsty souls, draw rtear, 
" And satiate all your wishes here : 
" Behold the Irving fountain flows, 

" In streams as various as your woes. 

3 "An ample pardon, here I give, 

" And bid the sentenced rebel live : 
«« Show him my Father*s smiling face, 
** And lodge him in his dear embrace, 

4 " I purge from sin's detested stain, 
" And make the crimson white again, 
" Lead to celestial joys refined, 

** And lasting as the deathless mind." 

5 Blest Saviour, I can doubt no more > 
I hear, and wonder, and adore t 



ranting I seek that fountain-head, 
Whence waters, so divine, proceed. 

6 Clcnr spring of life, flow on, and roll, 
With Rowing swell, from pole to pole, 
Till flowers and fruits of paradise, 
Hound all the winding. currents rise. 

HYMN 12. As the 148th. 
Yet there is room, Luke xiv. 22. 

1 YE dying- sons of men, 
Immerg'd in sin and wo, 
The gospel's voice attend, 
AVhile Jesus sends to you : 

Ye perishing and guilty come, 
In Jesus* arms there yet is room. 

2 No longer now delay, 
Nor vain excuses frame : 
He bids you come to-day, 
Tho' poor and blind and lame : 

All things are ready, sinner come, 
For every trembling soul there's room. 

3 Believe the heavenly word, 
His messengers proclaim ; 
He is a gracious Lord, 
And faithful is his name : 

Backsliding souls, return and come, 
Cast off despair, there yet is room. 

4 Compell'd by bleeding love, 

Ye wandering sheep draw near. 



Ciirizt calls you from above; 

His charming accents hear ! 
Ixt whosoever will, now come : 
Jn mercy's breast there still is room. 

HYMN 13. C.M. Stiil. 
*ninvi:sil*n to the go tpel feast t \A\ic xit*.!2£ 

1 YE wretched, hungry, starring' peer, 

Behold a royal feast! 
Where mercy spreuds her bounteous 
For every humble guest. [store. 

2 See, Jttr.* stands with open arms; 

He calls, he bids you come : 
Guilt holds you back, and fear alarms ; 
Uut sec there yet is room — 

3 Room in the Saviour's bleeding heart, 

There love and pity meet ; 
Nor will he bid the soul depart, 
That trembles at his feet 

Ar O come, and with his children taste 
The blessings of his love ; 
While hepe attends the sweet repast 
Of r.oblcr joys above. 

5 There, with united heart and voice, 
Before th* eternal throne, 
Ten thousand thousand souls rejoice, 
lu ccsiacie unknown. 



7 And yet ten thousand thousand more, 
Are welcome still to come ; 
Vet longing souls, the grace adore ; 
Approach, there yet is room. 

HYMN 14. 7's. 

1 SINNF.It, art thou still secure ? 
\Wih iliou still refuse to pray ? 
Can thy heart and hands endure 
In the Lord's avenging day ? 
Sec his mighty arm made bare ! 
Aw ful terrors clothe his brow ! 
For his judgment now prepare, 
Thou must either break or bow. 

2 At Lis presence, nature shakes, 
Earth, affrighted, hastes to flee, 
•Solid mountains melt like wax, 
What will then become of thee ? 
"Who his coming may abide ? 
You that glory in your shame, 
Will you find a place to hide, 

When the world is wrapped in flame ? 

3 Then the great, the rich, the wise. 
Trembling, guilty, self-condemned, 
Must behold the piercing eyes 

Of the judge they once blasphemed ; 
Where are now their haughty locks i 
O ! their horror and despair, 
When they see the openedboo^s, 
And their dreadful sentence hear ! 



4 Lord, prepare us by thy grace, 
Soon we must resign our breath, 
And our souls be called to pass, 
Thro' the iron gate of death. 
Let us now our days improve, 
Listen to the Gospel voice, 
Seek the things that are above, 

Scorn the world's pretended joys. 

5 Lord, when flesh and heart shall fail, 
Let thy love our spirits cheer ; 
Strengthened thus we shall prevail 
Over Satan, sin, and fear. 
Trusting- in thy precious name, 
May we thus our journey end ; 
Then our foes shall lose their aim, 
And the Judge will be our Friend- 

HYMN 15. C. M. 

1 SINNERS, the voice of God regard ; 

His mercy speak6 to-day; 
He calls you by his sovereign word, 
From sin's destructive way. 

2 Like the rough sea, that cannot rest, 

You live devoid of peace ; 
A thousand things within your breast, 
Deprive your soul of ease. 

3 Your way is dark andleads to hell; 

Why will you persevere ? 
Can you in endless torments dwell. 
Shut up in black despair i 


4 Why will you, in the crooked ways, 

Of sin and folly 50 ? 
In pain you travel all your days, 
To reap immortal wo. 

5 But he that turns to God shalllive, 

Thro* his abounding grace ; 
His mercy will the guilt forgive, 
Of those that seek his face. 

6 Bow to the sceptre of his word, 

Renouncing every sin ; 
Submit to him your sovereign Lord, 
And.learn his will divine. 

7 His love exceeds your highest thoughts, 

He pardons like a God ; 
He will forgive your numerous faults, 
Thro' a Redeemer's blood. 

HYMN 16. C. M. 

1 THE manna, favored Israel's meat, 

Was gathered, day by day ; 
When all the host was served, the heat 
Melted the rest away. 

2 In vain to hoard it up, they tried, 

Against tomorrow came ; 
It then bred worms and putrified, 
And proved their sin and shame. 

3 'Twas daily bread, and would not keep, 

But must be still renewed : 



Faith should not want a hoard or heap, 
Hut trust the Lord for food. 

4 The truths by w hich the roul is fed, 

Must thus be had afresh ; 
For notions, resting in the head, 
Will only feed the flesh. 

5 However true, they give no life, 

Nor unction do impart ; 
They breed the worms of pride Jk strife, 
Hut cannot cheer the heart. 

6 5vor can the best experience past, 

The life of faith maintain ; 
The brightest hope will faint at last, 
Unless revived again. 

7 Dear Loi'd, while we in prayer arc found, 

Do thou the manna give ; 
O ! let it fall on ail around, 
That we may eat and live. 

HYMN 17. C. M. 

1 MY drowsy powers, why sleep ye so ? 

Awake, my sluggish soul ; 
Nothing has hajf thy work to do, 
Yet nothing's half so dull. 

2 The little ants, for one poor grain, 

Labor, and tug and strive ; 
Yet we, who have a heaven t' obtain. 
How negligent ure live ! 

3 Lord, shall we live so sluggish still, 

And never act our parts ? 
Come, holy Dove, from th' heavenly hill, 
And warm our Frozen hearts. 

4 Then shall our active spirits move, 

U pward our souls shall rise, 
With hands of frith and wings of love, 
We'll fly and take the prize. 

» IlTMN 13. CM. 

1 THUS s:u«h the Lord, "the -spacious 

And flocks & herd ; are mine; [fields, 
» O'er the cattle of the hills, 
«• I'cLdin a right divine. 

2 "I nn/ihesp, for sacrifice, 

" Xor bullocks, burnt with fire ; 
** To hope iv.\d lovo^td pray and praise, 
" Are all that I require. 

3 " Invoke my name, when trouble's near 

" My. hand shall, set thee free : 
" Then .shall thy thankful lips declare 
M The honor due ta.ine. 

4 " The man that ojfewi bumble praise ; 

" Declares my glorv best ; 
»'« And those thatjtreadmy holy m ays. 
" Shall my salvati6Jt*Rste; ,1> 



HYMN 19. C. M. 

1 HOW short and hasty is our life, 

How vast our soul's affairs ! 
Yet senseless mortals vainly strive 
To lavish out their years. 

2 Our days run thoughtlessly along-, 

"Without a moment's stay : 
Just like a story or a song, 
We pass cur lives away. 

3 God from on high invites us home, 

But we march heedless on, 
And ever hastening to the tomb, 
Stoop downward as we run. 

4 How we deserve the deepest hell, 

That slight the joys above ! 
What chains of vengeance should we feel, 
That break such cords of love ! 

5 Draw us, O God, with sovereign gTace, 

And lift our thoughts on high, 
That we may end this mortal race, 
And see salvation nigh. 

HYMN 20. L. M. 

1 BROAD is the road that leads to death, 
And thousands walk together there ; 
But wisdom shows a narrow path, 
With here and there a traveller. 



2 " Deny thyself, take up thy cross," 
Is the Redeemer's great command ; 
Nature must count her gold but dross; 
11' she would gain this heavenly land. 

3 The fearful soul that tires and faints, 
And walks the way of God no more, 
Is hut esteemed almost a saint, 

And makes his own destruction sure. 

4 Lord, let not all my hopes he vain ; 
Create my heart entirely new : 
And bring me with thyself to rcignv 
AVhere false apostates never do. 

HYMN 21. C. M. 

1 STRAIT is the way, the door is strait. 

That leads to joys on high ; 
Tis bat a few that find the gate, 
"While crouds mistake and die. 

2 Beloved self must be denied, 

The mind and will renewed, 
Passions suppressed and patience tried, 
And vain desires subdued. 

3 Flesh is a dangerous foe to grace, 

Where it prevails and rules ; 
Flesh must be humbled, prule abased, 
Lest they destroy our souls. 

tr The love of Cold be banished hence, 
That vile idolatry, 



And every member, every sense, 
In sweet subjection lie. 

5 The tongue, that most unruly po\r 
Requires a strong restraint : 
We must be watchful ev'ry houii 
And pray, but never faint. 

The Prodigal Son. 

HYMN 22. C. M. 

1 BEHOLD the wretch, whose lust & wine. 

Have wasted his estate ; 
He begs a share among the swine ; 
To taste the husks they eat. 

2 "I die with hunger, here," he cries, 

" I starve in foreign lands ; 
" My father's house has large supplies* 
'* And bounteous are his hands. 

3 "I'll go, and with a mournful tougue, 

" Fail down before his face ; 
" Father, I've done thy justice wrong,, 
" Nor can deserve thy grace." 

4 He said and hastened to his home, 

To seek his father's love ; 
The father saw the rebel come, 
And all his bowels move. 

5 He ran, and fell upon his neck, 
Embraced and kissed his sous 


The rebel's heart with sorrow brake, 
Tor follies he had done. 

6 " Take off his clothe^ of shame and sin," 

(The father gives commands 
"Dress him in garments white-fend clpafi, 
«« With rings adorn his hand. 

7 " A day of feasting I ordain, 

" l*et mirth ana ioy abound ; 
** My son was dead, and lives agaiaj 
** Was lost and now is found." 

HYMN 23. L. M. 

% I SEND the joys of earth away, 
Away ye teippters of the mind ; 
False as the smooth deceitful sert, 
And empty as the whistling wind. 

2 Your streams were floating me along 
Down to the gulph of black despair; 
And while I listened to your song, 
Your streams had e'en convey 'ci me there 

3 Lord, I adore.thy matchless grace, 
That warned me of that dark abyss ; 
That drew me from those treacherous 
And bade me seek superior bliss, [seas, 

A, Now to the shining realms above, 
I stretch my hands and glance my eyes; 
O for the pinions of a dove, 
To bear me to the upper skies ! 



3 Tlicre from the bosom of my God, 
Oceans of endless pleasure roll ; 
There would I fix my last abode, 
And drown the sorrows of my soul. 

HYMN 24. C. M. 
3. MY soul forsakes her vain delight, 
And bids the world farewell ; 
Ease as the dirt beneath my feet, 
And mischievous as hell 

2 No longer will I ask your love, 

Nor seek your friendship more; 
The happiness that I approve, 
Is not within your power. 

3 There's nothing round this spacious 

That suits my large desire ; [earth 
To boundless joy and solid mirth 
My nobler thoughts aspire. 

.4 Where pleasure rolls its living flood, 
From sin and dross refined, 
Still springing from the throne of God, 
And fit to cheer the mind, 

5 Th' Almighty Ruler of the sphere, 
The glorious and the great. 
Brings his own all-suflicience there,, 
To make our bliss complete. 

Had T the pinions of a dove, 
I'd c'.imb the heavenly road ; 

There sits my Saviour dressed in lo t'f, 
And there my smiling God. 



HYMN 25. L, M. 

The Beatitudct. Mat. v. 2—12. 

1 HI, F.ST arc the humble souls, who see. 
Their emptiness and poverty ; 
Treasures of grace to them are given, 
And crowns of joy laid up in heaven. 

ii West are the men of broken heart, 
Who mourn for sin with inward smart; 
The blood of Christ divinely flow s, 
A healing balm for all their woes. 

3 Blest are the meek, who stand afar 
From rage and passion, noise and war j 
God will secure their happy s ate, 
And plead their cause against the great. 

4 Blest are the souls who thirst for grace, 
Hunger and long for righteousness ; 
They shall be well supplied and fed 
"With living streams and living bread. 

5 Blest are the men whose bowels move, 
And melt with sympathy and love ; 
From Christ the Lord they shall obtain 
Like sympathy and love again. 

6 Blest arc the. pure, whose .hearts, are 
From the defiling power of sin; l/dean, 
With endless pleasure they shall see 

A Cod of spotless purity. 


7 Blest are the men of peaceful life, 
Who quench the coals of growing strife^ 
They shall be called the heirs of bliss, 
The sons of God, the God of peace. 

8 Blest are the sufferers who partake 
Of pain and shame for Jesus' sake ; 
Their souls shall triumph in the Lord; 
Glory and joy are their reward. 


HYMN 26. C. M. 

" that Iivere as in months past." 

2 SWEET was the time when first I felt 
The Saviour's pardoning blood, 
Applied to cleanse my soul from guilt, 
And bring me home to God. 

2 Soon as the morn the light revealed, 

1 f is praises tuned my tongue ; 
And when the evening shades prevailed, 
His love was all my song. 

3 In vain the tempter spread his wiles, 

The world no more could charm ; 
I lived upon my Saviour's smiles, 
And leaned upon his arm. 

4 In prayer my soul drew near the Lord, 

And saw his glory shine ; 
Ami when I read his holy word, 
I called each promise mine*. 



5 Then to his saints L often spoke, 

Of what his love had done ; 
But now my heart is almost broke, 
For all my joys «e. gone. 

6 Now, when the evening shade prevails, 

My soul in darkness mourns ; 
And when the morn the light recalls, 
No light to mereturns. 

7 My prayers ans^now a chattering noise, 

For Jesus hides his face - T 
I read, the promise meets rny eyes, 
Hut does not reach my case. 

8 Now Satan threatens to prevail, 

And make my soul his prey ; 
Yet, \a)tx\, thy mercies cannot fail, 
come without delay, 

HYMN 27. C. M. 

1 O FOR a closer walk with God 

A calm and heavenly frame ; 
A light to shine upon the road. 
That leads me to the Lamb t 

2 "Where is the blessedness I knew, 

When first I found the Lord ? 
Where is the soul refreshing view, 
Of Jesus and his word ? 

3 What peaceful hours I then enjoyed 1 , 

How sweet their memory still ; 


But they have left an aching void 
The world can never fill. 

4 Return, holy Dove, return, 

Sw eet messenger of rest, 
I hate the sins that made thee mourn, 
And drove thee from my breast. 

5 the dearest idol I have known, 

What e'er that idol be, 
Help me to tear it from thy throne, 
And worslup only thee. 

6 So shall my walk be close with God, 

Calm and serene my frame, 
So purer light shall mark the road, 
That leads mc to the Lamb. 

HYMN 28. L. M. 

\ THOU that hear'st when sinners cry, 
Tho' all my crimes before thee lie, 
Behold them not with angry look, 
But blot their memory from thy book. 

3 Create my nature pure within, 
And form my soul averse from sin ; 
Let thy good spirit ne'er depart, 
JS T or hide thy presence from my heart- 

3 I cannot live without thy light, 

Cast out and banished from thy sighf ; 
Thy holy joys, my God, restore, 
And guard mc that I fall no more. 



4 Tho 1 1 have grieved thy spirit, Lord, 
Thy h?lp and comfort still afford, 

And let a wretch come near thy throne* 
To plead for mercy through thy son. 

5 A broken heart, my* Cod, my King, 
Is nil the sacrifice 1 bring t 

The God of grace/ will ne'er despise 
A broken heart for sacrifice. 

And owns thy clreadful sentence just ; 
Look down, O Lord, with pitying 1 eye, 
And save the soul condemned to die. 

7 Then will I teach the world thy ways ; 
Sinners shall learn thy sovereign grace; 
I'll lead them to my Saviour's blood, 
And they shall praise a pardoning Cod. 

8 O may thy love inspire my tongue ! 
Salvation shall be all my song: 

And all my powers shall join to bless 
The Lord my strength &, righteousness. 

HYMN 29. C. M. Fawcett. 

Peter's Foil and Recovery, Luke xxii. 54-*62. 

1 l.'OW did the powers of darkness rage 
Against the son of God / 
While cruel men on earth engage 
To shed his precious blood. 

D 2, 


2 His friends forsook him with surprise, 

When that dread scene began ; 
And one perfidiously denies 
He ever knew the man. 

3 How feeble human efforts prove 

Against temptation's power ! 
E'en Peter's flaming zeal and love 
Are vanquished in an hour. 

4 His firmest purpose will not stand ; 

Heboid bis guilt and shame ! 
Lord, keep me by thy mighty hand, 
Or 1 shall do the same. 

5 At length the suffering saviour turnsj 
And looks with pityingeyes! 

Peter relents, withdraws and mourn?, 
And loud for mercy cries. 

6 So boundless is Jehovah's grace, 

lie bears the humble prayer ; 
If I am found in Peter's case,- 
Yet let me not despair. 

7 Look on me, Lord, with eyes of love,, 

My w andering soul restore : 
My guilt forgive, my fears removes 
And let me sin no more. 


repeating sewer. 

HYMN 30. C. M. 

1 PHYSICIAN of my sin-sick soul, 

To thcc I bring my case ; 
My racing malady control, 
And heal me by thy grace. 

2 Pity the anguisfr-I endure, 

See bow 1 mourn and joine ; 
For never can I hope a cure, 
From any hand but thine. 

3 I would disclose my whole complaint, 

Hut where shall I begin ? 
No » ords of mine can fully paint 
That worst distemper, sin. 

4 It makes me deaf, and dumb, and blind, 

And impotent, and lame, 
And overclouds and fills my mind, 
"With folly, fear and shame. 

6 A thousand evil thoughts intrude, 
Tumultuous, in my breast, 
"Which indispose me for my food, 
And rob me of my rest 

fi Lord, I am sick— regard my cry, 
And set my spirit free ; 
Say, canst thou let a sinner die, 
Who longs to live with thee ? 


HYMN 31. S. M. 

1 BF.SIDR the gospel poo], 

Appointed for the poor : 
From year to year my helpless soul, 
lias waited for a cure. 

2 How often have I seen 

The healing waters move, 
And others round me stepping in, 
Their efficacy prove. 

3 But my complaints remain j 

I feel the very same, 
As full of guilt and fear and pain, 
As when at first I came. 

4 O would the Lord appear, 

.My malady to heal ; 
He knows how long I've languished here 
And what distress I feel. 

3 How often have I thought 
Why should I longer lie, 
Surely the mercy I have sought, 
Is not for such as I. 

6 But whither can I go ? 

There is no other pool, 
"Where streams of sovereign virtue flow, 
To make a sinner whole. 

7 Hen- then from day to day 

I'll wait and hope and cry ; 



Can Jesus hear a sinner pray, 
Yet suffer him to die ? 

8 No, he is full of grace, 
lie never will permit 
A soul that fain would see his face, 
To perish at his feet 

HYMN 32. C. M. 

1 APPROACH, my soul, the mercy-sea,t, 

Where Jesus answers prayer, 
There humbly fall before his feet, 
For none can perish there. 

2 Thy promise is my only plea, 

With this I venture nigh ; 
Thou callest burdened souls to thee, 
And such, O Lord, am I. 

3 Bowed down beneath a load of sin, 

By Satan sorely pressed, 
By wars without and fears within, 
I come to thee for rest. 

A He tltQu my shield, ancL^iding plaCe* 
That sheltered i.ear thy side, 
I may my fierce accuser face, 
And tell him thou hast died. 

J wonderous love to bleed and die, 
o bear the cross and shame, 
That guilty sinners such as I, 
Might plead thy gracious nairfe. 


6 " Poor tempest-tossed soul, be stlllj 
(* My promised grace receive." 
'Tis Jesus speaks, I must, I will, 
I can, I do believe. 

HYMN 33. C. M. 

1 THOU that seest & knowest my grief, 

Thyself unseen,. unknown, 
Pity and grant me quick relief, 
A nd break my heart of stone. 

2 Regard me with a gracious eye, 

The long sought blessing givQ, 
And bid me at the point to die, 
Heboid thy face and live. 

3 A darker soul did never yet 

Thy promised help implore ; 
O that I now my Lord might meet* 
And never lose him more. 

4 Now Jesus, now the Father's love 

Shed in my heart abroad, 
The middle wall of sin remove, 
And let me in to God. 

HYMN 34. L. M. 

1 JESUS, thy far-extended fame 
My drooping soul exults to hear 
Thy name, thy all-restoring name, 
Js music in a sinner's ear. 


2 Sinners of old, thou didst receive, 

With comfortable words and kind, 
Their sorrows cheered, their wants re- 
lieved, [blind. 
Healed the diseased and cured the 

3 And art thou not the Saviour still, 

In every place and age the same ? 
Hast thou forgot thy gracious skill, 
Or lost the virtue of thy name ? 

4r Tho* eighteen hundred ycara are past, 
Since thou didst in the flesh appear. 
Thy tender mercies ever last, 

And still thy healing power is here. 

5 All my disease, my every sin, 

To thee, O Jesus, I confess ; 
In pardon, Lord, my cure begin, 
And perfect me. in holiness. 

6 That token of tby utmost good, 

Now, Saviour, now on me bestow ; 
And purge my conscience with thy blood, 
And wash my nature white as snow. 

HYMN 35. C. M. 

1 COME, humble sinner, in whose breast 

A thousand thoughts revolve ; 
Come, with your guilt and fear opprest. 
And make this last resolve : 

2 I'll go to Jesus, tho r my sin 

Has like a mountain rose ; 


I know his courts, I'll enter in, 
Whatever may oppose. 

5 Prostrate I'll lie before his throne, 

And there my guilt confess; 
I'll tell him I'm a wretch undone 
Without his sovereign grace. 

4 I'll to the gracious King approach^ 
Whose sceptre pardon gives ; 
Surely lie will command my touch, 
And then the suppliant lives. 

.5 Surely he will admit my plea, 
Surely will hear my prayer,; 
But if I perish I will pray, 
And perish only there. 

6 I can but perish if I go> 

I um resolved to try : 
Tor if 1 stay away, I know 
J must forever die. 

HYMN 36. L. M. 

1 AIT ! wretched souls who strive in vain, 
Slaves to the world and slaves to sin ; 

A nobler toil may I sustain, 
A nobler satisfaction gain. 

2 May I resolve with all my heart, 
With all my powers to serve the Lord; 
Xor from his precepts e'er depart, 
Confiding daily in hVword. 


3 O be his service all my joy. 
Around let my example shine, 
Till others love the blest employ, 
And join in labors 60 divine. 

4 Be this the purpose of my soul, 

My constant, my determined choice, 
To yield to his supreme control, 
And in his kind commands rejoice. 

5 may I never faint nor tire, 

Nor wandering', leave his sacred ways. 
Great iiot\, accept my soul's desire, 
And give nic strength to live thy praise. 

HYMN 37. C. M. 

Why deepest thou ? John xx. 13. 

1 WH Y, O my soul why weepest thou 

Tell mc from whence arise 
Those briny tears that often flow, 
Those groans that pierce the skies ? 

2 Is sin the cause of thy complaint, 

Or the chastising rod ? 
Dost thou an evil heart lament, 
And mourn an absent God? 

3 /.m il, let mc weep for nought but sin. 

And after none but thee, 
And then, I would, O tha : I might! 
A constant weeper be ! 


HYMN 38. 7's. 

1 LORD, we come before thee now,* 
At thy feet we humbly bow, 

! do not our suit disdain, 

Shall we seek thee, Lord, in vain ? 

2 Lord, on thee our souls depend, 
In compassion now descend, 

Fill our hearts with thy rich grace, 
Time our lips to sing thy praise. 

3 In thine own appointed way, 
Now we seek thee, here we stay, 
Lord, we know not how to go, 
Tit- a blessing thou bestow. 

4 Send some message from thy word, 
That may joy and peace afford. 
Let thy spirit now impart 

Full salvation to each heart. 

5 Comfort those who weep and mourn; 
Let the time of joy return ; 

Those who are cast down lift up, 
Make them strong in faith and hope. 

6 Grant that all- may seek and find, 
Thee a gracious God and kind ; 
Heal he sick, the captive free. 
Let us- ail rejoice in thee. 



HYMN 39. L. M. 

1 Je.SUS, thy wandering sheep behold ! 
Sec, Lord, with yearning bowels see, 
Poor souls, that cannot find the fold, 
Till sought and gathered in by thee. 

2 Lost arc they now, and scattered wide, 
In pain, and weariness, a. id want; 
With no kind shepherd near to guide 
The sick, and spiritless, and faint. 

3 Tliou, only thou, the kind and good, 
And sheep-redeeming shepherd art; 
CidlccUthy flock and give them food, 
And pastors after thine own heart. 

•4 Give the pure word of general grace, 
And ifrcat shall be the preachers croud; 
Preachers who all the sinful race 
Point to the all-atoning blood. 

•3 Open their mouths, and utterance give, 
(iivc them a trumpet' voice to call 
A world who all may turn and live, 
Thro' faith in him who died for all. 

6 In every messenger reveal, 

The grace they speak divinely free ; 
That each may by the spirit tell, 
" He died for all who died for me." 

7 A double portion from above, 

Of thy all-quickening spirit impart, 
Shed forth thine univ> rsal love, 
.Jn every faithful pastor's heart. 


3 Thy only glory let them seek, 

O let their hearts with love o'erflow ; 
Let them helieve, and therefore speakj 
And spread thy mercy*s praise below. 

HYMN 40. C. M. 
The leper healed. Mat. viii. 2, 3. 

1 WHEN the poor leper's case I read, 

My own described I feel ; 
Sin is a leprosy indeed, 
Which none but Christ can heal. 

2 What anguish did my soul endure, 

Till hope and patience ceased ! 
The more I strove myself, to cure, 
The more the plague increased. 

3 "While thus! lay distressed, I saw 

The Saviour passing- by ; 
To him, tho' filled with shame and awe, 
I raised my mournful cry. 

4 Lord, thou canst heal me if thou wilt, 

Oh ! pity to me shew, 
Oh, cleanse my leprous soul from guu% 
My filthy heart renew. 

5 He heard, and with a gracious look, 

Pronounced the healing word ; 
««I will— he clean/'and while he spoke 
J. felt my heart restored. 



C Come, sinners, seize the present houj> 
The Saviour's grace to prove ; 
lie run relieve, for he lias power, 
lie will, for he has love. 

HYMN 41. S. M. 

1 JES'L'S, who knows full well 

The heart of every saint, 
Invites us all our griefs to tell-, 
To pray and never faint. 

2 He bows his gracious ear, 

We never plead in vain ; 
Then let us wait till he appear, 
And pray, and pray again. 

3 Tho' unbelief suggest, 

YfUx should we longer wait ? 
He bids us never give him rest, 
fjui knock at mercy's gate. 

•1 Jesus, the Lord, will hear 

His chosen when they cry; 
Yes.tho' he seems awhile to bear, 
He'll help them from on high. 

5 His nature, truth and love, 

Kngage him on their side ; 
"When they are grieved his bowels move , 
They will not be denied. 

6 Then let us earnest cry, 

And never faint in prayer, 
He sees, he hears, and from on high. 
Will mako-our cause his care. 

HYMN 42. 7's. 

1 COME, my soul, thy suit prepare. 
Jesus love's to answer prayer ; 

lie himself has bid thee pray, 
Rise and ask without delay. 

2 With myburden I begin ; 
Lord, remove this load of sin! 
Let thy blood, for sinners spilt, 
Set my conscience free from guilt. 

3 Lord, I come to thee for rest, 
Take possession of my breast ; 
There, thy blood-bought right maintain, 
And without a rival reign. 

4 ns the image in the glass, 
Answers the beholder's face ; 
Thus unto my heart appear, 
Print Ihhic own resemblance there. 

5 While I am a pilgrim here, 
Let thy love my spirit cheer ; 

As my guide, my guard, my friend, 
Lead me to my journey's end. 

G Shew me what I have to do, 
Every hour my strength renew; 
Let me live a life of faith, 
Let me die Qxy people'* death'. 


HYMN 43. L. M. 

J JESUS, where'er thy people meet, 
There ihcy behold thy mercy scat ; 
Where'er they seek thee thou art found', 
And every place is hallowed ground. 

2 Fur thou within no walls confined, 
lnhabitest the humble mind ; 

Such ever bring thee where they come. 
And going, take thee to their home. 

3 Dear Shepherd of thy chosen few, 
Thy former mercies here renew ; 
Here to our waiting hearts proclaim 
The sweetness of thy saving name. 

+ .Here may we prove the power of prayer. 
To strengthen faith and sweeten cafe ; 
Tu teach our faint desires to rise, 
And bring all heaven before our eyes. 

5 Heboid, at thy commanding word, 

\J e stretch the curtain and the cowl ; 
Come, thou, and fill this wider space, 
And bless us with a large increase. 

6 Lord, we arc few, but thou art near; 
Nor short thine arm, nor deaf thine car - 
Oh . rend the heavens ; come qtucklv 

down, r oxn - 
Makc thousand thousand hearts thine 



HYMN 44. L. M. 

Jircatl of Life, John vi. 35, 48. 

1. thou art the living" bread, 

By which our needy souls are led*: 
In thee alone thy children find 
Enough to fill the empty mind. 

2 Without this bread, I starve and die ; 
No other can my need supply : 

But this will suit my wretched case, 
Abroad, at home, in every place. 

3 'Tis this the hungry poor, 
Who ask for bread at mercy's door, 
This living food descends from heaven, 
As manna to the Jtnvs was given. 

4 This precious food my heart revives, 
What strength, what nourishment it 
O let me evermore b« fed [gives i 
With this divine celestial bread ! 

HYMN 45. C. M. 

1 O LOUD, my besi desires fulfil, 
And help me to resign, 
Life, health and comfort to thy will> 
And make thy pleasure mine. 

2. Why should I shrink at thy command, 
V» hose love foihids my fears ? 
Or tremble at the gracious hand 
That wipes away my tears ? 



3 No, let mc rather freely yield 

What most I prize to thee, 
Vi\n> never hast a good withheld, 
Nor wilt withhold from me. 

4 Wisdom and mercy guide my way, 

Shall 1 resist them both ? 
A poor blind creature of a day, 
Ami crushed before the moth. 

3 But r.h ! my inward spirit cries, 
Still hind me to liiy sway, 
El»vi!ic next cloud that veils my skies, 
Drives ail these thoughts away. 

UYMN 46. C. M. 

1 DI DST thou, dear. Jesus* suffer shame, 

And bear the cross for me ? 
And shall I fear to own thy name, 
Or thy disciple be ? 

2 Forbid it. Lord, that I should dread 

To suffer sliame or loss ; 
11 tit in thy footsteps let me tread, 
And glory in thy cross, 

3 Inspire my soul with life divine, 

And holy courage bold ; 
Le t and meekness shine, 
Nor love nor zeal grow cold. 

4- To tiicu I cheerfully submit, 
And all my powers resign ; 


Let wisdom point out what is fit* 
And I'll no more repine. 

S Thy grace sufficient Is for me, 
In every time of need ; 
Tkea, Lord,m boldly 6gbt for thee 

And in thy- strength succeed. 

HYMN 47. C. U. 

Wrestling Jacob. 

1 AS Jacob did in days of old,, 
So will my soul do now ; 
Wrestle, and to my Jesus hold, 
Nor will I let him go. 

3 Like Jacob, I am weak and faint, 
And overwhelmed with w o : 
Lord, hear and pity my complaint. 
For I'll not let thee go. 

3 I come, encouraged by thy wcrd, 
That mercy thou wilt show ; 
Except thou bless me, dearest LorcL 
I will not let thee go. 

4- 1 come to ask forgiveness free, 
Tho* I have been thy foe ; 
Except thou grant it, Lord, to me, 
I will not let thee go. 

I come to open all my wounds, 
Afy sorrows and my wo ; 


Except thy healing grace abound*, 
I will not let thee go. 

6 I come to tell thee aU kit fe«n. 

And Conflicts here below*; 
Except thy mercy, Lord, 'appear,, 
J will not let thee go. 

7 I com* thy promises to plead, 

YYhvrc love and mercy flow; 
Except thou bless- my soul indeed, 
1 will not lei thee go. 

2 1 come to £ive thee this rile heart. 
Which sin has mangled so; 
Except salvation thou impart, 
1 w ill not let thee go. 

9 Thus will I wrestle xvhHa I live 
A' pilgrim here bclo*.V; 
A>id when in glory I arrive, 
1 will not let thee go. 

HYMCf <8. Vt. 

PcxiteniU Prayer. 

1 CKACIOl/S Lord, incline thine ear, 
My requests vouchsafe to hear ; 
Hear my never ceasing cry, 
Give inc Jesus or 1 die. 

Z Wealth and honor I disdain, 
Earthly comforts. Lord, arc vain; 


These can never satisfy, 
Give me Jesus or I die. 

3 Lord, deny mc what thou wilt, 
Only save "my soul from guilt ; 
.Suppliant at thy feet I lie, 
Give mc Jesus "or I die. 

4 Weak, unholy and unclean, 
I am much defiled with sin. 
On thy mercy I rely. 

Give mc Jesus or 1 die. 

$ Thou dost freely save the lost. 
In thy grace alone 1 trust; 
Willi n?y earnest suit comply, 
Give mc Jesus or I die. 

6 Thou h?.st promised lo forgive, 
AW who in thy f:on believe: 
Lord, 1 know thou canst not lie. 
Give me Jesus or I die. 

HY&SN 49. 

1 ENCOURAGED by thy word,. 
Of promise to the poor: 
EChold a beggar, Lord, 

Now waits at incrcy's door; 
tio hand, no heart, Lord, but thine. 
Can help or pity wants like mine. 

2 Tho' crumbs are much too {rood 
rev such a dog a«- I, 


No less than children's food 

My soul can satisfy : 
O do not frown and hid mc go, 
ilut give mc now thy love to know. 

3 Nor ran 1 willing he 
Thy bounty to conceal, 
From others, who like me, 
Their wants and hunger feel ; 
I'll ti ll ilu ui of thy mercy's store, 
Aii'J in io send u thousand more. 

I Thy thoughts, thou only wise, 
Oer thoughts and ways transcend, 
F:ir as the arched skies. 
Above the earth extend : 
Such pleas as milkmen would not hcar^ 
But ddd receives a beggar's prayer. 

HYMN 50. L. Mi 

1 CRT. AT Shepherd of thine Israel, 

\\ ho didst between the cherubs dwell, 
And led the tribes, thy chosen sheep, 
S:ifc through the desert and the deep, 

2 Thy -church is in the desert now, 
Shine from on high, and guidcLiis thro' ; 
Turn us to thee, thy love restore, 

We shall be saved and sigh no more. 

3 Instead of wine and cheerful bread, 
Thy saints with their own tears are fed; 
Keturn, Almighty Cod. return, 

Hoi- let thy bleeding vineyard jnoujn, 



HYMN 51. C M. 
Ji prayer for old age. Psalm lxxi, 17—21. 

1 COD of my Childhood, and my youth, 

The guide of all my days, 
I have declared thy heavenly truth, 
And told thy wondrous ways. 

2 Wilt thou forsake my hoary hairs, 

And leave my fainting heart ? 
Who shall sustain my sinking years, 
If God, my strength, depart ? 

3 Let me thy power and truth proclaim, 

IJefore the rising age, 
And leave a savor of tliy name, 
When I shall quit the stage. 

4- The land of silence and of death, 
Attends my next remove ; 
Oh may these poor remains cf breath, 
Teach the wide world thy love. 

•S Thy righteousness is deep and high, 
I nRcarchable thy deeds ; 
Thy glory spreads "beyond the sky, 
And'allmy praise exceeds. 

6 Oft have I heard thy threatenings roar, 
And oft endured the grief ; 
But when thy hand hns pressed mc sorc» 
Thy grace was my relief. 



7 By Ionic experience 1 have known 

Thy sovereign power to save ; 
At thy command I* venture down, 
Securely to the grave. 

8 When 1 lie hurled deep in dust, 

My Hcsh shall he thy care ; 
These withered limbs with thee I trust 
'1 o raise them strong and fair. 

HYMN 52. C. M. 

1 WHY should the children of a kingf 

(Jo mourning all their da)s ? 
Great Comforter, descend and bring- 
The tokens of thy gTace. 

2 Dost thou not dwell in all the saints, 

And seal the heirs of heaven ? 
When wilt thon banish my complaint?, 
And show my sins forgiven? 

3 Assure my conscience of her part 

.In the Redeemer's blood: 
And bear thy witness with my heart, 
That I am born of God. 

4 Thou art the earnest of his love, 

The pledge of joys to come ; 
May thy blest wings, celestial JJOVC, 
Safely convey me home. 


HYMN 53. L. M. 

1 BESET with snares on every hand, 
In life's uncertain path 1 stand ; 
Saviour divine, diffuse thy light, 

And guide my doubtful footsteps right. 

2 Engage tliis roving trcach'rous heart 
To fix on Mary's better part : 

To scorn the trifles of a day, 

For joys that none can take a\yay. 

3 Then let the wildest storms arise ; 
Let tempests mingle earth hud "skies: 
No fatal shipwreck shall 1 tear, 

But all my treasures with me bear. 

5 If thou, my Jesus, still be nigh, 
Cheerful 1 live, and joyful die, 
Secure when mortal comforts flee, 
To find ten thousand worlds in thee. 

HYMN 54. C. M. 

1 RELIGION is the chief concern 

Of mortals' here below ; 
May I its great importance learn, 
Its sovereign virtue know. 

2 More needful this than glittering wealth 

Or aught the world bestows, 
Not reputation, food or health, 
Can give us such repose. 



S Religion should our thoughts engage, 
Amidst our youthful bloom, 
'Twill fit us for declining age, 
And for the awful tomb. 

4 may my heart, by grace renewed, 

Uc my Redeemer's throne, 
And be my stubborn will subdued, 
His government to own. 

5 Let deep repentance, faith and love, 

He joined with Godly fear ; 
Ami all my conversation prove 
My heart to be sincere. 

6 Preserve me from the snares of sin, 

Through my remaining days : 
And in me let each virtue shine, 
To my Redeemer's praise. 

7 Let lively hope my soul inspire, 

Let warm .affections rise ; 
And may I wait with strong desire, 
To mount Tibovc the skies. 

HYMN £5. C. M. 

1 HOW vain are all things here belo\V> 

How false and yet how fair ; 
Kach pleasure lias its poison too, 
And every sweet a snare. 

2 The brightest things below the skyj 

Give but a Mattering light*} 
c 2 


We should suspect some danger nigh, 
Where we possess delight. 

3 Our dearest joys and nearest friends, 

The partners of our blood, 
How they divide our wavering minds, 
And leave but half for God. 

4 The fondness of a creature's love, 

How strong it strikes the sense ; 
Thither our warm affections move, 
Nor can we call them thence. 

5 Dear Saviour, let thy beauties be 

My soul's eternal food ; 
And grace command my heart away 
From all created good. 

HYMN 56, Psalm 119, C. M. 

1 THY mercies fill the earth, O Lord, 

How good thy works appear! 
Open my eyes to read thy word, 
And see thy wonders there. 

2 My heart was fashioned by thy hand, 

My service is thy due ; 
O make thy servant understand 
The duties he must do. 

3 Since I'm a stranger here below, 

Let not thy path be hid ; 
But murk the road my feet should g9 
And be my constant guide. 



HYMN 57. C M. 

1 OH that the Lord would £uide my wai 
To keep his statutes still ! 
O that my God would grant me grace 
To know, and do his will. 

£ O send thy spirit down, to write 
Thv law upon -my heart ; 
Nor fct my -tongue 'indulge deceit 
Nor act'thc har's part. 

3 From vanity turn oil' mine eyes;, 

I .c-t no corrupt design, 
Nor covetous desires arise, 
"Within this soul of mine. 

4 Order my footsteps by thy word* 

And make my heart sincere; 
Let sin have no dominion, Lord, 
llut keep my conscience clear. 

5 My soul hath gone too fro* astray, 
My feet too often' slip ; 

Vet since I've not forgot thy way,. 
Itcstorc thy wandering sheep. 

C Make me to walk in thy commands, 

Nor It i my head, nor heanj nor hand?, 
Offend against my Hod. 



HYMN 58. C. M. 

1 TRY us, God, and search the ground 

Of every sinful heart ; 
Whate'cr of sin in us is found, 
O bid it all depart. 

2 "When to the right or left we stray. 

Leave us not comfortless ; 
But guide our feet into the way 
Of everlasting peace. 

S Kelp us to help each other, Lord, 
Each other's cross to bear ; 
Let each his friendly aid afford, 
And feel his brother's care. 

4 Help us to build each other up, 

Our little stock improve ; 
Increase our faith, conlirm our hope 
And perfect us in love. 

5 Up into thee, our living Head, 

Let us in all things grow ; 
Till thou hast made us free indeed. 
And spotless here below. 

6 Then when the mighty work is wrought 

lleceive thy ready bride ; 
Give us in heaven a happy lot, 
With all the sanctified. 



HYMN 59. L. M. 

1 COME, dearest Lord, descend and dwell 
By faith andiove in every breast; 
Then shall we know, and taste, and feel 
The joys that cannot be expressed. 

2 Comc.fill our hearts with inward strength, 
Make our enlarged souls possess. 

And learn the height and breadth and 
Of Uuoc amazing love and grace, [length 

3 Now to the Cod whose power can. do 
More than our thoughts & wishes know, 
Re everlasting honors done 

By all the church, thro* Clirist Ills Son. 

HYMN 60. L. M. 

J WHAT various hindrances we meet 
In coming to a mcrcy-scat! 
Yet who that -knows, the worth of prayer, 
But wishes to be often there ? 

2 Prayer, makes the darkened cloud with- 


Prayer climbs the ladder Jacob saw, 
Gives exercise to faith and. love, 
Brings every blessing from above. 

3 Restraining prayer, we cease to fig-lit ; 
Prayer makes the Christian's armour 

bright j 


And Satan trembles when he sees 
The weakest saint upon his knees. 

4 While Moses stood with arms spread 


Success was found on Israel's side ; 
But when, thro' weariness they failed, 
That moment Amalck prevailed. 

5 Have you no words ? Ah, think again, 
Words flovr apace wben you complain, 
And fill your fellow-creature's ear 
"With the sad tale of all your care . 

6 Were half the breath thus vainly spent, 
To heaven in supplication sent ; 
Your cheerful song would oftcner be, 
"Hear wliat the Lord has dene for me." 


HYMN Gl. C. M. 

Old age appmaclang; or, Jilan frail cud 

1 ETERNAL God J enthroned cn high! 

Whom angel-hosts adore ; 
Who yet to suppliant dust art nigh, 
Thy presence I imploro. 

2 O guide me down the itccp of age, 

And keep my pan*ion8 cool : 
Teach mc to ictui the nacred page? 
And practise every ruic, 


3 My flying years time urges on, 

What's human must decay ; 
My friends, my young companions gone, 
Can 1 expect to stay ? 

4 Can I exemption plead, when death 
Projects his awful dart ? 

Can med'eincs then prolong my breath, 
Or virtue shield my heart ? 

5 Ah ! no — then smooth the mortal hour, 

On thee my hope depends : 
Support me with almighty power, 
While dust to dust descends. 

6 Then shall my soul, O gracious Godt 

(While angels join the lay) 
Admitted to the bless'd abode, 
Its endless, anthems pay. 

7 Thro' heaven howe'er remote the bound, 

Thy matchless love proclaim, 
And join the choir of saints that sound 
Their great Redeemer's name. 


HYMN 62. C. M. 

1 WHEN in the light of faith divine., 
The heavenly worlds appear, 
A glory thro' the gospel shines, 
And brings the promise near- 


2 This pleasing light fills up the sight, 

Nor aught besides is seen, 
No cloudy days nor thorny maze 
Appear to intervene. 

3 In such a light we often sec 

The spreading gospel run, 
A^nd thousands flocking home to Chrisf, 
Before the work's begun. 

4 And thus believing, we rejoice, 

The vision's truly sweet ; 
But e'er the promise is fulfilled, 
What trials do we meet. 

5 Thus Joseph, in a nightly dream, 

Willi dignity was crowned ; 
But e'er the vision was fulfilled, 
Behold him stripped and bound. 

fi Thus Abraham saw the promised seed, 
Like sand upon the shore ; 
Believing souls filled up his View, 
'] ill he could count no more. 

7 In steadfast faith, he quit the stage, 

And Isaac filled his place ; 
A faithful Ciod from age to age, 
Calls in the heirs of grace. 

8 What God reveals is always sure, 

JLIis promise cannot fail ; 
Our anchor, i:ope may rest secure, 
On that within the vail. 



9 Let tempests rise, we'll bear the shock, 
Let storms enrage the deep, 
They cannot move our precious rock, 

10 Thick darkness may o'erspread the 

As changing time rolls round : [sphere 
The heavenly vision disappear, 
The joyful sun go down ; 

1 1 Hy faith we grasp the living word, 

And bid the tempter flee ; 
And learn to trust a faithful God, 
liven when we Cannot see, 

12 Thro' tribulation and distress, 

With joy we'll persevere : 
By faith and patience we'll possess 
What does not yet appear. 

13 We stand in our forefathers' stead, 

With them we'll seize the prize, 
And thousands in our steps shall tread, 
And meet us in the skies. 

HYMN 63. L. M. 

t fJOD is the refuge of his saints, 
When storms of sharp distress invade ; 
K'er we can offer our complaints, 
Heboid him present with his aid. 

1 Let mountains from their seatsbe hurled 
Down to the deep and buried there; 

e 3 



Convulsions shake the solid world", 
Our faitii shall never yield to fear. 

3 Loud may the troubled ocean roar, 
In sacred peace our souls abide, 
While every nati n. every shore 
Trembles and dreads the swelling 1 tide\ 

4- There is a stream whose gentle flow, 
Supplies the city of our God; 
Life, lovti, and joy still gliding thro' 
And watering our divine abode. 

5 That sacred stream, thine holy word, 
Supports our faith, our fear controls; 
Sweet peace thy promises afford, 
And give new strength to fainting souls. 

6 Zion enjoys her Saviour's loVe, 
Secure against a threatening hour; 
Nor can her firm foundation move, 
Built on his truth & armed with power. 

HYMN 64. L. M. 

1 PEACE, troubled soul, thou nced'st not 


Thy great provider still is near ; 
Who fed thee last will feed tiicc still, 
Be calm and sink into his will. 

2 The Lord, who built the earth and sky, 
In mercy stoops to hear thy cry ; 

II is promise all may freely claim, 
Ask and receive in Jesus' name." 


His stores are open all and free. 
To such as truly upright be : 
Water and bread he'll give for food, 
"With all things else which he sees good. 

4 Your very hairs, which are so small, 
Jly (lod himself arc numbered all ; 
This truth he published all abroad, 
That men might learn to trust the Lord. 

5 The ravens daily he doth feed, 

And sends them food us they have need; 
A l! lit*' they nothing have in store, 
Yet as they lack, he gives them more. 

G Then do not seek with anxious care, 
What yc shall eat, or drink, or wear; 
Your heavenly 3'athur will 3 011 feed. 
He knows that all these things you nee(L 

7 Without reserve give Christ your heart, 
Let him his righteousness impart ; 
Then all things else he'll freely give, 
Yv'ith him you all things shall receive. 

8 Thus shall the soul be truly blest, 
Who s-eks in Clod his- only rest; 
May I thai happy person be, 

In time and in eternity. 

HYMN 65. L. M. 

1 L£T anxious doubts !>c heard no more, 
Hut Christ and joy be all our theme; 


The Spirit seals his gospel sure. 
To every soul that trusts his name? 

2 Jesus, thy witness speaks within, 
Thy mercy which thy words reveal ; 
Refines the heart from sense and sin, 
And stamps it's own celestial seal. 

3 'Tis God's renewing gTacious hand, 
That moulds and forms the heart anewj 
Transgressors can no more withstand* 
But bow and own his doctrine true. 

4 The guilty wretch that trusts thy word, 
Finds peace and pardon at the cross; 
The soul that was averse from God, 
Believes and loves his Maker's laws. 

5 Let proud opposers cease their strife, 
And own, O Lord, the work is thine j 
The voice that calls the dead to life, 
Alust be almighty and divine. 

HYMN 66. C. M. 

% I'M not asham'd to own my Lord* 
Nor to defend his cause ; 
Maintain the honor of his word, 
The glory of his cross. 

2 Jesus, my God ! I know his name, 
His name is all my trust ; 
Nor will he put my soul to shame, 
Nor 1st my hope be lost. 


?. Firm as his throne his promise stands?* 
And he can well secure 
"What I've committed to his hands, 
'Till the decisive hour. 

4 Then will he own my worthless namo 
Before his Father's face, 
And in the New Jerusalem 
Appoint my soul a place. 

HYMN 67. C. M. 

1 FAITH is the brightest evidence 

Of tilings beyond our sight; 
Breaks through the clouds of flesh and 1 
And dwells in heav'nly light, [sense, 

2 It sets time past in present view, 

1 5 rings distant prospects home ; 
Of things a thousand years ago, 
Or thousand ye,ars to come. 

3 By fail h, we know the world was made 

IJy God's almighty word ; 
Abram to unknown countries led* 
By faith obeyed the Lord. 

* lie sought a city fair and high, 
ISuilt by the eternal hands; 
And 'faith assures us, tho' we die, 
This heavenly building- stands- 


HYMN 68. L. M. 

1 PRAISE, everlasting praise, be paid, 
To Juni who earth's foundation laid; 
Praise to the fiod whose strong decrees', 
Sway the creation as he- please. 

2 Fraise to the goodness of the Lord, 
Who rules the people by his word ; 
And there :.s strong as his decrees, 
lie sets his kindest promises. 

3 Firm are the words his prophets give, 
Sweet words on which his children live; 
Each of them is the voice of God, 
Who spoke and spread the skies a- 


A Each of them powerful as that sound, 
Which bade the new-made world go 
round ; 

And stronger than the solid poles, 
On wliich the wheel of nature rolls. 

.5 Whence then should doubts and fears 

Why trickling sorrows drown our eyes? 

Slowly alas! our mind receives 

The comforts which our Maker gives. 

6 Oh! for a 6trong, a lasting faith, 
To credit what th' Almijrhty saith! 
T' embrace the message of his Son, 
And call the joys of heaver, our own. 

promises of god. 71 

7 Then should the earth's old pillars 

And all the wheels of nature break, 
Our steady souls would fear no more, 
Than solid rocks when billows roar. 

& Our everlasting hopes arise, 
Above the ruinablc skies ; 
'Where the eternal Uuilder reigns, 
And his own court his power sustains* 

HYMN 69. C. M. 

1 BEG IK, my tongue, some heavenly 


And speak some wondrous thing ; 
The mighty works or mightier name, 
Of our eternal King. 

2 Tell of his wondrous faithfulness, 

And sound his power abroad ; 
Sing the sweet promise of his grace, 
And the performing God. 

■3 He that can dash whole worlds to death, 
And make, them when he please; 
But speaks, and that almighty breath, 
Fulfils his great decrees. 

4 His every word of grace is strong 
Asjhat which built the skies; 
The voice that rolls the stars along 
Speaks all the promises. 


5 lie said "let the wide heaven be 

And heaven was stretched abroad ; 
"Abra'm, I'll be thy God," he said, 
And he was Abra'm's God. 

C might 1 hear thy heavenly tongue, 
But whisper, "Thou art mine!" 
Those gentle words should raise my 
To notes almost divine. [song, 

? How would my leaping heart rejoice, 
And think my heaven secure ; 
I trust the all-creating voice, 
And faith desires no more. 

HYMN 70. L. M. 

Looking unto Jesus. 

1 BY various maxims, forms and rules, 
That pass for wisdom in the schools, 
I strove my passions to restrain ; 
But all my efforts proved in vain. 

3 But since the Saviour I have known, 
My rules are all reduced to onp, 
To keep my Lord by faith in view ; 
This strength supplies and motives too. 

3 I see him lead a suffering life, 
Patient amidst reproach and strife j 
nd from this pattern, courage take, 
o bear and suffer for his sake: 


Upon the cross I see him bleed, 
And by the sight from guilt am free<J; 
This sight destroys the life of sin, 
And quickens heavenly life within. 

5 To look to Jesus, as he rose, 
Confirms my faith, disarms my foes 
Satan 1 sliame and overcome, 
Hy pointing to my Saviour's tomb. 

Exalted on his glorious throne, 

J see him make my cause his own ; 
Then all my anxious, cares subside, 
For Jesus lives, and will provide. 

7 I sec him look with pity down, 

And hold in view the conqufcrofo 
crown ? 

If prcst with grief and cares beforo, 
Sly soul revives nor asks for more. 

8 It y fuilh I sec the hour at hand, 
When in his presence I shall stand ; 
Then it w ill be my endless bliss, 
To sec him Where and as he is. 

HYMN 71. C M. 

Fear not, 

1 YF? trembling souls, dismiss your fears, 

He mercy all your theme ; 
Mercy, which like a river flows 
In one co'ntinued stream, 



2 Fear not the powers of earth and heB, 

God will these powers restrain ; 
His mighty arm their rage repel, 
And make their efforts vain. 

3 Fear not the want of outward good, 

He will for his provide ; 
Grant them supplies of daily food, 
And give them heaven beside. 

4 Fear not the terrors of the grave, 

Or death's tremendous sting ; 
II e will from endless wrath preserve, 
To endless glory bring. 

;> You, in his wisdom, power and grace, 
May confidently trust ; 
His wisdom guides, his power protects, 
His grace rewards the just. 

HYMN 72. L. M. 

X HOW often sin and Satan strove, 
To rend my soul from thee, my God,, 
But everlasting is thy love, 
And J esus seals it with his blood. 

$ The oath and promise of the Lord, 
Join to confirm the wond'rous grace; 
Eternal power performs the work, 
And fills all heaven with endless praise. 

o Amidst temptations sharp and long, 
My soul to' thi? dear refuge flies ; 


Hope is my anchor, firm and strong, 
"While tempests blow and billows rise. 

4 The gospel bears my spirit up ; 
A faithful and unchanging God 
Lays the foundation of my hope, 
In oaths, in promises and blood. 

HYMN 73. C. M. 

1 YE saints, attend the Saviour's voice* 

Receive his word of grace ; 
He says, and in it, O rejoice, 
"In me ye shall have peace/' 

2 Tho' storms and tempests round y»u 

And foes, ^nd fears increase J [roar, 
He says, and what could he say more 
"Ih-me ye shall have peace." 

3 What tho' afflictions still abound, 

Your troubles still increase ; 
He says, and O, how sweet the. sound ! 
•'In me ye shall have peace." 

4 Tho* you shall pass thro' death's cold 

To gain your wished release, [flood. 
He says, and sure he'll make it' good, 
"In me ye shall have peace." 

5 When you his face in glory view, 

Where iov can ne'er decrease, 
Eternity shall prove it true, 
Jq him ye shall have peace. 


HYMN 74. C. Mi 

X THE Saviour calls, let every car 
Attend the heavenly voice; 
Ye doubting* souls dismiss your fca^ 
In Jesus now rejoice. 

2 For every thirsty longing- heart, 

Here streams of bounty flow > 
The Lord will life and bliss impart^ 
To banish sjn and wo. 

3 Here springs of sacred pleasure risCj 

To ease your every pain ; 
Here wine and milk in full supplies 
Nor shall you, thirst in vain. 

4 Ye sinners, come, 'tis. mercy's voices 

The gTacious call obey, 
Mercy heav'nly joys^- 
And can you yet delay? 

3 Dear Saviour, draw reluctant hearty 
To thee let sinners fly ; 
And take the bliss thy love impart^ 
And drink and never die. 

HYMN 75. C. M. Psalm 23. 

V THE Lord's my shepherd, how can wajft 
Distress my peaceful breast? 
His wisdom, goodness, love and pW&Tj 
CQBittanjd my syitf tp rwt„ 


2 Uis word of grace, like pastures greem 

Affords me sweet repose } 
And through his works of providence 
The living water flows. 

3 My soul, restored to paradise, 

Beholds thy glory shine ; 
And treads the path of righteousness. 
With ardor all divine, 

I The forms of death, tho' dreadful oncc\ 
No more my soul affright, 
But like a fleeting shadow fly, 
Before the morning light. 

Thy presence, Lord, is with me stilk 
Thro* every changing Bcene ; 
Thy friendly rod my flesh subdue^ 
Wlule on thy staff I lean. 

C My table thou dost furnish well* 
With life's substantial bread ; 
And in the presence of my foes^ 
My soul is richly fed. 

7 My head with oil thou dost anoint, 
To make my graces shine ; 
^\nd my full soul cannot contain^ 
'f Ue "pverflQWinp >viflC. 




HYMN 76. 

1 LET earth and heaven agree, 

Angels and men be joined, 
To celebrate with ine 
1 lie Saviour of mankind: 
T' adore the all-atoning- Lamb, 
And bless the sound of Jesus' name, 

2 Jesus ! transporting sound ! 

The joy of earth and heaven ; 
No other help is found, 

No other name is ^iven, 
By which we can salvation have. 
But Jesus came the world to save. 

3 Jesus ! harmonious name ! 

It charms the hosts above ; 
They evermore proclaim, 

And wonder at his love : 
It is their happiness to gaze, 
'Tis heaven to see our Saviour's face; 

•i His name the sinner hears, 
And is from sin set free ; 
'Tis music in hrs ears, 
'Tis life and liberty ; 
New songs do now his lips employ, 
His heart is filled with love and joy. 

5 O unexampled love ! 

O all-redeeming grace J 


How swiftly didst thou move 
To save a fallen race ! 
What shall I do to make it known ! 
IViiat thou for all mankind hast done ? 

• O for a trumpet voice, 

On all the world to call ; 
To bid their hearts rejoice, 
On him who died for all ; 
For all my Lord was crucified, 
For all, for all, my Saviour died. 

7 To serve thy blessed will, 
Thy dying love to praise, 
Thy counsel to ulfil, 
And minster thy grace ; 
Freeh what I receive to give, 
The life of heaven on earth to live. 

HYMN 77. L. M. 

NOW to. the Lord a noble song, 
1 Awake my soul, awake my tongue; 
U<u>anna to the eternal name! 
And all his boundless love proclaim, 

3 Sec, where it shines in Jesus' face, 
The' brightest image of his grace ; 
(iod in the person of his Son, 
He all his mightiest works hath done. 

1 The spacious earth and spreading flood? 
Fmcbim the wise and powerful God; 
Ami thy rich glories from afar, 
Sparkle in cv'ry rolling star. 


4 But in his looks a glory stands, 
The noblest labor of thine hands ; 
The pleasing lustre of his eyes, 
Outshines the wonders of the skie9 

5 Grace ! 'tis a sweet, a charming theme} 
My thoughts rejoice at Jesus' name ; 
Ye angels, dwell upon the sound ; 

Ye heavens reflect it to the ground, 

6 Oh may I live to reach the place, 
Where he unveils his lovely face"; 
"Where all his beauties you behold, 
And sing his name to harps of gold. 

HYMN 78. C. M. 

1 HOW sweet the name of Jesus ssiifcds! 
In a believer's ear ! 
It soothes his sorrows, heals his wounds, 
And drives away his fear. 

Q It makes the wounded spirit whole, 
And calms the troubled breast ; 
*Tis manna to the*hungry soul, 
And to the weary rest. 

3 Dear name ! the rock on which I buildj 
My shield, and hiding place ; 
My never-failing treasury fill'd 
With boundless stores of grace. 

Ai Jesus ! my shepherd, husband, friend 
My prophet, priest, and king; 


t&y Lord, my life, my wa^, my end, 
Accept the praise I bring. 

5 Weak is the effort of my heart, 
And cold my warmest thought ; 
Jut when I see thee as thou art, 
1*11 prabc thee as I ought. 

Till then I would thy love proclaim, 

With every fleeting breath; 
And may the music of thy name> 
Itefresh my soul in death. 

HYMN 79. 7'a. 

1 HAtlK, my soul, it is the Lord, 
'Tis thy Saviour, hear his word, 
Jesus speaks, and speaks to thee, 

Say poor sinner, lov'st thou me ! 

2 " I delivered thee when bound, 
♦♦And when wounded, heaVd thy wound, 
" Sought thee wandering, set thee rights 
•♦-Turn'd thy darkness into light. 

G u Can a woman's lender care, 
" Cease toward the child she bare ? 

Yes ! she may forgetful be, 
" Yet will ) remember thee. 

4 11 Mine is a redeeming love, 
" Higher than the heights- above 

Deeper iivin the depths' beneath* 
<e Free and faithful, strong as death. 
D 2 


5 " Thou shall see my glory soon, 

" When the work of gTace is done* 
" Partner of my throne shalt be, 
" Say poor sinner, lovest thou me." 

6 Lord, it is my chief complaint, 
That my love is weak and faint ; 
Yet I love thee and adore, 

O ! for grace to love thee more. 

HYMN 80. C. M. 

1 "Shepherds rejoice, lift up your eyes, 

And send your fears away ; 
News from the regions of the skies, 
Salvation's born to day. 

2 " Jesus, the God whom angels fear, 

Comes down to dwell with you ; 
To day he makes his entrance here, 
But not as monarchs do. 

3 " No gold nor purple swaddling bandSj 

Nor royal shining things; 
A manger for his cradle stands, 
And holds the King of kings. 

4 "Go, shepherds, where the infant lies; 

And see his humble throne ; 
"With tears of joy in all vour eyes, 
Go, shepherds, kiss the Son.'* 



5 Thus angels sang, and straight around 

The heavenly armies throng ; 
They tune their liarps to lofty sound, 
And thus conclude the song : 

6 " Glory to God who reigns above, 

Let peace surround the earth ; 
Mortab shall know their Maker's love, 
At their Redeemer's birth.*' 

7 Lord ! and shall angels have their songs, 

And men no tunes to raise i 
May we still use our lips and tongues 
In sounding forth thy praise. 

6 Glory to God who reigns above. 
Who pitied us forlorn , 
We join to sing our Maker's love, 
For there's a Savio ur born. 

HYMN 81. C. M. 

The Incarnation of Christ. Luke ii. 14. 

1 MOKTALS awake, with angels join, 
And chaunt the solemn lay ; 
Joy, love and gratitude combine 
To kail th' auspicious day. 

X In heaven the rapturous song began; 
And sweet seraphic fire 


3 Swift thro' the vast expanse it flew, 

And loud the echo roll'd ; 
The theme, the song, the joy was new* 
'Twas more than heaven could hold 

4 Down thro* the portals of the sky 

Th' impetuous torrent ran ; 
And angels flew with eager joy 
To bear the news to man. 

5 [Wrapt in the silence of the nigbj; 

Lay all the eastern world, 
"When bursting, glorious, heav'nly Ughi 
The wond'rous scene unfurl'd.] 

6 Hark ! the cherubic armies shout, 

And glory leads the song : [out 
Good will and peace are heard througU* 
Th' harmonious heavenly tlirong. 

7 [O for a glance of heavenly love 

Our hearts and songs to raise ; 
Sweetly to bear our souls above* 
And mingle with their lays !] 

3 With joy the chorus we'll repeat, 

" Glory to God on high ; [plet£ 
** Good will and peace are now com* 
"Jena was born to die." 

9 Hail, Prince of life, for ever hail ! 

Redeemer, brother, friend 5 [fail, 
Tho'. earth, and time, and life 
Tl>y grai&e. skali never en.3 



HYMN 82. C. M. 

X IIOSANNA to the Prince of light 
That clothed himself in clay j 
Entered the iron pate of death. 
And tore the bars away. 

2 Death is no more the king of dread 

Since our Immanuel rose ; 
He took the iron sting away, 
And spoil' d our hellish foes. 

3 Sec how the conq'ror mounts aloft 

And to his Father flies, 
\Yith scars of honor in his flesh, 
And triumph in his eyes. 

4 There our exalted Saviour reigns 

And scatters blessings down ; 
Our Jesus with his Father sits 
On the celestial throne, 

3 Raise your devotion, mortal tosgues 
To reach his blest abode ; 
Sweet be the accents of your songs, 
To our incarnate God. 

Bright angels, strike your loudeaf- 
Your swoetcst voices raise ; [strings, 
£et heaven and all created things 
ffound ftu* Im manners praise, 


HYMN 83 7*8. 

1 BRETHREN, cast your eyes arounu* 
Light divine comes flowing down, 
God unveils his shining face, 

Fills us with his heav'nly grace. 

2 Let us all embrace the light, 
Walk as in God's holy sight; 
In his blessed image shine, 
Fellowship, the love divine. 

Tho' by nature heirs of wratli, 
We have tried a bloody bath ; 
It has cleansed the poison out, 
Scattered every painful doubt. 

4 We by grace are justified, 
In this grace we still abide, 
And this grace, we all agree, 
Is to every sinner free. 

5 We will sing and shout and pray, 
Till we reach eternal day ; 

And when all these scenes are past, 
Still our fellowship shall last. 

6 StiU the little shouting band, 
Shall in perfect union stand, 
And the exercise be one, 
Round the everlasting throne. 


HYMN* 84. C. M. 

1 LORD, how great is the delight, 

To see thy lovely face ! 
To dwell whole ages in thy sight 
And feel thy vital rays ! 

2 This Kabricl knows, and sings thy name, 

With rapture on his tongue; 
Motes the saint enjoys the same, 
While heaven repeats the song. 

5 While the bright nation sounds thy 
From each eternal hill, [praise,. 
Sweet odours of exhaling grace 
The happy regions fill. 

4 Thy love, a sea without a shore, 
Spreads life and joy abroad ; 
O 'tis a heaven worth dying for, 
To ace a smiling Cod. 

$ Show me thy face and 1*11 awayi 
Prom all inferior things : 
Speak, Lord, and here I quit my clay, 
And stretch my airy wings. 

HYMN 85. C. M. 

1 JOY is a fruit that will not grow 
In nature's barren soil ; 
All we can boast, till Christ we kno*V 
U nuity a&d toiL 


•2 But where the Lord has planted graCfir, 
And made his glories known ; 
The fruits of heavenly joy and peace 
Are found, and there alone. 

3 A bleeding Saviour, seen by faith, 
A sense of pardoning love, 
A hope that triumphs over death, 
Give joys like those above. 

A To take a glimpse within the vail, 
To know that God is mine r 
Are springs of joy that never fail, 
Unspeakable ! divine ! 

5 These are the joys which satisfy, 
And sanctify the mind ; 
Which make the spirit mount on high, 
And leave the world belli n'd. 

No more, believers, mourn your lot, 

Lhit since you are the Lord's, 
Resign to them that know him not, 
Such joys as earth atfbrds. 

HYMN 86. L. M. 

The enjoyment of Christ. 

1 FAR from my tho'ts, vain world begone, 
Let my religious hours alone ; 

Fain would mine eyes my Saviour See, 
I wait a visit, Lord, from thee. 


2 My heart grows warm with holy firs, 
And kindles with a pure desire; 
Come, my dear Jesus, from above, 
And feed my soul with heav'nly love. 

3 The trce6 of life immortal stand, 
In fragrant rows at thy right hand ; 
And in sweet murmurs by their side, 
lUvcrs of bliss perpetual glide. 

4 Ha»tc then, but with a smiling face, 
And spread the table of thy grace $ 
Ifring do\* 5 n a taste of truth divine. 
And cheer my heart with sacred wine. 

5 West Jesus, what delicious fare ! 
How sweet thy entertainments are! 
Never did angels taste above, 
Uedeemiug grace and dying love. 

6 Hail, great Xmmanuel, alldivine 1 
In thee thy Father's glories 6hine ; 
Thou brightest, sweetest, fairest One, 
Whom eyes have seen, or angels known. 

HYMN 87. L. M. 

1 LOUD, what a heaven of saving grace; 
Shines thro' the beauties of thy face; 
And lights our passion to a flame ! 
Lord, how we love thy charming name ! 

2 When I can say, my God is mine, 
^Vbeii I caufeel thy glories shine j 


I tread the world beneath my feet, 
And all that earth calls good or great; 

3 While such a scene of sacred joys. 
Our raptur'd eyes and souls employe 
Here we could sit and gaze away, 

A long, an everlasting day. 

4 Well, we shall quickly pass the night. 
To the fair coasts of perfect light ; 
Then shall our joyful senses rove, 
O'er the dear object of our love. 

There shall we drink full draughts of 

And pluck new life from heavenly trees; 
Yet now and then, dear Lord, bestow 
A drop of heaven on worms below. 

6 Send comforts down from thy right hand. 
While we pass thro' this barren land ; 
And in thy temple let us sec 
A glimpse of love, a glimpse of thee. 

HYMN 88. S: M. 

1 COME, ye that love the Lord, 
And let your joys be known ; 
Join in a song with sweet accord, 
And thus surround the throne 

3 The sorrows of the mind 

Be banish'd from this place ; 
lleligion never was design'd 

To make our pltea>iires lessT 


3 Lei those refuse to sing, 

Who never knew our God ; 
Rut fav'rites of the heav'nly king 
Should speak their joys abroad. 

K The Cod who rules on high, 

And thunders when he please, 
Who rides upon the stormy sky 
And manages the seas : 

5 This awful Cod is ours, 

Our Father and our love ; 
Hr will send down his heav'nly pow'rsr 
To carry us above. 

6 There wc- sliall 6ee his face, 

And nevcri never sin ; 
There, from the rivers of his grace, 
Drink endless pleasures in. 

7 Yes, and before wc rise 

To that immortal state ; 
The thoughts of such amazing bliss 
Should constant joys create. 

8 The men of grace have found 

(ilory begun below ; 
Celestial fruits on earthly ground. 
From faith and hope may grow. 

9 The hill of Zion yields 

A thousand sacred sweets; 
Before we reach the heav'nly fields', 
Or walk, the golden EtreeUi 


10 Then let ouf songs abound, 

And every tear be dry ; [ground 
"We're marching thro' Immanuel's 
To fairer worlds on high. 

HYMN 89. S. M* 

1 My Co<}i my life, my love, 

To thee, to thee I call ; 
I cannot live if thou remove, 
For thou art all in all. 

2 Thy shining grace can cheer, 

This dungeon where I dwell ; 
Tis paradise when thou art here* 
If thou depart, 'tis hell. 

3 The smilings of thy face, 

How amiable they are ! 
'Tis heaven to rest in thine embrace, 
And no where else but there. 

4 To thee, and thee alone, 

The angels owe their bliss • 
They sit around thy gracious throne 
And dwell where Jesus is. 

5 Not all the harps above 

Can make a heavenly piaffe 
Cod his residence remove, 
Or but conceal his face. 

6 Nor earth, nor all the sky, 

Can one delight afford j 


Wo, not a drop of real joy, 
Without thy presence, LonJ. 

7 Thou art the sea oflove, 

Where all my pleasures roll ; 
The circle where my passions move, 
And centre of my soul. 

8 To thee my spirits fly, 

With restless warm desire ; 
And yet how far from thee I lie, 
Dear Jesus, raise me higher. 

IrYMN 90. C. M. 

\ MY Cod, my portion, and my love, 
My everlasting all ;• 
I've none but thee in heaven above, 
Or on this earthly ball. 

3 What empty things are all the skies, 
And this inferior clod ! 
There's nothing here deserves my jpysj 
There's nothing like my God. 

3 ?n rain the bright; the burrilrig^$un> 

Scatters his feeble light % 
*TH thy tweet beams create my noon, 
If thou withdraw, *ti» night 

4 Ami wbilat upon my restless bed, 

Atnonr the shades I roll ; 
If my redeemer show his head^ 
-Til morning with my loui 


3 To thee T owe my wealth and friends, 
And health and safe abode ; 
Thanks to thy name for meaner things, 
But they are not my God. 

6 How vain a toy is glittering wealth, 

If once compared to thee ; 
Or what's my safety or my health, 
Or all my friends, to me ! 

7 Were I possessor of the earth, 

And called the stars my own ; 
"Without thy graces and thyself, 
I were a wretch undone. 

8 Let others stretch their arms like sea*; 

And grasp in all the shore ; 
Grant me the visits of thy face, 
And I desire no more. 

HYMN 91. L. M. 

1 JESUS ! and sliall it ever be, 

A mortal man ashamed of thee ! 
Ashamed of thee, whom angels praise, 
Whose glories shine thro' endless days 

2 Ashamed of Jesus ! sooner far 
Let evening blush to own a star ; 
He sheds the beams of light divine'/ 
O'er this benighted soul of mine. 

3 Ashamed of Jesus ! just as soon 
Let midnight be ashamed of noon \ 



Tis midnight with my soul, till he, 
Bright morning star, bid darkness Jlee* 

4 Ashamed of Jesus! that dear friend, 
On whom my hopes of heaven depend! 
No, when 1 blush, be this my shame, 
That I no more revere his name. 

5 Ashamed of Jesus! yes I may, 
When I've no guilt to wash away, 
No tear to wipe, no good to crave, 
No fears to quell, no soul to save. 

6 Till then — nor is my boasting vain*- 
Till then,. I boast a Saviour slain : 

'Mat Christ is not ashamed of me. 

7 Mis institutions I will prize, 
Tate up my cross — the shame despise? 
Dare to defend his noble cause, 
And yield obedience to his laws. 

HYMN 92. C. M. 

Fellowship with God. 

1 FllOM all that*« mortal, all that's vaii>, 
And from this earthly clod, 
Arise my soul, and strive to gain 
Sweet fellowship with God. 

3 Say, what is there beneath the skie.^ 
In all the paths thou'st trod, 


Can suit thy wishes or thy joy?, 
Like fellowship with God ? 

3 Not life, nor all the toys of art, 

Nor pleasure's flow'ry road, 
Can to my soul such bliss impart, 
As fellow ship with Cod. 

4 Not health nor friendship here below, 

Nor wealth, that golden load, 
Can such delight or comfort show, 
As fellowship with Cod. 

5 When I am made in love to bear. 

Affliction's needful rod, 
LightjSweet, and kind the strokes appear, 
Thro' fellowslup with God. 

In fierce temptation's fiery blasts, 
Or dark desertion's road, 
I'm happy, if I can but taste 
Some fellowship with Cod. 

T And when the icy hand of death 
Shall chill my flowing blood, 
"With joy I'll yield my latest breath, 
In fellowship with God. 

8 W hen I at last to heaven ascend. 
And gain my blest abode, 
There an eternity I'll spend, 
In fellowship with Cod. 


HYMN 93. L. M. 

1 THE righteous JWJ, supremely great, 
Maintains his universal state ; 

O'er all the earth his pow'r extends, 
All heaven before his footstool bends* 

2 Yet justice still with power presides, 
And mercy all his empire guides; 
Mercy. and truth are his delight, 
And saints are lovely in Ins sight. 

3 No more, ye wise, your wisdom boast, 
No more, ye strong your valor trust ; 
No more, ye rich, survey your store, 
KUtc with heaps of shining ore. 

4 Cilory, ye saints, in this alone, 

That God, your God, to you is known ; 
That you have own'd his sovereign sway, 
That you have felt his cheering ray. 

5 Our wisdom, wealth, and power we "find, 
In one Jehovah all combin'd ; 

On him we fix our roving eyes, 
And all our souls in raptures rise. 

6 All else, which we our treasure call, 
May in one fatal moment fall; 

lint what .their happiness Can move, 
Whom God the blessed deigns to love f 


HYMN 94. S. M. 

1 NOW l«?t our voices join 
To form a sacred song ; 

Ye pilgrims, in Jehovah's ways 
"With music pass along. 

2 How straight the path appease, 
How open and how fair ! 

No lurking gins t'entrap our feet; 
No fierce destroyer there. 

3 But flowers of paradise 
In rich profusion spring ; 

The Sun of glory gilds the path| 
And dear companions sing. 

•i. See Salem's golden spires 
Xn beauteous prospect rise"; 
And brighter crowns than mortals wear, 
Which sparkle thro* the skies. 

S Alfchonor to his name, 

Who marks the shining way 
To him, who leads the wanderers on 
To realms of endless day. 

HYMN 95. L. M. 

1 STAND up my soul, shake off thy fear^ 
And gird the gospel armor on ; 
March to the gates of endless joy,. 
VP hexe tby great Cjrptaip.SaYiour's gome. 


2 Nell and thy sins resist thy course; 
Rut hell and sin are vanquished foes* 
Thy jesus nailed them to the cross, 
And sung tue triumph when he rose. 

3 What tho* the prince of darkness Tage> 
And waste the fury of his spite ; 
F.ternal chains confine him down 

To fiery deeps and endless night. 

A What tho* thine inward lusts rebel, 
'Tis hut a struggling- gasp for life ; 
The weapons of victorious grace 
Shall slay thy sins and end the strife, 

5 Then let my soul march boldly on, 
l*rcss forward to the heavenly gate ; 
There peace and joy eternal reign, 
And glittering robes for conquerors .av^U. 

6 There may I wear a starry crown, 
And triumph in almighty grace ; 
AVhilc all the armies of the skies, 
Join in my glorious leader's praise. 

IIYMN 96. C. 2\r. 

t AM I a soldier of Uie cross, 
A follower of.tjie Lamb, 
And shall I fear to own his cause, 
Or blush to speak his name i 

2 MwU V.C. carried to theskie* 
On ficwry beds of ease? 


"While others fought to gain the prize, 
And sailed thro* bloody seas i 

3. Are there no foes for me to face ? 
Must I not stem the flood ? 
Is this vile world a friend to grace f 
To help me on to God ? 

4 Sure I must fight, if I would reign; 

Increase my courage, Lord ; 
111 bear the toil, endure the pain, 
Supported by thy word. 

5 Thy saints in all this glorious wa£ 

Shall conquer, tho* they diet 
They see the triumph from afar, 
And seizeit with their eye. 

C When that illustrious day shall rise* 
And all thy armies shine 
In robes of victory, thro* the skies,. 
The glory shall bo thine. 

HYMN 97. L. M* 

1 I VE listed in the holy war, 
Content to suffer soldier's fare ; 
The banner over me is love, 

I. draw my rations from above. 

2 1 ve fought tliro' many a battle sore* 
And I must fight thro* many more ; 

I'll take my breastplate, sword & shield* 
And baldly nuftcfc into4he field, 


$ The world, the flesh, and Satan too*. 
Unite and try what they can do i 
On thee, O Lord, I humbly calf, 
Uphold me, Lord, or I shall faH, 

A I've listed, and I mean to fi^ht 
Till all my foes are j5ut to flight, 
And when the victory I have won, 
I'll give the praise to Goxi alone. 

HYMN 98. L, M. 

1 MY Captain sounds the alarm of war; 
V Awake 1 the powers of hell are near ; 
" To arms ! to arms !" I hear him cryv 
" 'Tis yours to conquer or to die* 

2 Roused by. the animating sound* 
I cast my eager eyes around, 
Make haute to gird my armor oi% 
And bid each trembling fear begone. 

3 Hope is my helmet, faith my shield, 
Thy word, my Cod, the sword I wield. 
With sacred truth my Joins are girt* 
And holy zeal inspires- my heart. 

4 Thus armed, I venture on the fight, 
Resolved to put my foes to flight ; 
While Jesus kindly deigns to spread, 

conqdering banner o'er my head; 

1 la him I hope, in him I trust, 
HU Mceding cross ii all my boast ; 



Thro' troops of foes he'll lead me on 
To victory, and the victor's crown. 

HYMN 99. C. M. 

1 FOREVER blessed be the Lord, 

My saviour and my shield ; 
lie sends his spirit with his word, 
To arm me for the field. 

2 When sin and hell their force unite, 

He maVes my soul his care, 
Instructs me in the heavenly fight, 
And guards me through the war. 

3 A friend and helper so divine, 

My fainting hope shall raise ; 
lie makes the glorious victory mine.. 
And his shall be the praise. 


HYMN 100. Ii. M. 

1 BEHOLD the love, the grace of God, 
Displayed in Jesus' precious blood ; 
My soul's on fire, it pants to prove 
The fulness of redeeming love. 

2 Our God is love — O, leap my soul, 
Let warm hosannas gently roll ; 
Love gave his Son to save our race, 
And Jesus died thro* sovereign gracd. 



3 What love has.done, sing earth aroui\d, 
Angels, prolong th' eternal sound ; 
Lo, Jesus bleeding on the tree I 
There, there the love of God I see. 

4 1 loolc, I gaze, my rebel heart 
Feels its own hardness soon depart ; 
Repenting tears begin to roll, 

And love in streams flows thro* my soul. 

$ The cross 1 view — O wond'rous love ! 
My sins expire — my fears remove ; 
My native enmity is slain, 
I'm reconciled— I'm born again. 

6 By faith in Jesus' bloody cross 
The Devil's kingdom suffers loss i 
Croudai on the way from sin, to God, 
Have overcome thro' Jesus' blood. 

7 O ! that the world would turn their eyes 
And view this bleeding sacrifice ; 
Almighty love therein displayed, 
Would bruise&cruah the serpent's head. 

8 O ! how I long to see the hour 

When sin &, death shall lose their power, 
When all the world,both great and small, 
Shall own the sov'reign lord of all ! 

9 T hou bleeding Lamb, thou mighty God, 
spread thy conquest far abroad ; 
Thy kingdom come, exalt thy fame, 
tot every knee bow to thy namer 


10 Shout, Christians, shout, the Lord is 

Prepare, prepare to make him room ; 
On earth he reigns, we feel him near, 
The signs of glory now appear, 

HYMN 101 S. M. 

1 LET party names no more 

The Christian world o'er spread ; 
Gentile and Jew, and bond and free, 
Are one in Christ their head. 

2 Among the saints on earth 

Let mutual love be found ; 
Heirs of the same inheritance, 
"With mutual blessings crowned. 

3 Let discord, child of hell, 

Be banished far away ; 
Those should in strictest friendship 
Who the same Lord obey. [dwell, 

4 Thus will the church below 

Resemble that above ; 
"Where streams of pleasure ever flow, 
And every heart is love. 


HYMN 102. S. M. 

1 BEHOLD, the lofty sky 
Declares its maker Cod ; 
And all the starry works on high 
Proclaim his power abroad. 


2 The darkness and the light 

Still keep their course the same ; 
While night to day, and day to night, 
Divinely teach his name, 

3 In every different land, 

Their general voice is known, 
They show the wonders of his harid, 
And orders of his throne. 

4 Ye christian lands re joice, 

Here he reveals his word, 
We are not' left to nature's voice, 
To bid us kndw the Lord. 

5 His statutes and commands 

Are set before our eyes, 
lie puts his gospel in our hands, 
Where our salvation lies. 

6 His laws are just and pure, 

His truth without deceit, 
His promises forever sure, 
And his rewards are great. 

7 N&thbney to the taste 

Affords so much delight ; 
Nor gold that has the furnace passed 
So much allures the sight 

8 Wlulc ofthy works I sing, 

Thy glory to proclaim, 
AccenUhe praise, my God, my Kfng, 
Iti my Kcdcemcr's name. 

E 2 



HYMN 103. C. M 

1 SALVATION ! O the joyful sound ! 

'Tis pleasure to our ears, 
A sovereign balm for every wound, 
A cordial for our fears. 

2 Buried in sorrow and in sin, 

At hell'sxlark door we lay ; 
But we gTace divine, 
To see a heavenly day. 

3* Salvation ! let the echo fly 
The spacious earth around ; 
While all the armies of the sky 
Conspire to raise the sound. 

HYMN 104. L. M. 

1 AWAKE, my soul, in joyful lays, 

And sing- thy great Redeemer's praise; 
He justly claims a song- from me. 
His loving- kindness, O how- free ! 

2 He saw me ruined in the -fall, 

Yet loved me notwithstanding- all ; 
lie saved me from my lost estate, 
His loving kindness, how great 1 

3 Tho* numerous hosts of mighty foes, 
Tho* earth and hell my way oppose; 
He safely leads my soul along, 

His loving kindness, how- strong * 


A When trouble like a gloomy cloud, 
Has gathered thick and thundered loud; 
He: near my soul has always stood, 
His ; loving kindness, O how good! 

5 Often I feel my sinful heart, 
Prone from my Jesus to depart ; 
But tho' I have him oft forgot, 
His loving kindness changes not. 

6 Soon shall I pass the gloomy vale, 
Soon all my mortal powers must fail ; 
Oh ! may my last expiring breath, 
His loving kindness sing in death. 

7 Then let me mount and soar away, 
To the bright world of endless day; 
And sing with rapture and surprise. 
His loving kindness in the skies. 

HYMN 105. h. M. 

As Moses lifted up the serpent - in ttia 
" -wilderness,' even so must the son of man be 
■»« lifted vp." John iii, 14. 

1 WIIEN by the fiery serpent stung, 
What anguish seized both old 8c young; 
No sinner then so vain and proud 
But would for mercy try aloud. 

1 When rack^a -with pain & filled with fess 
A jovful sound salutes their ear, 
"Lilt -up. your heads and here behold, 
*The Jbfwin serpent on the pole." 

108 THH rflAlSES OF GOD* 

3 The Prophet gave a common call* 
The object too was free for all ; 
'Twas raised aloft in open light, 

That nothing might obstruct the sigltf:, 

4 Some arc with sudden virtue blessed, 
How swift they fly to the distressed, 
Raise up their heads, direct their face> 
And point their finger to the place. 

5 On wings of love the christians fly, 
And look to Jesus, is their cry ; 
The virtue flows he shouts aloudj 
And leaps into the joyful croud, 

6 Here true believers feel and see, 
The love of Christ so rich and free ; 
They wonder at the unbelief 

Of all who do not find relief. 

HYMN 106. C. M. 

Praise for the Blessings of Providence and 
drace. Psalm exxxix, 

1 ALMIGHTY Father, gracious Lord k 

Kind guardian of my days, 
Thy mercies, let my heart record 
In songs of grateful praise. 

2 In life's first dawn, my tender frame 

"\\ as thy indulgent care, 
1 ong ere I could pronounce thy nanfe, 
Or breathe the infant prater. 


5 [Around my path what dangers rose 1 . 

What snares spread allmy road ! 
No power could guard me from my foes* 
But my Preserver, God. 

4 How many blessings round me shorfQ. 
Wherever I turn'd my eye ! 
How many past almost unknown 
Or unregarded, by !] 

■5 Each rolling year new favors brought 
From, thy cxhaustless store ; 
But ah !" In vain my laboring thought 
Would count thy mercies o'er. 

6 While sweet reflection, thro' my day'9 

Thy bounteous hand would trace ; 
Still dearer blessings elaim thy pralsi?, 
The blessings of thy grace. 

7 Yes, I adore thee, gracious Lord, 

For favors more divine ; 
That I have known thy sacred word, 
W here all thy glones shine. 

8 Lard, when this mortal frame, decays, 

And every weakness die9, 
Complete the wonders ofthygracx. 
And raise jne to the skies. 

Then shall my joyful powers un&c, 
In more exalted lays, 
A«ul join the happy sons of light 
In everlasting praise* 



HYMN 10r. C. M. 

1 HOW precious is the book divine, 

liy inspiration given ; 
Bright as a lamp its doctrine sliine, 
To guide our souls to heaven. 

2 It sweetly cheers our drooping* hearts, 

In this dark vale of tears ; 
Ljg-ht, life, and joy it still imparts, 
And quells our rising fears. 

S This lamp thro' all the tedious night, 
Of life shall guide our way ; 
Till we behold the clearer light, 
Of an eternal day. 

HYMN 108. h. M. 

1 WHEN Israel thro 1 the desert passed, 
A fiery pillar went before ; 
To guide them thro* the dreary waste, 
And lessen the fatigues they bore. 

3 Such is thy glorious word, O God, 
'Tis for our light and guidance given; 
It sheds a lustre all abroad, 

And points the path to bliss and heaven 

U It fills the soul with sweet delight, 
And quickens our inactive powers, 


It sets our wandering footsteps right, 
Displays tby love, and kindles ours. 

4 Its promises rejoice our hearts, 
Its doctrines are divinelytrue, 
Knowledge and pleasure it imparts, 
It comforts, and instructs us too. 

5 Yc favored lands, who have his word, 
Ye saints who feci its saving power, 
Unite your tongues to praise the Lord, 
And bis distinguished grace adore. 

HYMN 109. C. M. 

1 LET avarice, from shore to shore, 

Her favorite God pursue; 
Thy word, O Lord, we value mote, 
Than India or Peru. 

2 Here mines of knowledge, love and joy, 

Are open to our sight 
The purest gold without alloy, 
And gchre-divinely bright. 

3 The counsels.of redeeming grace, 

These sacred leaves unfold, 
Anil hear the Saviour's lovely face, 
Our raptured eyes unfold. 

4. Here light descendingfrom abov?, 
Directs onr doubtful feet ; 
Here promises of heavenly love 
Our anient wishes meetr 


5 Our numerous griefs are here redressed, 

And all our wants supplied, 
Nought we can ask to mtfkc us blest, 
Is in this book denied. 

6 For these inestimable gains, 

That so enrich the mind, 
O may we search with eager pains, 
Assured that we shall find. 

HYMN 110. C. M. 

1 FATHER of mercies, in thy word 

What endless glory shines ! 
Forever he thy name adored, 
For these celestial lines. 

2 Here may the wretched sons of want 

Exhaustless riches find ; 
Riches above what earth can grant, 
And lasting as the mind. 

o Here the fair tree of knowledge grows, 
And yields a free repast ; 
Sublimer sweets than nature knows 
Invite the longing taste. 

Ai Here the Redeemer's welcome voice 
Spreads heavenly peace around; 
And life and everlasting joys 
Attend the blissful sound. 

5 O may these heavenly pages be 
fcfy ever dear delight ; 


And still new beauties may I see, 
And still increasing light. 

6 Divine instructer, gracious Lord, 
He thou forever near, 
Teach me to love thy sacred word, 
And view my Saviour there. 

HYMN 111. C. M. 

1 I. A DEN with guilt and full of fears, 

I've fled to thee, my Lord; 
And not a glimpse of hope appears, 
But in thy written word. 

2 The volume of my Father's grace 

Does all my grief assuage, 
Here I behold my Saviour's face, 
Almost in e very page. 

3 This is the field where hidden lies 

The pearl of price unknown; 
That merchant is divinely wise, 
Who makes the pearl his own. 

4 Here consecrated water flows 

To ciuonch my thirst of sin ; 
Here the fair tree of knowledge gro\v«> 
Nor danger dwells therein. 

5 This is the judge which ends the strife, 

\N here wit and reason fail ; 
My guide to everlasting life. 
Thro' fttf this gloomy vale. 
E 3 


C may thy counsels, mighty God, 
My roving feet command ; 
Nor I forsake the happy road, 
"Which leads to thy right hand. 

HYMN 112. L. M. 

1 THIS is the word of truth and love, 
Sent to the nations from above ; 
Jehovah here resolves to show 
What his almighty grace can do. 

2 This remedy did wisdom find, 
To heal diseases of the mind ; 

This sovereign balm, whose virtues can 
liestore the ruined creature, man. 

3 This gospel bids the dead, revive, 
Sinners obey the voice and live ; 

Dry bones are raised and clothed afresh, 
And hearts of stone are turned to tiesh. 

4i "Where Satan reigned in shades of night, 
The gospel strikes a heavenly light ; 
Our lusts its wond'rous power controls, 
And calms the rage of angry souls. 

5 Lions and beasts of savage name, 
Put on the nature of the lamb ; 
While the wide world esteem it strange, 
Gaze and admire and hate the change. 

6 May but this grace my soul renew, 
Let sinners gaze and hate me too ; 


The word that saves me does engage 
A sure defence from all their rage. 

HYMN 113. C. M. 

1 When I can read my title clear 

To mansions in the sVics, 
I bid farewell to every fear, 
And wipe my weeping eyes. 

2 Should earth against my soul engage, 

And hellish darts he hurled, 
Then I can smile at Satan's rage, 
And face a frowning world. 

3 Let cares, like a wild deluge come, 

And storms of sorrow fall, 
May 1 but safely reach my home, 
My God, my heaven, my all. 

\ There shall I bathe my weary soul 
In seas of heavenly rest; 
And not a wave of trouble roll 
Across my peaceful breast, 


HYMN 114. C. M. 

1 Let all the heathen writers join, 
To form one perfect book ? 
Great God if once compared with thine, 
J low mean their -writings look T 



2 Not the most perfect rules they gave 

Could show one sin forgiven ; 
Nor lead a step bcyoud the grave ; 
But thine conduct to heaven. 

3 I've seen an end to what we call 

Perfection here below ; 
How short the" powers of nature fall, 
And can no further go. 

At Yet man would fain be just witlj God, 
By works their hands have wrought; 
But thy commands, exceeding broad, 
Ext^d to every thought. 

ii In vain we boast perfection here, 
"\Vliile sin denies our frame ; 
And sinks our virtues down so far, 
They scarce deserve the name. 

$ Our faith and love and every grace, 
Fall far below thy word ; 
But perfect truth and righteousness 
Dwell only with the Lord. 

HYMN 115. C. M. 

1 LORD, I have made thy word my choice, 
My tasting heritage ; 
He:re shall my noblest powers rejoice, 
My warmest thoughts engage. 

2 T read the histories, of thy love, 
And keep thy laws in sight, 



While thro* the promises I rove, 
With ever fresh delight. 

3 5 Tis a broad land of wealth unknown 

Where springs of life arise ; 
Seeds of immortal bliss are sown, 
And hidden glory lies — 

4 The best relief that mourners have, 

It makes our sorrows blest ; 
Our fairest hope beyond the grave, 
And our eternal rest. 

HYMN 116. C. M. 

1 HOW shall the young secure their 


And. guard their 'lives from sin ? 
Thy word the choicest rules imparts^ 
To keep the conscience clean. 

2 When once it enters to the mind, 

It spreads such light abroad,. 
The meanest souls instruction find, 
And raise their thoughts to God. 

3 'Tis like the sun, a heavenly light, 

That guides us all the day ; 
And thro' the dangers of the ni^ht, 
A -lamp to lead our way. 

4 The men that keep thy law with care^ 

And meditate thy word, 
Grow wiser than their teachers are 
And better know the Lord. 


5 Thy precepts make me truly wise, 

I hate the sinner's road, 
I hate my own vain thoughts that rise, 
BUt love thy law, my God. 

6 The starry heavens thy rule obey, 

The earth maintains her place, 
And these, thy servants, night and day, 
Thy skill and power express. 

7 But still thy law and gospel, Lord, 

Have lessons more divine : 
Not earth stands firmer than thy word, 
Nor stars so nobly shine. 

8 Thy word is everlasting truth — 

How pure is every page ! 
That Holy Book shall guide our youth, 
And well support our age. 

HYMN 117. C. M. 

1 SOON as I heard my Father say, 
" Ye children, seek my grace," 
My heart replied " without delay, 
"I'll seek my Father's face." 

Q Let not thy face be hid from rac, 
Nor frown my soul away ; 
God of my life, I fly to thee 
In a distressing day. 

3 ShouH friends and kindred, near and 
t^'nye n»c to want ot die, [dear, 


My God will make my life his care, 
And aU my need supply. 

4 My fainting flesh had died with grief, 

Had not my soul believed, 
To see thy grace provide relief, 
Nor was my hope deceived* 

5 Wait on the Lord, ye trembling saints, 

And keep your courage up ; 
He'll raise your spirit when it faints, 
And far exceed your hope. 

I1YMN 1X8. L. M. 

1 THE heavens declare thy glory^ Lor$ 
In every star thy goodness shines ; 
But when our eyes behold thy word, 
\Vc read thy name in fairer lines. 

2 The rolling sun, the changing light, 
And nights and days thy power confess. 
Hut the blest volume thouhast writ, 
Heveals thy justice and thy grace. 

3 Sun, moon and stars, convey thy praise 
Hound the whole earth.and never standi 
So when thy truth began its race, 

h touched and glanced on every land. 

4 Nor shall thy spreading gospel r,est, 
Till through the world thy truth has run, 
Till chri«t has all the nations blest, 
That *ce the light, or feel the sun, 


5 Great son of righteousness, arise, 
Bless the dark world with heavenly light; 
Thy gospel makes the simple wise, 
Thy laws are pure, thy judgments right. 

6 Thy noblest wonders here we view, 
In souls renewed and sins forgiven. 
Lord, cleanse more souls, more souls 


And be thy word their guide to heaven. 
HYMN 119. L. M. 
Praise ye him all his angels. Psalm cxlviii,"? 

1 GOD, the eternal awful name, 
ThaMhc whole heavenly army fears, 
That shakes the wide creation's frame, 
And Satan trembles when he hears — 

2 Like flames of fire his servants are, 
And light surrounds his dwelling place; 
But O, ye fiery flames, declare 

The brighter glories of his face. 

3 'Tis not for such poor worms as we, 
To speak so infinite a thing, 

But your immortal eyes survey 
The beauties of your sovereign king. 

4 Tell how he shows his smiling face, 
And clothes all heaven in bright array ; 


Triumph and joy run thro' the place, 
And songs eternal as the day. 

3 Sing of his power and justice too. 
That infinite right hand of his. 
Which vanquished i*atan and his crew 
When thunder drove them down from bliss. 

6 Proclaim his wonders from the skies, 
Let cvcrv distant nation hear; 
And while you sound his lofty praise 
Let humble mortals bow and fear. 

HYMN 120. L. M. 

1 UP to the Lord that reigns on high, 
And views the nations from afar, 
Let everlasting praises fly, 

And tell how large his bounties are, . 

2 He that can shake the worlds he made 
Or with his- word. or with his rod, 

His goodness how amazing great ! 
And what a condescending God ! 

3 Ite that must stoop to view the skies, 
Anil bow to see what angels do," * 
Uo\vn to the earth he casts his eyes, 
And. bends his footsteps downwaixi-too. 

5 He overrules all mortal things, 
And manages our mean affairs- 
On humble souls, the King of kin* 
Ucstows his counsels aiuLhis care5 


5 Our sorrows and our tears we pour 
Into the bosom of our God ; 
He hears us in the mournful hour, 
And helps us beix the hetvy load. 

<5 In vain might lofty princes try, 
Such condescension to pc f <-»rm j 
For worms were never r*ked so high 
Abore their meant** fellow worm. 

7 O ! could our thankful hearts devise, 
A 'tribute equal to thy grace ! (rise, 
To the third heaven our songs should 
And teach the golden harps thy praise. 

zmnr m. c. >l 

The4tohntzt of Cod, Isaiah viii. 13. 

1 HOl.Y and reverend is the name 

Of .our eternal King- ; 
Thrice holy Lord.' the angels cry, 
Thrice holy, let us sing*. 

2 Holy is he in all his works, 

And truth is his delight ; 
But sinners and their wicked ways 
Shall perish from his sigbt. 

3 The deepest reverence of the mind, 

Pay, O my soul, to God ; 
Lift with :thy .hands a holy heart 
To his sublime abode. 

4 With sacred awe pronounce his name 

Whom words r.or Ihovghls can reaefc 


. broken heart shall please him more 
Than the best forms of speech. 

'Iiou holy, God ! preserve my soul 
From all pollution free ; 
lie pure in heart arc thy delight, 
And they thy face shall see. 


HYMN 122. L, M. 

K sons of men, with joy record 
he various wonders of the Lord ; 
A\d let his power and Goodness sound 
hro' all your tribes the earth around. 

■ct the high heavens your songs invite, 
'hose spacious fields of brilliant light ; 
Vhcrc sun, and moon, and planets roll, 
k nd stars that shine from pole Jo' pole. 

ing earth, in verdant robes arrayed. 
:s herbs and flowers, its fruits and shade, 
copied with life of various forms, 
ishes and fowls, and beasts and worms. 

'icw the broad sea's majestic plains, 
Lnd.think how wide its maker reigns ; 
'hat hand remotest nations joins, 
w nd on each wave lus goodness shines. 

lut O, that brighter world above, 
Vhcrc lives and reigns incarnate lore. 


God's only Son, in flesh arrayed, 
For man a bleeding victim made. 

C Thither, my soul, with rapture soar, 
There in the world of praise adore ; 
This theme demands an angel's lay, 
Demands an undeclining day. 

HYMN 123. L. M. 

i BY faith in Christ, I walk with God, 
With heaven, my journey's end, in view. 
Supported by his staff and rod, 
My road is safe and pleasant too. 

3 I travel thro* a desert wide, 
Where many round me blindly stray i 
But he vouchsafes to be my guide, 
And keeps me in the narrow way. 

3 Tho'snares and dangers throng my path, 
And earth and hell my course withstand, 
I triumph over all, by faith, 
duarded by his almighty hand. 

4 The -wilderness affords no food, 
But God for my support prepares j 
Provides me every needful good, 

And free? my soul from wants and cares. 

5 With him sweet converse I maintain. 
Great as he is, I dare be free ; 

I tell him all my grief and pain, 
And he reveals his love to me. 


6 Saint cordial from his word he brings, 
"When e'er my feeble spirit faints ; 

At once my soul revives and sings, 
And yields no more to sad complaints. 

7 I pity all the worldlings talk 

Of pleasures that will quickly end ; 
Be this my choice, O Lord, to walk 
With thee; my guide, my guard, my 

HYMN 124. S. XL 

1 RAISE your triumphant songs, 

To an immortal tune ; 
Let the wide earth resound the deeds 
Celestial grace has done. 

2 Sing how eternal love 

His chief beloved chose? 
And bade him raise our wretched race, 
From their abyss of woes. 

3 His hand no thunder bears, 

Nor terror clothes his brow ; 
No bolts to drive our guilty souls 
To fiercer flames below. 

3 He shows his Father's love, 
To wise our souls on high, 
He came with pardons from above) 
For rebels doomed to die. 

,5 Now sinners, dry your tears, 
Let hopeless sorrows- cease * 


Bow to the sceptre of his love, 
And take the offered peace. 

6 Lord, we obey thy call, 
We lay an humble claim 
To the salvation thou hast brought, 
And love and praise thy name. 

HYMN 125. S. M. 

1 IS this the kind return, 

And these the thanks we owe ? 
Thus to abuse eternal love, 
Whence all our blessings flow ? 

2 To what a stubborn frame 

Has sin reduced our mind ! 
What strange rebellions wretches WC> 
And God as strangely kind ! 

3 On us he bids the sun 

Shed his reviving rays ; 
For us the skies their circles run, 
To lengthen out our days. 

•1< The brutes obey their God, 

And bow their necks to men ; 
But we more base, more brutish things, 
Reject his easy reign. 

5 Turn, turn us, mighty God, 
And mould our souls afresh ; 
Break sovereign grace, these hearts of 
And give us hearts of flesh, [stone, 


6 Let past ingratitude 

Provoke our weeping" eyes ; 
And hourly, as new mercies full. 
Let hourly thanks arise. 

HYMN 126. CM. 

Delight in God, Psalm xxxvii. 4. 

1 O LORD, I would delight in thee, 

And on thy care depend ; 
To thee in every trouble flee, 
My best, my only f\iend. 

2 When all created streams are dry'd, 

Thy fulness is the same ; 
May 1 with this be satisfy'd, 
And glory in thy name ! 

3 "Why should the soul a drop bemoan 

Who has a fountain near, 
A fountain which will ever run 
With waters sweet and clear ? 

4 No good in creatures can be found, 

But may be found in thee ; 
I must have 'all things, and abound. 
While Go d is Godio mc. 

5 that I had a stronger faith 

To look w ithin the veil, 
To s credit what my Saviour saith, 
Whose worE can never fail ! 


6 O Lord, I'd cast my care on thee, 
I'd triumph and adore ; 
Henceforth my great concern should be 
To love and please thee more. 

HYMN 127. C. M. 

The Goodness of God, Nahum i. 7. 

I YE humble souls, approach your God- 
With songs of sacred praise, 
For he is good, immensely good, 
And kind are all his ways. 

& All nature owns lus guardian care, 
In him we live and move ; 
But nobler benefits declare 
The wonders of his love. 

3 He gave his son, his only son, 

To ransom rebel worms ; 
'Tis here he makes his goodness known 
In its diviner forms. 

4 To this dear refuge, Lord\ we come^ 

'Tis here our hope relies ; 
A safe defence^ a peaceful home, 
When storms of trouble rise* 

5 Thine eye beholds, with kind regard. 

The souls. who trust in thee; 
Their humble hope thou wilt reward* 
With bliss divinely free. 


3 Great God, to thy Almighty love, 
What honors shall we raise ? 
Not all'the rapturM songs above, 
Can render equal praise. 


HYMN 128. L. M. 

1 BLESSED Redeemer, how divine, 
How righteous is tins rule of thine : 
Never to deal with others worse 
Than we would have them deal with us. 

3 This golden lesson, short and plain, 
(iives not the mind nor memory pain t 
And every conscience must approve 
This universal law of love. 

3 'Tis written in each mortal breast, 
"Where all our tendcrest wishes rest ; 
We draw it from our inmost veins, 
Where love to self resides and reigns. 

4 Is reason ever at. a loss, 

Call in self love to judge the cause ; 
Let our own fondest passions show- 
How we should treat our neighbor too 

5 How blest would every nation prove, 
Thus ruled by equity and love ; 

All .would be friends, without a foe, 
And form a paradise below. 

S 2 


HYMN 129. C. M. 

1 HAPPY the man whose cautious steps 

Still keep the golden mean ; 
Whose life, by wisdom's rules well for- 
Declares a conscience clean. [med 

2 Not of himself he highly thinks, 

Nor acts the boaster's part, 
His modest tongue the language speaks 
Of his still humbler heart. 

3 Not in base scandal's arts he deals. 

For truth dwells in his breast ; 
With grief, he sees his neighbor's faults, 
And thinks and hopes the best. 

4 What .blessings bounteous heaven bes- 

He takes with thankful heart ; [tows, 
With tcinp'rance he both eats & drinks, 
And gives the poor a part. 

5 To sect or party, his large soul 

Disdains to be confined ; 
The good he loves, of every name, 
And prays for all mankind. 

6 Pure as his zeal, the offspring fair, 

Of truth and heavenly love ; 
The bigot's rage can never dwell 
Where rests the heavenly dove. 

7 His business is to Jteepy his heart, 

Each passion to control ; 


Nobly ambitious well to rule 
The empire of his soul. 

8 Not on the world his heart is set, 
His treasure is above ; 
Nothing be.neath the sovereign good 
Can chum his highest love. 

HYMN 130. L. M. 

1 WHO shall ascend the heavenly place, 
Great Cod, and dwell before thy face ? 
The man that minds religion now, 
And humbly walks with God below— 

2 Whose hands arc pure, whose heart is 

clean, [mean; 
Whose lips still speak the thing they 
No slanders dwell upon his tongue, 
He hates to do his neighbor wrong. 

3 Firm to I113 word lie ever stood, 
And always makes his promise good; 
Nor dares' to change the thing he swears, 
Whatever pain or loss he bears. 

4 He never' deals in bribing gold, 

And mourns that justice should be sold ; 
While others scorn and wrong the poor, 
Sweet charity attends his door. 

5 He loves his enemies, and prays 
Por those that curse him to his face : 
And doth to all men still the same, 
That he would hope or wish from then 


7 Yet when his holiest works are done, 
His soul depends on grace alone ; 
This is the man thy face shall see, 
And dwell, forever, Lord, with thee. 

HYMN 131. L. M. 

1 AFFLICTED saint, to Christ draw near, 
Thy Saviour's gracious promise hear; 
His faithful word declares to thee, 
That as thy days, thy strength shall be. 

2 Let not thy heart despond and say, 
w How shall I stand the trying day i" 
He has engaged by firm decree, 
That as thy days thy strength shall be. 

3 Thy faith is weak, thy foes are strong, 
And tho' the conflict should be long, 
Thy Lord will make the tempter flee, 
For .as thy days, thy strength shall be. 

4 Should persecution rage and flame, 
Still trust in thy Redeemer's name ; 
In fiery trials thou shalt see, 

That as thy days thy strength shall be. 

5 When called to bear the weighty cross 
Of sore affliction, pain or loss ; 

Or deep distress, or poverty, 

StlU as thy days, thy strength shall ttfc. 


£ When ghastly death appears in view, 
Christ's presence shall thy fears subdue; 
He comes to set thy spirit free, 
And as thy days, thy strength shall be. 

HYMN 132. C. M. 

1 THOU only centre of my rest, 

Look down with pitying eye ; 
Wlule with protracted pain oppressed, 
I breathe the plaintive sigh. 

2 Thy gracious presence, O my God, 

My every wish contains ; 
With this beneath affliction's load, 
My heart no more complains. 

3 This can my every care control, 

Gild each dark scene with light; 
This is the sunshine of my soul, 
Without it, all is night. 

4 My Lord, my life, O cheer my heart, 

With thy reviving ray ; 
And bid these mournful shades depart, 
And bring the dawn of day. 

5 O happy scenes of pure delight ! 

Where thy full beams impart 
Unclouded beauty to the sight, 
And rapture to the heart. 

6 Her part in those fair realms of bliss* 

My spirit longs to know ♦ 


My wishes terminate in this, 
Nor can they rest below. 

7 Lord, shall the breathings of my heart 
Aspire in vain to thee i 
Confirm my hope, that where thou art 
I shall forever be. 

g Then shall my .cheerful spirit sing 
The darksome hours away ; 
And rise, on faith's expanded wing, 
To everlasting day. 


HYMN 133. C. M. 

1 TEACH me the measure of my days, 

Thou Maker of my frame ; 
I would survey life's narrow space, 
And learn how frail 1 am. 

2 A span is all that we can boast, 

An inch or two of time ; 
Man is but vanity and dust, 
In all his flower and prime. 

3 See the vain race of mortals move, 

Like shadows o'er the plain ; 
They rage and strive, desire and love, 
But all their noise is vain. 

4 Some wxdk in honor!s gaudy show, 

Some 1 dig for golden ore ; 

iey toil for heirs they know not who, 

And straight are seen no more. 


5 What should I wish or wait for then, 
From creatures, earth arid dust ? 
They make our expectations vain, 
And disappoint our trust. 

5 Now I forbid my carnal hope, 
My fond desires recal ; 
I give my mortal interest up, 
And make my God my all ! 


HYMN 134. L. M. 

1 'TWAS on that dark.that doleful night, 
When powers of earth and hell arose, 
Against the son of God's delight, 

And friends betrayed him to his foes. 

2 Before the mournful scene began, 

He took the bread and blest and brake, 
What love through all his actions ran ! 
What wondrous words of grace he spake! 

3 " This is my body, broke for sin, 
" Receive and eat the living food 
Then took the cup and blest the wine, 
* { 'Tis the new cov'nant in my blood." 

«i For us his flesh with nails was torn, 
He bore the scourge, he felt, the thorn, 
When for black crimes of largest size, 
lie gave himself a sacrifice. 


5 «« Do this," he cried, "till time shall end, 
" In memory of your dying" friend ; 
•'Meet at my table and record 

" The love of your departed Lord." 

6 Jesus, thy Feast we celebrate, 

We show thy death, we sing thy name, i 
Till thou return and we shall eat 
The marriage supper of the Lamb. 

HYMN 135. C. SI. 

1 How condescending and how kind 

"Was God's beloved Son ! 
Our miseries reached his heavenly mind, 
And pity brought him down. 

2 This was compassion like a God, 

That when the Saviour knew 
The price of rebels was his blood, 
His pity ne'er withdrew. 

3 Now, tho' he reigns exalted high, 

His love is still as great ; 
Well he remembers Calvary, 
Nor lets his saints forget, 

4 Here we behold his bowels roll, 

As kind as when he died ; 
And see the sorrows of his soul 
Ulecd through his wounded side. 

5 Here we receive repeated seals, 

Of Jesus' dying; loye ; 


Hard is the wretch that never feels, 
One soft affection move. 

6 Here let our hearts begin to melt, 
While we his death record ; 
And with our joys for pardoned guilt, 
Mourn that we pierced the Lord. 

HYMN 136. L. M. 

1 JESUS is gone above the skies, 
Where our weak senses reach him not, 
And carnal objects court our eyes, 
To thrust our saviour from our thought. 

3 He knows what wandering hearts we 
Apt to forget hi9 lovely face ; [have, 
And to refresh our minds he gave, 
These kind memorials of his grace. 

3 The Lord of life this table spread, 
With his own flesh and dying blood ; 
We on the rich provision feed, 

And drink the wine, and bless our God. 

4 Let sinful sweets be all forgot, 
And earth grow less in our esteem ; 
Christ and his love fill every thought, 
And faith and hope be fixed on him, 

5 While he is absent from our sight, 
'Tis to prepare our souls a place ; 
That we may dwell in heavenly light, 
And live forever near his face* 

F 3 


6 Our eyes look upward to the hills 
Whence our returning Lord shall come-, 
We wait thy chariots's awful wheels, 
To fetch our longing spirits home. 

HYMN 137. C. M. 

1 THE King of heaven his table spread?. 

And dainties crown the board ; 
Not paradise, with all its joys, 
Could sucS delight afford. 

2 Pardon and peace to dying men, 

And endless life are given; 
And the rich blood that Jesus shed, 
To raise our souls to heaven. 

3 Ye hungry poor, that long have straye^ 

In sin's dark mazes, come ; 
Come from the hedges anil highways, 
And grace will find you room. 

4 Millions of souls in glory now 

Were fed and feasted here ; 
And millions more still on the way, 
Around the board appear. 

5 Yet are his house, and heart so large, 

That millions more may come ; 
Nor could the * ild assembled world 
O'erfill the spacious room. 

C All things are ready, come away, 
Nor weak excuses frame ; 
Croud to your places at the feast, 
And bless the founder's name* 

von the lord's supper. 139 

HYMN 138. C. M. 
A Sacramental Hymn. 

1 JESUS ! O word divinely sweet ! 

How charmig is the sound ! 
"What joyful news ! what heavenly sense 
In that dear name is found ! 

2 Our souls, all guilty and condemn'd, 

In hopeless fetters lay ; 
Our souls with numerous sins depriv'd, 
I'o death and hell a prey. 

3 Je$us f io purge away this guilt, 

A willing victim fell, 
And on his cross triumphant broko 
The bands of death and hell. 

A< Our foes were mighty to destroy ; 
He mighty was to save ; 
He dy'd.but could not long hi held 
A prisoner in the grave. 

5 Jesus ! who mighty art to save, 

Still push thy conquests on ; 
Extend the triumphs of thy cros:, 
Where'er the sun has shone. 

6 captain of salvation ! make 

Thy power and mercy known ; 
Till crouds of willing converts como 
And worship at thy throne. 

140 Christ's sufferings. 

HYMN 139. C. M. 

1 ALAS ! and did my Saviour bleed, 

And did my sovereign die ! 
Would he devote that sacred head 
For such a worm as I ? 

2 Was it for crimes thatl had done, 

He groaned upon the tree ? 
Amazing pity ! grace unknown J 
And love beyond degree. 

3 Well might the sun in darkness hide, 

And shut his glories in ; 
When Chri6t the mighty Saviour died 
For man, the creature's sin. 

4 Thus might I hide my blushing face, 

While his dear cross appears ; 
Dissolve my heart in thankfulness, 
And melt mine eyes to tears, 

5 But drops of gjief can ne'er repay 

Vhe debt of love I owe ; 
Here, Lord, I give my self away, 
'Tis all that I can do ! 

HYMN 140. L. M. 

1 HE dies ! the Friend of Sinners dies 
Ijq ! Salem's daughters weep around 

Christ's sufferings. 144 

A solemn darkness veils the skies ! 

A sudden trembling shakes the ground ? 

2 Come, saints, and drop a tear or two, 
For him who groaned beneath your load; 
He shed a thousand drops for you, 

A thousand drops of richer blood. 

3 Here's love and grief beyond degree, 
The Lord of glory dies for men ; 
But O ! what sudden joysnve see, 
Jesus the dead revives again ! 

4 The rising Lord forsakes the tomb ! 
Up to his Father's court he flies; 
Cherubic legions guard him home, 
And shout him welcome to the skies. 

3 Break off your tears, ye saints, and tell 
How high your great Deliverer reigns ; 
Sing how he spoiled the host of hell, 
And led the monster, death, in chains. 

& Say " Live forever, wond'rous King, 
Born to redeem, and strong to «^ve" ! 
Then ask the monster 'where's thy sting : 
And wherc's thy victory, boasting grave? 

HYMN 141. C. M. 
1 TO our Redeemer's glorious name, 

may his love (immortal flame) 
Tune every heart and tongue. 


2 His love, what mortal thought can read i f 

What mortal tongue display ? 
imagination's utmost stretch 
In wonder dies away. 

3 He left his radiant throne on high, 

Left the bright realms of bliss ; 
And came to earth to bleed and die, 
Was ever love like this ? 

4 DearT.ord, while we adoring pay 

Our humble thanks to thee ; 
ZUay every heart with rapture say, 
" The Saviour died for me.'' 

5 O may the sweet, the blissful theme, 

Fill eveiy heart and tongue ; 
Till strangers love thy charming name* 
And join the sacred song. 


HYMN 142. L. M. 

1 »0\V, by the bowels of my God, 

His sharp distress, his sore complaints, 
By his heart-groans, his dying blood, 
i "charge my soul to love (lie saints. 

2 Clamor, and wrath, and war, begone ; 
Envy and spite, forever cease ; 

Let "bKtcr words no more be known : 
Ansoag the saints, be joy and peace. 


3 Thy Spirit, like a peaceful dove, 
Flies from the realms of noise and strife; 
Why should we vex and grieve his love, 
Who seals our souls to heav'nly Kfe ? 

4 render and kind be all our thoughts, 
Thro* all our lives let mercy run ; 

So God forgives our numerous faults.. 
In Jesus Christ his only Son. 

HYMN 143. L. M. 

1 S Olet our lips and lives express, 
The holy gospel we profess ; 

So let our works and virtues shine, 
To prove the doctrine all divine. 

2 Thus shall we best proclaim abroad 
The honours of our Saviour, (iocl, 
When the salvation reigns within. 
And grace subdues the power of sin. 

3 Our flesh and sense must be denied, 
Passion and envy, lust and pride ; 
Wiiile justice, temperance, truth and 
Our inward piety approve. [love 

4 Religion bears our spirits up, 
"While we expect that blessed hope, 
The bright appearance of the Lord, 
And faith stands leaning on his wore? 

HYMN 144. C. M. 

1 LET pharisees of high esteem, 
Their faith and zeal declare* 


All their religion is a dreary 
If love be wanting there. 

2 Love suffers long and patiently, 

Nor is provoked in haste ; 
She lets the present injury die, 
And long forgets the past. 

3 Malice and rage, those fires of hell, 

She quenches with her tongue ; 
Hopes and believes, and thinks no ill, 
Tho*" she endures the wrong. 

4 She ne'er desires, nor seeks to know, 

The scandals of the time ; 
Nor looks with pride on those below, 
Nor envies those that climb. 

5 Love is the grace that keeps her pow'r, 

In all the realms above ; [more, 
There faith and hope are known no- 
But saints forever love. 

HYMN 145. 7*$. 

1 JESUS, Lord, we look to thee, 
Let us in thy name agree ; 
Show thyself the Prince of peace, 
Bid our jars forever cease. 

2 By thy reconciling love, 
Every stumbling block remove. 
Each, to each, unite, endear, 
Come, and spread thy banner here. 


3 Make us of one heart and mind, 
Courteous, pitiful, and kind ; 
Lowly, meek, in thought and word, 
Altogether like our Lord* 

4 Let us each for other care, 
Each the other's burden bear ; 
To thy church the pattern give,, 
Show how true believers live. 

5 Free from anger and from pride, 
Let us thus in God abide ; 

AJ1 the depths of love express, 
All the heights of holiness. 

6 Let us then with joy remove, 
To thy family above ; 

On the wings of angels fly, 
Show how true believers "die. 

HYMN 146. C. M. 

1 JESUS, united by thy grace, 

And each to each endeared ; 
"With confidence we seek thy face, 
And know our prayer is heard. 

2 Still let us own our common Lord, 

And bear thine easy yoke ; 
A band of love, a three-fold cord, 
"Which never can be broke. 

3 Make us into one spirit drink, 

IJaptize into thy name, 


Arid let us always kindly think, 
And sweetly speak the same. 

4 Touched by the loadstpne of thy love* 

Let all our hearts agree ; 
And ever towards each other move, 
And ever move towards thee. 

5 To thee inseparably joined, 

Let all oup spirits cleave : 
O may we all the loving mind 
That was in thee, receive. 


HYMN 147. C. M. 

t "DEAR refuge of my weary soul, 
On thee, when sorrows rise, 
On thee, when waves of trouble roll, 
My fainting hope relies. 

I To thee I tell each rising grief, 
For thou alone canst heal, 
Thy word can bring a sweet relief 
For every pain I feel. 

3 Hast thou not bid me seek thy face ? 
And shall 1 seek in vain ? 
And can the ear of sovereign grace, 
Be deaf when I complain } 

4> No, still the car of sov'reign grace 
Attends the mourner's prayer ^ 


O'l may I ever find access. 
To breathe my sorrows there. 

3 Thy mercy-seat is open still, 
Mere let my soul retreat ; 
With humble hope attend thy will, 
And wait beneath thy feet. 

HYMN 148. L. M. 

1 CHILDREN of Cod, renounce your fear 
Lo ! Jesus for your help appears ; 
And loudly sneaks as he draws nigh, 
" Be not afraid, for it is I." 

2 When in the awful tempest tost, 

You feel your strength and courage lost* 
And mighty waves roll o'er your head, 
Your Lord is near, be not afraid. 

3 When mournful tidings from afar, 

Or nations raise tumultuous war, 
And wide their devastation spread, 
Yet he is near, be not afraid. 

4 The famine, pestilence, and sword. 
Are all obedient to his word; 

He, riding on the stormy sky, 
Says, " Fear ye not, for it is I." 

5 When earthly joys are from you torn, 
Or when with heart-felt grief you mourn. 
To see your dear relations dead, 

Yet Jesus lives, be not afraid. 


"When fierce disease attacks your framc> 
Your Saviour's love is still the same ; 
In death's dark shade you need not fear, 
Tor Jesus will be with you there. 

7 When stars are from their orbits hurl'd, 
And flarne consumes the guilty world, 
Even then your judge will smiling cry, 
* * Be not afraid, for it is I." 


HYMN 149. L. M. 

1 PILGRIMS, with pleasure let us part*, 
Since we are of one mind and heart, 
No length of days, no distant place 
Can ever break these bands or grace. 

2 Parting with joy, we'll join and sing', 
*f he wonders of our bleeding King ; 
Our distant bodies may remove, 
But nothing can divide our love. 

3 In vain may earth and hell combine, 
To cniench that love which is divine ; 
It will not cease with dying breath, 
Nor cool when we are cold in deaths 

4 Now joined in love, in Jesus' name, 
Let's part and fly to spread his fame, 
That other souls may leave their wo, 
And join with us in glory too. 

5 A few more rolling days and years 
Shall bring a period to our tears f 


Soon shall we reach the blissful shore, 
"Where parting shall be known no more. 

6 There shall onr souls adore the hand 
That led us thro' this desert la* d ; 
Lose all our griefs, forget our pain?, 
And join in everlasting strains. 

HYMN 150. S. M. 

1 BLEST be the tie that binds 

Our hear.s in Chvlsiian love ; 
The fellowship of Christian mind* 
Is like to that above. 

2 Before our Father's throne 

We pour our ardent prayers ; 
Our fears, our hopes, our aims arc one. 
Our comforts and our cares. 

3 We share our mutual woes, 

Our mutual burdens bear ; 
And often tor each other 
The sympathetic tear. 

4r "When we asunder part, 
It gives us inward pain ; 
But we shall still be joined in hc>r^ 
And hope to meet again. 

5 This glorious hope revives 
Our courage by the way; 
While each in expectation lives, 
And longs to. see the day— 

8 Prom sorrow, toil, and pain, 
And sin, we shall be free ; 

f50 FARTIKO 0» 

And perfect lore and friendship reign. 
Thro* all eternity. 

HYMN 151. 

1 FAREWELL loving Christians, the time 
is kt hand, 
When we mutt be parted from this so* 
cial hand; 

Our secular concernments do call us 
away ; 

Separation is needful, and we must obey. 

3 Farewell, loving brethren, farewell for 
a while, 

We'll soon meet again if kind provi- 
dence smile { 

And when we are parted^and scattered 

We'll pray for each other, when wrest- 
ling with God. 

3 Farewell, ye old soldiers, ye'U soon* 
be discllarg-ed, 

The war's almost over, the crown is en- 

With singing and- shouting though Jor- 
dan may roar. 

Well enter fair Canaan, where trials 
are o'er. 

A Farewell, ye young soldiers, who have 
listed for war, 
Sore conflicts' await yo«J, feut yield. *o», 
to fear? 


Although you must travel this dark wil- 

Your Captain's before you, he'll lead 
you to rest. 

5 The world and the devil against you 

And bold persecutors may try to affright; 
But Jesus fights for you, he's stronger 

than they, 
Let this animate you to march on your 


6 Farewell, weeping mourners, ye bro- 

ken in heart, 
Go, go to the Saviour, and choose the 

good part ; 
He's full of compassion, and mighty to 


His arms are extended your souls to 

7 Farewell, careless sinners, f«r you J <fc> 


To think of your danger, and great un- 
concern ; 

I have heard of the j\*dgment, where q&. 

must appear, 
There, there you'll stand trembling witl|< 

tormenting fear. 

& Your frolics and pastimes, m whichjroifr 

"Will serve to torment you in (hit j&ead 



You'll think of the sermons that you*vc 

heard in vain, 
When hope's gone forever of hearing 

9 Farewell, fellow travellers, farewell all 

Should we never meet till the archan- 
gel sound, 
To meet you in glory I give you my hand, 
The Saviour to praise in a pure social 

*0 O glory, O glory, O glory to the Lamb, 
Salvation thro' Jesus, O wonderful theme! 
I long to be going to praise him above, 
To gaze on his glory and sing of his love. 

HYMN 152. C. M. 

1 BLEST be the dear uniting love, 

1 hat will not lit us part ; 
Our bodies may far off remove, 
Wc still are one in heart. 

2 Joined in one spirit to our Head, 

Where he appoints we go ; 
And still in Jesus' footsteps tread, 
And show hi* praise below. 

3 O may wc ever walk in him, 

And nothing know beside ; 
Nothing desire, notlnng esteem, 
liut J«us crucifie'd. 



4 Closer and closer let us cleavq, 

To his beloved embrace ; 
Expect his fulness to receive, 
And grace to answer grace. 

5 Partakers of the Saviour's grace, 

The same in mind and heart ; 
Nor joy, nor grief, nor time, nor place, 
Nor life, nor death, can part. 

6 But let us hasten to that day, 

Which shall our flesh restore ; 
When death shall all be done away, 
And bodies part no more. 

HYMN 153. C. M. 

1 LORD, when together here we meet* 

And taste thy heavenly grace, 
Thy smiles are so divinely sweet, 
"We're loth to leave the place* 

2 Yet, Father, since it is thy will 

That we must part- again, 
O let thy precious presence still 
With every one remain. 

3 Thus, let us all in Christ be one, 

Bound with the cords of love* 
Till we around thy glorious throne* 
Shall joyous meet above. 

4 Where sin and sorrow from each heart 

fihail'therj forever fly, 
G 9 


And not one thought, that we shall paHj 
Once ii^ercept our joy. 

HYMN 154. C M. 

1 JESUS the Lord, the glory take, 

The glory of thy grace ; 
Thy gifts to thee we render back 
In songs of -thankful praise. 

2 Thro* thee, we have together met, 

In singleness of heart ; 
We. met, O Jesus, in thy name, 
And in thy name we part. 

3 We part in body, not in mind, 

Our aim continues one, 
And heart to heart in Jesus joined 
We'll hand in hand go on. 

4 Keep us, and every seeking soul, 

Still in thy pleasant ways, 
Till all attain the heavenly goal, 
And sing thy endless praise. 

5 Around thy throne we'll meet again, 

When all our race is o'er ; 
When death and grief, and sin and pain^ 
And parting are no more. 

6 Him, eye to eye, we there shall see, 

Our face like his shall shine ; 
O, what a glorious company, 
When saints and angels join I 



7 O, what a joyful meeting there, 

In robes of white arrayed, 
Palms in our hands in triumph beaf, 
And crowns upon our head ! 

8 In such society as this. 

My wearvsoul shall rest; 
The' man who dwells where Jesus is, 
Must>be forever blest. 


HYMN 155. C. M. 

1 THAT awful day will surely come, 

Th' appointed hour make.-* haste, 
When I must stand before my judge, 
And pass the solemn test. 

2 Thou lovely Chief of all my joys, 

Thou sov'reign of my heart. 
How could I bear to hear thy voice. 
Pronounce the sound ''depart." 

3 The thunder of that dismal word 

Would so torment my ear, 
'1 would tear my soul, asunder, Lord, 
With most tormenting fear. 

i What, to be banished from my life 
And yet forbid to die f ' 
To linger in eternal pain, 
Yet death iforevcr fly i 



3 O wretched state of deep despair 
To see my God remove ; 
And fix my doleful station where 
I must not taste his love. 

6 Jesus, I throw my arms around 

And hang upon thy btfcast ; 
Without a gracious smile from thce> 
My spirit cannot rest. 

7 Oh ! tell me that my worthless name 

Is graven on thy hands, 
Show me some promise in thy bookj 
Where my salvation stands. 

8 Give me one kind assuring word. 

To sink my fears again ; 
And cheerfully my soul shall wait* 
Her three score years and ten. 

HYMN 156. C. M. 

1 THE Lord, the Judge, before his throne) 

Bids the whole earth draw nigh j 
The nations near the rising sun, 
And near the western sky. 

2 No more shall bold blasphemers say, 

" Judgment will ne'er begin >" 
No more abuse his long delay, 
To impudence and sin. 

3 Throned on a cloud, our God shall Cofllfc 

Bright flames prepare bis way - t 



Thunder and darkness, fire and storm, 
Lead on the dreadi\il day. 

1 Heaven from above his call shall hear, 
Attending angels come, 
And earth and hell shall know and fear 
His justice and their doom. 

5 " But gather all my saints," he cries, 
"That made their peace with God> 
"By the Redeemer's sacrifice, 
" And sealed it with his blood. 

5 " Their faith and works brought forth 
to light, 
" Shall make the world confess, 
"My sentence of reward is right. 
•' And heaven adore my grace. 

HYMN 157. S. M. 

t AND will the Judge descend ? 
And must the dead arise ? 
And not a single soul escape 
His all discerning eyes ? 

\ And from his righteous lips 

Shall this dread sentence sound ; 
And thro* the numerous guilty thf ong. 
Spread black despair around i 

I " Depart from me, accurs'd, 
" To everlasting flame, 



"For rehel angels first prcparM, 
M Where mercy never came." 

4 Hotrwill my heart endure 

The terror* of that davi 
When earth und heaven before Ms face, 
Astonish'd shrink away ? 

5 But ere that trumpet shakes 

The mansions of the dead ; 
Hark.from the gospel** cheering sound, 
What joyful tidings spread ! 

6 Ye sinners, seek his grace, 

Whose wrath ye ennnot bear; 
Fly to the shelter of his cross, 
And find salvation there. 

7 So shall that curse remove, 

By which the Saviour bled \ 
And the last awful day shall pour 
His blessing's orvyour head. 

HYMN 158. C. M. 

1 MY thought* on awful subjects roll, 

Damnation and -the dead ; 
What horrors seize the guilty soul 
Upon a dying bed. 

2 Lingering about these mortal shores, 

She makes a long delay j 

rUNXHAL. 159 

'Till, -like a. flood, with rapid force, 
Destlv sweeps, the wretch away. 

3 Then swift and dreadful the descend*, 

Down to the fiery coast j 
Among abominable fiends, 
Herself a frightful ghost. 

4 There hopeless crouds of sinners lie, 

And darkness makes their chains i 
Tortured witli keen despair, they cry, 
Yet wait for fiercer pains. 

5 Not all their anguish, nor their pain/ 

For their old guilt atones t 
Nor the compassion of a God 
Shall hearken to their groans. 

S Amazing grace, that kept my breath r 
Nor bidmy soul remove, 
'Till I had learned my Saviour's death, 
And so insured his. love. 

HYMN 159. C. M. 

1. MY thoughts, that often mount the tkiesj 
Go, search the world beneath, 
Where nature all in ruin lies, 
And owns her sovereign, death. 

3 The tyrant, how he Iriumphs here, 
His trophies spread around ! 
And henps of dust and bones appear, 
Thro r oil the hollow ground 



5 These skulls, what ghastly figures now ! 
How loathsome to the eyes ! 
These are the heads we lately knew. 
So beauteous and so wise. 

4 But where the souls, those deathless 

That left their dying clay ? [things, 
My thoughts, now stretch out all yoUr 
And trace eternity ! [wings, 

5 O that unfathomable sea ! 

Those deeps without a shore ! 
Where living waters gently play, 
Or fiery billows roar. 

6 There we shall swim in heavenly bliss> 

Or sink in flaming waves, 
While the pa\e carcase breathless lies 
Among the silent-graves. 

7 ** Prepare us, Lord, for thy right hand, 

" Then come the joyful day, 
** Come, death, and some celestial band, 
" To bear our souls away.'* 

HYMN 160. C. M. 

1 WHY do we mourn departing friends> 

Or shake at death's alarms ? 
'Tis but the voice that Jesus sends, 
To call them to his arms. 

2 Are we not tending upwards too) 
A.s £tst ws time can move ? 



Nor should we wish the hours more 
To keep us from our love. [slow, 

3 Why should we tremble to convey 

Their bodies to the tomb ? 
There the dear flesh of Jesus lay, 
And left a long perfume. 

4 The graves of all the saints he blest, 

And softened every bed, 
"Where should the dying members rest, 
But with the dying Head ? 

5 Thence he arose, ascended high, 

And showed bur feet th6 way ; 
Up to the Lord our flesh shall fly, 
At the great rising day. 

6 Then let the last loud trumpet sound, 

And bid our^kindred rise ; 
" Awake, ye nations under ground, 
Ye saints ascend the skies." 

HYMN 161. C. M. 

1 DEATH, 'tis a melancholy day, 

To those that have no God ; 
"When the poor soul is forced away. 
To seek her last abode. 

2 In yain to heaven she lifts her eyes, 

For guilt, a heavy chain, 
Still drags her downward from the skica, 
To darkness, fire and pain, 
o 3 


3 Awake and moum,ye heirs of hell, 

Let stubborn sinners fear ; 
You must be driven from earth, 8; dwoH- 
A long- forever there. 

4 See how the pit gapes wide for you, 

And flashes in your face ; 
And thou, my soul, look downward too, 
And sing recov'ring grace. 

j He is a God of sovereign love, 
That promised heaven to nie ; 
And taught my soul to soar above, 
Where happy spirits be. 

Prepare me, Lord for thy right hand, 

Then come the joyful day, 
Come death, and some celestial band, 
And bear my soul away. 

HYMN 162. C. M. 

1 VVHLIN blooming youth is snatch'd 

By death's resistless hand, [away 
Our hearts the mournful tribute pay, 
Which pity must demand. 

2 While, pity prompts the rising sigh, 

O may this truth, imprest 
With awful power — I too must die- 
Sink deep in every breast. 

3 Let this vain world engage no more ; 

ischold the gaping tomb ! 



It bids us seize the present hour, 
To-morrow death may come. 

4 The voice of this alarming scene 

May every heart obey ; 
Nor be the heavenly warning vain, 
Which calls to watch and pray. 

5 O let us fly, to Jesus fly, 

Whose powerful arm can save ; 
Then shall our hopes ascend on high, 
And triumph o'er the grave. 

6 Great God, thy sovereign grace impart, 

With cleansing, healing power; 
This only can prepare the heart 
For Heath's surprising hour. ' 

HYMN 163. C. M. 

1 THEE we adore, Eternal name, 

And humbly own to thee, 
How feeble is our mortal frame, 
What dying worms are we. 

2 Our wasting lives grow shorter still,. 

As months and (lays increase ; 
And to very beating pulse we tell, 
Leaves but the number less. 

3 Dangers stand thick thro all the ground, 

To push us to the tomb ; 
And fierce diseases wait around, 
To hurry mortals home. 



4 The year rolls round, and steals away 

The breath that first it gave ; 
"What e'er we do, where e er we be, 
We're travelling to the grave. 

5 Good God ! on what a slender thread 

Hang everlasting things ! 
Tlx' eternal states of all the dead, 
Upon life's feeble strings. 

6 Infinite joys, or endless wo, 

Attends on every breath ; 
And yet, how unconcerned we go, 
Upon the brink of death ! 

? Waken, O Lord, our drowsy sense, 
To walk this dangerous road ; 
And if our squls be hurried hence, 
May they be found with God. 

HYMN 164. L.M. 

The death of the Sinner and the Saint. 

i WHAT scenes of horror and of dread, 
Await the sinner's dying bed ! 
Heath's terrors all appear in sight, 
Presages of eternal night. 

$J l*»s sins in dreadful order rise, 
And fill his soul with sad surprise ; 
Mount-. View's thunder stuns his ear^ 
And not one ray of hope appears. 



3 Tormenting pangs distract his breast, 
Where'er he turns he finds no rest - r 
Death strikes the blow, he groans and 
And, in despair and horror, dies, [cries, 

4 Not so the heir of heavenly bliss ; 
His soul is fill'd with conscious peace ; 
A steady faith subdues his fear; 

He sees the happy Canaan near. 

a His mind is tranquil and serene, 
No terrors in his looks are seen ; 
His Saviour's smile dispels the gloom, 
And smooths lus passage to the tomb. 

6 Lord, make my faith and love sincere, 
My judgment sound,my conscience clear; 
And when the toils of life are past, 
May 1 be found in peace at last. 

HYMN 165. C. M. 

1 HEAVEN lias confirmed the great dc- 

That Adam's race must die; [crec, 
One general ruin sweeps them down, 
And low in dust they lie. 

2 Ye Ihing men, the tomb survey, 

Where you must quickly dwell ; 
Hark ! how the awful summons sounds, 
In every funeral knell ! 

3 Once you must die, and once for all 
The solemn purport weigh ; 



For know, that heaven or hell attend 
On that important day. 

4 Those eyes, so Jong in darkness vcil'd, 

Must wake, the judge to see, 
And every word and every thought 
Must puss his scrutiny. 

5 O may I in the Judge behold 

My Saviour and my friend, 
Ar.d, far beyond the reach of death, 
With all his saints ascend. 

HYMN 166. C. M. 

1 STOOP down, my thoughts, that used 
to rise, 

Converse a while with death : 
Think how a gasping mortal lies, 
And pants away his breath. 

3 His quivering lips hang feebly down, 
His pulses faint and few ; 
Then speechless, with a doleful groan, 
He bids the world adieu. 

3 But O, the soul that never dies ! 
At once it leaves the clay ; 
Ye thoughts pursue it where it flies, 
And track its wond'rous way. 

4, Up to the courts where angels dwell, 
It mounts triumphant there ; 
Or devils plunge it down to hell, 
In infinite despair. 


5 And must my body faint and die? 

And must "this soul remove ? 
for some guardian angel nigh, 
To bear it safe above. 

6 Jesus, to thy dear faithful hand 

My naked soul I trust ; 
And my flesh waits for thy command, 
To drop into the dust. 

HYMN 167. L. M. 

1 WHY should we start and fear to die ? 
What timorous worms we mortals areJ 
Death is the gate of endless joy, 

And yet we dread to enter there. 

2 The pains, the groans, and dying strife, 
Fright our approaching souls away; 
Still we shrink back again to life, 
Fond of our prison and our clay. 

3 0, if my Lord would come and meet, 
My soul would stretch her wings in haste, 
Fly fearless thro' death's iron gate, 
Nor feci the tenor as she passed. 

4 Jesus can a dying bed 
Feel soft :is downy pillows are, 
While on his breast I lean my head, 
And breathe my life out sweetly there. 



HYMN 168. L. M. 

1 OFT as the bell with solemn toll, 
Speaks the departure of a soul, 
Let each one ask himself, " Am I 
Prepared, should I be called, to die i* 

2 Only this frail, this fleeting breath, 
Preserves me from the jaws of death j 
Soon as it fails, at once I'm gone, 
And plunged into a world unknown. 

3 Then leaving all I loved below, 
To God's tribunal I must go ; 

Must hear the judge pronounce my fate, 
And fix my everlasting state. 

4 Rut could I bear to hear him say, 
•* Depart, accursed, far away ; 

" With Satan, in the lowest hell, 

«« Thou art forever doomed to dwell." 

5 Lord Jesus ! help me now to flee, 
And seek my hope alone in thee ; 
Apply thy blood, thy Spirit give, 
Subdue my sin, and let me live. 

C) Then, when the solemn bell I hear, 
If saved from sin, I need not fear; 
Nor would the thought distressing be — 
" Perhaps it next may toll for m^." 


HYMN 169. C. M. 

1 HAUK ! from the tombs a doleful sound, 

My ears attend the cry; 
" Ye living men come view the ground, 
Where .you must shortly lie. 

2 Princes, this clay must be your bed, 

In spite of all your towers; 
The tall, the wise, the reverend head 
Must lie as low aa ours.** 

3 Great God ! is this our certain doom. 

And are we still secure ? 
Still walking downwards to the tomb, 
And yet prepare no more \ 

4 Grant us the power of quickenin^gractv 

To fit bur souls-Co fly ; 
Then, when we drop this dying flesh) 
Wc*U rise above the sky. 

HYMN 170. C. M. 

1 LORD, f ti3 an infinite delight 

To see thy lovely face, 
To dwell whold ag«s in thy sight, 
And feci thy vital rays. 

2 This Gabriel knows, and sings thy naiafy 

Wiiii rapture on his tongue ; 
•V',jf* the saint enjoys the same, 
And heaven repeats the song, 



3 While thd bright nation sounds tfiy 

From each eternal hill, [praise 
Sweet odours of exhaling grace 
The happy region fill. 

4 Thy love a sea without a shore, 

Spreads life and joy abroad ; 
O 'tis a heaven worth dying for, 
To see a smiling God J 

5 Sweet was the journey to the sky, 

The wond'rous prophet try'd ; 
<* Climb up the mount," says God, " and 
The prophet clim'd and died, [die;' 1 

6 Softly his fainting head he lay 

Upon his Maker's breast ; 
His Maker kiss'd his soul away, 
And laid his flesh to rest. 

7 Shew me thy face and I'll away 

From all inferior things ; 
ispeak, Lord, and here I quit my clay, 
And stretch my airy wings. 


HYMN 171. C. M. 

2 WELL met,dear friends, in Jesus' name* 
Come let us all rejoice.; 
While we our Saviour's pr. jse proclaim* 
With cheerful heart and voice. 



2 But, O dear Jesus, Lamb of God, 

Send down the heavenly Dove, 
His graces to diffuse abroad, 
And warm our hearts with love. 

3 In vain, dear Saviour, here we meet, 

Unless thy face we see ; 
Thy presence makes life's journey sweet, 
Dear Lord, we cleave to thee. 

4 A dungeon shows a heavenly dawn, 

"When there with thee we dwell ; 
But if thy presence be withdrawn, 
A palace is a hell. 

5 Then, O dear Jesus, condescend 

To meet us with a smile ; 
Thy Spirit's quickening" influence send, 
Ami cleanse our hearts from guile : 

C That at the close, each one may say — 
41 We've not met here in vain, 
** For wc have tasted heaven to-day, 
u Nor could we more contain." 

HYMN 172. L. M. 

1 AWAY from every mortal care, 
A»*y from earth, our souls retreat, 
Aod leave this worthless world afar, 
AaJ nail lad worship near Jhy feet. 

3 IxmL \n the temple of thyjrrace,. 
We »cc thy feet, and we adore ; 



We gaze upon thy lovely face, 
And learn the wonders of thy power. 

While here our various wants we mourn, 
United groans ascend on high ; 

And prayer bears a quick return 
Of blessings in variety. 

4 Father, my soul would still abide 
Within thy temple, near thy side ; 
But if my feet must hence depart, 
Still keep thy dwelling in my heart 

HYMN 173. L. M. 

1 CONFIRM the hope thy word allows, 
Behold us waiting to be fed ; 

Illess the* provisions of thy house, 
And satisfy thy poor with bread. 

2 Drawn by thy invitation, Lord, 
Thirsty and hungry, we are coinc , 
Jiow from the fulness of thy word, 
Feast us and send us thankful home. 

HYMN 174. C. M. 

1 NOW, L.ord,inspire the preachers heart 
And teach his tonge to speak ; 
Pood to the hungry soul impart ; 
And cordials to the weak* 



5 F\irnish us all with light and power 
To walk in wisdom's ways ; 
Bo shall the benefit be ours, 
And thou shall have the praise. 

HYMN 17 5. C. M. 

h THY promise, Lord, and thy com 
Have brought us here to day ; 
And now wc humbly waiting stand. 
To hear what thou wilt say. 

2 Meet us wc pray, "with words of peace, 
And fill our hearts with love ; 
That from our follies we may cease, 
And henceforth faithful prove. 

HYMN 176. S. M. 

1 HUNGRY, and faint and poor, 

Heboid us, Lord again 
Assembled at thy mercy's door, 
Thy bounty to obtain. 

2 Thy word invites us nigh, 

Or we must starve indeed ; 
1'or \vt no money have to buy 
No plead. 

. he food our spirits want, 

Thy bund alone can give ; 
O hear the prayer of faith, and grant 
That we jnuy cat and live. 


HYMN 177. L. M. 

1 REMEMBER us, we pray thee, Lord, 
With those who love thy gracious name, 
And to our souls that good afford, 
Thy promise has prepared for them. 

S To us thy great salvation show, 
Give us a taste of love divine ; 
That we thy people's joy may know, 
And in their holy triumph join. 


HYMN 178. L. M. 

1 WHERE two or three, with sweet ac* 


Obedient to their sovereign Lord, 
Meet to recount his acts of grace, 
And offer solemn prayer and praise : 

2 "There," says the Saviour, u, 
" Amid thi'i little company ; 

" To them unveil my smiling face, 

" And shed my glories round the place." 

3 We meet at thy command, dear Lord, 
Relying, on thy faithful word ; 

Now send thy Spirit from above, 
Now fill our hearts with heavenly love. 



HYMN 179. L. M. 

1 DISMISS us with thy blessing, Lord, 
Help us. to feed upon thy word ; 

All that has been amiss, forgive, 
And let thy truth within us live. 

2 Tho* men are guilty, thou art good, 
Wash all our souls in Jesus' blood ; 
Give every fettered soul release, 
And bid us all depart in peace. 

HYMN 180. S. M. 

1 AXD must this body die, 

This well-wrought frame decay * 
And must these active limbs of mine 
Lie mouldering in the clay ? 

2 Corruption, earth, and worms, 

Shall but refine this flesh ; 
Till my triumphant spirit comes, 
To put it on afresh. 

3 God, my Redeemer, live*, 

And ever from the skies 
Looks down and watches all my d\l6L 
Till he »ha!l bid it rise. 

4 Arrayed in glorious grace, 

SLaII these vile bodies shine. 


And every shape, and every facej 
Be heavenly and divine. 

5 These lively hopes we owe, 

Lord, to thy dying love ; 
O may we bless thy grace beloW, 
And sing thy grace above. 

6 Saviour accept the praise, 

Of these, our humble songs ; 
Till tunes of nobler sounds we raise, 
"With our immortal tongues. 


HYMN 181. C. M. 

1 LET Zion's watchmen cry aloud» 
And take the alarm tkey give ; 
Now let them, from the mouth of God, 
Their awful charge receive. 

1 'Tis not a cause of small import, 
The pastor's care demands ; 
But what might fill an angel's thought, 
And' filled a Saviour's hands. 

3 They watch for souls for whom the Lord 
Did heavenly bliss forego ; 
Tor souls who must forever live 
In happiness or wo. 

-I All to the great tribunal haste, 
Account to render there ; 


And should'st thou strictly mark our 
Lord, how should we appear, [faults, 

5 May all the watchmen,when they preach 
Their own Redeemer see ; 
And watch thou daily o'er their souls. 
That they may watch for thee. 


HYMN 182. L. M. 

1 FAIR Zion's King 1 , wchumbly own, 
And hail the grace thy church enjoys; 
Her holy deacons are thine own, 
With all the gifts thy love employs. 

Z Up to thy throne we lift our eyes, 
for blessings to attend our choice ; 
() make them faithful, good and wis& 
Obedient to thy heavenly voice. 

3 Happy in Jesus, their own Lord, 
May they his sacred table spread ; 
The table of their pastor fill, 

And f.U'thc holy poor with bread, 

4 When, pastor, saints and poor, they 

bctvc, [crowned, 
May their own hearts v.ith grace be 
V.'hUe patience, sympathy and love 
Adorn, and thro' their lives abound- 
H 2 


5 By purest love to Christ and truth, 
G may they win a good degree 

Of boldness in the Christian faith 
And meet the smile of thine and thee* 

6 And when they finish serving here, 
May they with us in heavon appear; 
And sit around their Father's board, 
And feast forever with the Lord. 


HYMN 183. L. M. 

X O THOU, before whose gracious throne 
We bow our suppliant spirits down, 
View the sad breast, the streaming eye, 
And let our sorrows pierce the sky. 

2 Tho' we have sinned, and justly dread 
The vengeance hovering o'er our head, 
Yet, power benign, thy servant spare, 
Nor turn away thy people's prayer. 

3 Restore him, sinking to the grave. 
Stretch out thine arm, make haste to 

save ; 

Back to our hopes and wishes give, 
And bid our friend and brother live, 

4 Bound to each soul by strongest tiCSi 
la every breast his image lies. 



Thjr pitying aid, O God, impart, 

Not rend bxm from each bleeding heart. 

5 But if he must no longer stay, 
Support him thro' the gloomy way ; 
Comfort his soul, surround his bed, 
And guide him thro' the dreary shade. 

G Around him may thy angels wait, 
Decked with their robes of heavenly 

To teach his "happy soul to rise, 
And waft him to his native skies, 


HYMN 184. S. M. 

1 BEHOLD the morning sun 
Begins his glorious way; 
His beams thro* all the nations run, 
And light and life convey. 

But when the gospel comes. 
It spreads diviner light; 
It calls dead sinners from their tombB> 
And gives the blind their sight. 

3 How perfect is thy word, 

Anu all thy judgments just ; 
Xorcvcr sure thy promise, Lord* 
And men securely trust. 


4 My firacious God, how plaiu 

Are tliy directions given ; 
Qmay I never read in vain, 
Uut find the path to hcavci), 

HYMN 185. S. M. 

i SEE how the mounting sun 
Pursues Ins shining 1 w:iy ; 
And »vule proclaims his SI iker'a praij*, 
With every brightening ray. 

3 Thus would my rising soul 
Its heavenly parent sing ; 
And to its great Original 
The humble tribute bring. 

3 Serene I laid me down, 

Beneath his guardian care; 
I slept, and I awoke and found 
My kind Preserver near. 

•1 Thus docs thine arm support 
This weak defenceless frame ; 
tii.t :hc»?ce thesff ;ors, Lord, to me. 
All worthless us'I am ? 

5 My life I would anew, 

Devote, O Lord, to thee ; 
And in thy service I would spend 
A lon£ eternity. 



HYMN 186. C, M. 

1 ONCE more, my soul, the rising" day 

Salutes ihy waking- eyes ; 
Once more, my voice thy tribute pay, 
To him that rolls the skies. 

2 Night ""to night his name repeats, 

The day renews, the sound ; 
Vide as the heaven on which he sits. 
To turn the seasons round. 

3 : Tis he supports my moi-tal frame, 

My tongue shall speak his praise ; 
My sins would rouse his wrath to flame, 
And yet his wrath delays. 

4- How many wretched souls have fled, 
Since the lust setting sun ; 
And yet thou lengthenest out my thread 
And yet my moments run. 

S Dear Ood, let all my hours be thine, 
While I enjoy the light ; 
Then shrill my sun in smiles decline, 
And brings a pleasant night. 

HYMN 187. C. M. 

J NOSANNA with a cheerful sound, 
To Cod's upholding' hand ; 
Ten thousand snares attend us roullsj, 
And yet secure wc stand. 


2 That was a most amazing power. 
That raised us with a word ; 
And every day, and every hour, 
Wo Jean upon the Lord. 

S The evening rests our weary head, 
And anjjels guard the room, 
We wake, and we admire the bed, 
That was not made our tomb. 

4 The rising morning can't assure 

That we shall end the day ; 
For death stands ready at the door, 
To seize our lives away. 

5 Our breath is forfeited by sin, 

To God's avenging law ; 
We own thy grace, immortal Kingj 
In every gasp we draw. 

6 God is our sun, whose daily light, 

Our joy and safety brings ; 
Our feeble flesh lies safe, at night, 
.Beneath his shady wings. 

HYMN 188. L. M. 

1 GOD of the morning, at whose voice 
The cheerful sun makes haste to rise, 
And like a giant, doth rejoice, 

To run his journey thro' the skies. 

2 From the fair chambers of the easti 
The circuit o£ his race begins^ 

JtfOaNlNG HYMNS. 183 

And without wearines- or rest> 

Round the whole earth he flies St shines. 

3 O like the sun, may I fulfil 

Th' appointed duties of the' day ; 
With ready mindand active will, 
March on and keep my heavenly way. 

4 But I shall rove and lose the race, 
If God, my sun, should disappear, 

And leave roe in this world's wide maze, 
To follow every wandering star. 

5 Lord, thy commands are clean and pure. 
Enlightening our beclouded eyes ; 
Thy threat' nine's just, thy promise sure* 
Thy gospel makes the simple wise. 

6 Give me thy counsel for my guide, 
And then receive me to thy bliss ; 
All my desires and hopes beside, 

Arc faint and cold, compared with this* 

HYMN 189. L. M. 

* G ?^» now endless is thy lovo ! 
Thy gilts are every evening new; 
And morning mercies, from above, 
Gently di»tii like early dew. 

i Thou spread'stthe curtains of the night, 
G reat guardian of my sleeping hours, 
Thy aov'rcign word restores the light, 
A*4 quickens aJl ro y drowsy powers. 


3 I yield my powers to thy command, 
To thee I consecrate my days ; 
Perpetual blessings from thy hand, 
Demand perpetual songs of praise. 

HYMN 190. C. M. 

1 LORD, in the morning I will send 

My cries to reach thy ear ; 
Thou art my father and my friend, 
My help, forever near. 

2 O lead me, keep me, all this day, 

Near thee, in perfect peace ; 
Help me to watch, to watch and pray, 
To pray and never cease. 

o T know my roving feet will err, 
Unless thou be my guide ; 
Wfyn me of every foe and snarQj 
And 1 keep me near thy side. 

4 Then shall I pass all dangers safe, 

And tread the tempter'down ; 
My trust, my hope, joy and relief, 
Shall be in thee alone. 

5 TftieiUet my moments smoothly rurt, 

And sing my hours away ; 
Till evening shades and setting suns 
Conclude in endless day. 

HYMN 191. C. M. 

1 AWAKE, my soul, to meet the day, 
Unfold thy drowsy eyes ; 



And burst the pond'rous chain that loads 
Tliinc active faculties. 

2 Cod's guardian shield was round mc 

In my defenceless sleep ; [spread, 
Let him have all my waking 1 hours, 
"Who doth my slumbers keep. 

3 I for this hour must give account, 

Before God's awful throne ; 
Let not this hour neglected pass, 
As thousands more have done. 

4 Pardon, O God, my former sloth. 

And arm my soul with grace; 
As rising now, I seal my vows, 
To prosecute thy ways. 

HYMN 192. C M. 

1 TO thee, let my first offerings rise, 

Whose sun creates the day, 
Swift as his gladdening influence flies*, 
And spotless as his ray. 

2 This day thy fevoring hand be nigh ! 

So oft vouchsafed before ! 
Still may it lead, protect, supply* 
And 1 that hand adore ! 

3 Be this, and every future day 

StDl wiser than the past ! 
And wne? I all my life survey, 
Way grace sustain at last. 
» 3 



HYMN 193. C. M. 

1 DTIEAD sov'reigtf, let my evening song 

Like holy incense rise-; 
Assist the offering of my tongue; 
To reach the lofty skies. 

2 Thro' all the dangers of the day, 

Thy hand was still my guard ; 
And still; to drive my wants-away 
Thy mercy stood prepared. 

3 Perpetual blrssings from -above 

Encompassed me around ; 
But O how few returns of love 
Hath my Creator found! 

4 What have I done for him tha! died 

T» save- my wretched soul ; 
How are my follies multiplied, 
Fast as my moments roll. 

5 Lord, with this guilty soul of mine, 

To thy dear cross I flee ; 
And to thy grace my soul resign, 
Tb'bcrenewed by thee. 

HYMN 194. S. M. 

X THE day is past, is past and gone, 
The evening shAdes appear, 
O .tnay.'w.c all rem'ember wcl^ 
The night of death is ncw\ 

2 We lay *pur garments by, 

Upon our beds, 
So death will soon unrobe us all, 
Of what .we now possess. 

3 Lord,- keep, ua-safe this night; 

Secure from » all our fears ; 
Beneath the pinions of thy love, 
Till monung lightiappears. 

4 And when we early rise, 

And view^the shining, sun, _ 
May we set out to win the prize, 
And after glory run. 

5 And when our days are <past, 

And we front-time. remove, 
O may wc in>thy bosom rest, 
The bosom of thy Jove. 

HYMN 195. L M> 

1 GLORY to thee, my God, thisrnigbi> 
For all the blessings the. lijjicU 
Keep me, O keep me, King pflcings 
Beneath the-shadow.of -thy wings. 

2 Forgive me, Lord, -iiv thy dear Son, 
The ills that l this day >have done; 

'1 hat with the world, myself and th.eC.. 
I, -ere; I sleep', '-at peaee may be, 

3 Teach me ,ta live, that d may draotl 
The grave ; «**little'«8 iny bed-, 


Teach mc to die, that so I may 
Rise glorious at the awful day. 

6 O let my soul in thee repose, 

^nd with sweet sleep my eyelids close, 
Sleep, that shall me more vigorous make, 
To serve my God, when I awake. 

5 If in the night I sleepless lie, 
My soul with heav'nly thoughts supply 
Let no vain dreams disturb my rest, 
Xot powers of darkness me molest. 

HYMN 196. C. M. 

t NOW from the altar of our hearts 
Let flames of love arise; 
Assist us, Lord, to offer up 
Our evening sacrifice. 

3 Minutes and mercies multiplied, 
Have made up all this day ; 
Minutes came quick, but mercies were 
More swift and free than they. 

3 New time, new favor, and new joys, 

Do a new song require ; 
Tijl we shall praise thee as we would, 
Accept our hearts desire. 

4 Lord of our days, whose hand hath set 

New time upon our score j 
Tl>ee may we praise for all our Ume^ 
When Umc alull be no wore. 


IIYMN 197. C. M. 

1 BEGONE, my worldly cares, away ; 

Nor dare to tempt my sight, 
Let me begin the Sabbath day, 
Before 1 end this night. 

2 Yes, let the work of prayer and praise 

Employ my heart and tongue ; 
Begin my soul — thy Sabbath days 
Can never be too long. 

3 Let the past mercies of the week, 

Excite a grateful flame ; 
Nor let my tongue refuse to speak 
Some good of Jesus* name. 

4 Jesus ! how pleasing is the sound, 

How worthy of thy love; 
V/hy ia my heart so lifeless found, 
AVhy placed no more above ? 

5 Forgive my dulness, dearest Lord, 

And quicken all my powers ; 
Prepare me to attend thy word, 
T' improve the%>acred hours. 

6 On wings of expectation borne. 

My hopes to heaven ascend ; 
I lonjf to welcome in the morn 5 
With thee the day to spend. 



HYMN 198. L. M. 

1 AWAKE, my heart, my soul arise, 
Tliis is the day believers prize ; 
Improve this Sabbath, then ,\vith care, 
Another may not be thy share. 

3 O solemn thought! .Lord, give meipow^r, 
Wisely to fill up every hour; 

O for the ; wings of faith and love, 
To bear my heart and soulabovje. 

$ Jesus, assist, nor let me. fail 
To worship the within, the veil ; 
To glorify thy .matchless grace, 
To see the ;heauties of -thy face. 

4 Go with me to thy house to-day, 
And tune my heart to 'praise, and pray ; 
like dew, command thy .word to fall, 
Refreshing, quickening* saving all. 

3 Call forth my tho'ts, and Jet them rove 
O'er thedear pastures of thy love ; 
O let not sin .prevent my rest, 
Nor keep me.fronumy Saviour's breast. 

G Give to thy church. a large increase, 
Send her prosperity. and peaces 
May all the saints in Zion say, 
O happy, .happy, happy day ! 

ron this lord's day. 19-1 

HYMN 199. L. M. 

1 HOW welcome to the • saints, when 


"With six days' noise, and care and toil, 

Is the returning day of- i-s*st 

Wliicli frees them from the world awhile. 

2 If pinched with poverty, - at home, 
Or, if with sharp affliction fed, 

It makes ame-.ids,' if they can come 
To God's own lKHtsefor heavenly bread. 

3 With joy they hasten to the place, 
Where they the Saviour oft have met ^ 
And While they feast upon his grace, 
Their burdens and their griefs forget. 

4 This favored lot, my friends, is ours, 
May wethc privilege' improve; 
And find these consecrated hours, 
Sweet earnest of the joys above. 

J We thank thee for thy day, OLord, 
Here wc thy promised presence seeTc ; 
Open thy hands; with blessing's stored, 
And give us manna for the week. 

HYMN 200. S. M. 

1 WKI/rOMBt sweet day of rest, 
That taw the Lord arise : 
Welcome to this reviving breast, 
And ikefC rejoicing? eyes. 

192 FOR THE tOtts's DAI, 

2 The King himself comes near, 

And feasts his saints to-day ; 
Here we may sit, and see him here, 
And love, and praise, and pray. 

3 One day, amidst the place 

Where my dear God has been, 
Is sweeter than ten thousand days 
Of pleasurable sin. 

4 My willing soul would stay, 

In such a frame as this, 
And sit and sing herself away, 
To everlasting bliss. 

HYMN 201. S. M. 

1 SEE what a living stone 

The builders did refuse ; 
Yet God hath built his church thereon 
In spit e of envious Jews. 

2 The scribe, and angry priest, 

I? eject God's only Son, 
Yet on this rock shall Zion rest, 
As the chief cornerstone. 

3 The work, Lord is thine, 

And wondrous in cur eyes ; 
This day declares it all divine, 
This "day did Jesus rise. 

4 This is the glorious day, 

That our llejdeemcr made ; 



tet us rejoice and sing and pray, 
Let all the church be glad. 

4 Hosannato\he King, 

Of David's royal blood ; 
Bless him, ye saints, he comes to bring 
Salvation from your God. 

5 We bless thine holy word, 

Which all this grace displays, 
And offer on thine altar, Lord, 
'Our sacrifice of praise. 

HYMN 202. C. .\f. 

1 FREQUENT the day of God returns, 

To shed its quickening beams ; 
And yet how slow devotion burns, 
II ow languid are its flames ! 

2 Accept our faint attempts to love, 

Our frailties, Lord,, forgive, 
We would be like thy saints above, 
And praise thee while we live. 

J Increase, Lord, our faith and hope, 
Ahd lil us to ascend, 
V/berc ili* assembly ne'er breaks up, 
The Sabbath ne'er shall end. 

I Wh«re we ihall breathe in heavenly air, 
With heavenly lustre shine ; 
Brfcre the tbipflp 'of God appear, 
And fe«t oh love divine. 


6' Where we, in high seraphic strain^ 
Shall all our powers employ ; 
Delighted range the blissful plains, 
And take our fill of joy. 

HYMN 203. L. M. 

1 THINE earthly Sabbaths,Lord, we love, 
But there's-a-nobler rest above; 

To that our laboring souls aspire, 
With holy zeal and strong desire. 

2 No more fatigues, no more distress, 
Nor sin, nor hell,- shall reach that place, 
No groans, to mingle with the songs, 
"Which warble from immortal tongues. 

3 No rude alarms of raging foes, 

No cares to break our long repose, 
No midnight shade, no clouded sun. 
But sacred, high, eternal noon. 

HYMN 204. L. M. 

1 THE Sabbath's gone, the day is past, 
Which, O rny soul, may prove thy last, 
How were the sacred hours improved 
Was Gcd obeyed ? Was Jesus loved/ 

3 What beauties didst thou find in Him, 
Who died, his peeple to redeem i 



What vows in Zion's courts were made ? 
What vows by thee have since been paid? 

3 How did I hear,- and sing and pray ? 
Have I improved the Lord's own day ? 

that like John, in Patmos' isle, 

1 might enjoy the Spirit's smile. 

4 Forever let me cease from sin, 
And now a holier life begin ; 
Deny myself each sinful sweet, 
And always lie at Jesus'- feet. 

5 that my memory may be stored 
With the rich treasures of God's word; 
And may my heart still strive to. please, 
And serve the Lord throughout my days. 

<> that I may the grace partake, 
Of Christ, who did the Sabbath make 5 
And may I meet with all my friends 
In heaven, where Sabbath never end?. 

In homage bow the knee. 

Let not a shape which hands have wro ? t 

Of wood, or clay, or stone, 
Be deemed thy Cod, nor think him like 

Aught thou hast «cen or known. 

HYMN 205. C. M. 
I THAT God, who made the worlds on 

And air, and e; 
Own as tby Cod, 


3 Take not in vain the name of God ; 

Nor must thou ever dare,. 
To make thy falsehood pass for truth, 
By his dread name to swear. 

4 That day on which he bids thee rest 

From toil, to pray and praise, 
That day, keep holy to the Lord, 
And consecrate its rays. 

5 may that God, who gave these laws, 

Write them on every heart, 
That all might feel their living power, 
Nor from his paths depart. 

HYMN 206. C. M. 

1 WHEN, O dear Jesus, when shall I 

Behold thee all serene ? 
Blest in perpetual Sabbath day. 
Without a veil between ? 

2 Assist me while I wander here, 

Amidst a world of cares ; 
Incline my heart to pray with love, 
And then accept my prayers. 

3 Thy Spirit, O my Father, give, 

To be my guide and friend, 
To light my ways to ceaseless joys, 
To Sabbaths without end 


HYMN' 207. C. M. 

1 SWEET glories rush upon my s,ight> 
And charm my wondering eyes. 4 
The regions of immortal light, 
The beauties of the skieSi 

3 All hail, ye fair celestial shores ! 

Yc lands of endless day ! 
Swift on my view your prospect pours, 

And drives my griefs away. 

3 There's a delightful clearness now, 

My clouds 1 of doubt are gone, 
Fled is my former darkness too, 
My fears are all withdrawn. 

4 Short is the passage, short the space, 

Between my home and me ; 
There, there behod the radiant place, 
How near the mansions be. 

5 Immortal wonder's- ! boundless things ! 

In those bright worlds - appear ; 
Prepare me, Lord, to stretch my wings, 
And in those glories share. 

6" By faith I feel my spirit rise, 
My heart begins t* ascend ; 
I'll stretch and soar above the skies, 
"Where raptures never end* 


HYMN 208. L. M, 

1 NOW let our souls, on wings sublime^ 
Rise from the vanities of time ; 

Draw back the parting 1 veil, and see 
The glories of eternity. 

2 Born by a new. celestial birth, 

Why should we grovel here on earth ? 
Why grasp at transitory toys, 
So near to heaven's eternal joys? 

3 Shall aught beguile us on the road, 
When we are walking back to God ? 
For strangers into life we come, 
And dying is but going home. 

4 O the sweet hour of full discharge, 
That sets our longing souls at large ; 
Unbinds our chains breaks up our cell, 
And gives us with our God to dwell. 

5 To dwell with God, to feel his lovft 
Is the full heaven enjoy'd above ; 
And the sweet expectation now 

In the young dawn of heaven below. 

HYMN 209. C. M. 

1 COME Lord, and warm each languid 
Inspire each lifeless tongue ; [heart, 
And let the joys of heaven impart 
Their influence to our song. 



2 Sorrow, and pain, and every care, 

And discord there shall cease ; 
And perfect joy, and love sincere 
Adorn the realms of peace. 

3 The soul, from sin forever free, 

Shall mourn its power no more; 
But clothed in spotless purity, 
Redeeming love adore. 

4 There on a throne, (how dazzling bright) 

Th' exalted Saviour shines ; 
And beams ineffable, delight 
On all the heavenly minds. 

5 There shall the followers of the Lamb 

And endless honors to his name 
Employ their tuneful tongues. 

6 Lord, tune our hearts to- praise 8c love, 
Our feeble notes inspire ; 
Till, in thy blissful courts iibove, 
IVe jointh' angelic choir. 


HYMN 210. L. M. 

1 OF all the ioys we mortals know, 
Jesus, thy love exceeds the rest; 
l ove, the best blessing here below, 
Tiie nearest image of the blest. 


2 While we are held in thy embrace* 
There's not a thought attempts to rove; 
Each smile upon thy beauteous face 
Fixes, and charms, and fires our love. 

3 While of thy absence we complain, 
And long, or weep in all we do, 
There's a strange pleasure in the pain, 
And tears have their own sweetness too. 

4 W hen round thy courts by day we roVSj 
Or ask the watchmen of the night 
For some kind tidings of our love, 
Thy very name creates delight. 

5 Jesus, our God, yet rather come ; 
Our eyes would dwell upon thy face ; 
'Tis best to see our Lord at home, 
And feel the presence of his grace. 

HYMN 211. C. M. 

1 AND have I, Christ, no love to thee, 

No passion for thy charms ? 
No wish my Saviour's face to see, 
And dwell within his arms ? 

2 Is there no spark of gratitude 

In this cold heart of mine, 
To liim whose generous bosom glow'd 
With friendship all divine ? 

3 Can I pronounce his charming name, 
IIIb acts of kindness tell; 

tONGlNO *Oft HEAVEN. 20 1 

And, while I dwell upon the theme, 
No sweet emotion feel ? 

4 Such base ingratitude as this, 

What heart but musl detest! 
Sure* Christ deserves the noblest placet 
In every human breast 


HYMN 212. C. M. 

1 THERE is a land of pure delight, 

"Where saints immortal reign j 
Infinite day excludes the night, 
And pleasures banish pain. 

2 Swfcct fields, beyond the swelling flood. 

Stand dressed in living green ; 
So, to the Jews, old Canaan stood, 
"While Jordan rolled between. 

3 There everlasting spring abidee, 

And never-withering flowers j 
Heath like a narrow sea divides 
This heavenly land from ours. 

•1 But timorous. mortals start and shrink, 
To cross this narrow sea ; 
And linger, sliivering on the brink, 
And fear to launch away. 

5 could we make our doubts remove, 

Those gloomy doubts that tfsc, 
i 2 


And see the Canaan that we love,' 
With unbeclouded eyes. 

6 Could we but climb where Moses stootf, 
And view the landscape o'er, 
Not Jordan's stream, nor death's cold, 

Could fright ui from the shore. 

HYMN 213. X. M. 

1 JESUS, my all, to heaven is gone* 
He whom I fix my hopes upon ; 
His track I see, and I'll pursue, 
The narrow way, till him I view. 

2 The way the holy prophets went, 
The road that leads from banishment ; 
The King's high way of holiness, 

I'll go for all his paths are peace 

3 This is the way I long have sought, 
And mourned because I found it noti 
My. grief my burden long has been, 
Because I was not saved from sin. 

A> The more I strove against its power, 
I felv its weiglit.and guilt the more ; 
Till late I heard my Saviour say, 
" Come hither, soul, I am the way." 

5 Lo ! glad I come, and thou, blest Lamb, 
Shalt take me to thee as I am ; 
My sinful self to thee I give,^ 
Nothing but love shall I receive. 


<i Now will I tell to sinners round, 
What a dear Saviour I have found * 
I'll point to thy redeeming blood, 
And say " behold the way to Goi*' 

HYMN 214. C. M. 

1 EAHTH has engrossed my love too Idng^ 
'Tis time I lift my eyes 
Upwards, dear Father, to thy throne, 
And to my native skies. 

3 There the blest man my Saviour sits, 
The Lord, how bright he shines ; 
And scatters .peace and great delights 
On all the happy minds. 

3 Seraphs, with elevated strains, 
Circle the throne around ; 
And move and charm the starry plaiils, 
With an immortal sound. 

A Jesus, the Lord, their harps employs, 
Jesus, my love, they sing; 
Jesus, the life of both our joys, 
Sounds sweet from every string. 

3 Now let me mount and join their song, 
And be an angel too ; 
My heart, my hand, my. ear, my tongue* 
Here's joyful work for you. 

$ I would begin the music here, 
And so my soul should rise » 


O for some heavenly notes, tobeay 
My passions to the skies. 

7 There ye thatlove>my- Saviour; ait^ 
There I would fain have place ; 
Among your, thrones, or atyour feet. 
So I might see his face! 


HYMN 215. G. M. 

•4 Prayer for Missionaries. 

1 GREAT God, the nations of the earth* 

Are by creation thine ; 
And in thy. works, by all beheld, 
Thy radiant 5 glories shine. 

2 Buti Lord, thy greater love has' sent 

Thy gospel to mankind., 
Unveiling what rich stores of grace 
Are treasured in thy mind. 

3 Lord, when shall these glad tidings 

The spacious earth around, [spread 
Till every tribe and eveiy soul 
Shall hear the joyful sound i 

4 O when shall Afric's sable sons 

Enjoy the heavenly word ; 
And vassals long enslaved, become. 
The freed men of the Lord. 


5 When shall the untutored heathen tribes, 

A dark bewildered race, 
Sit down at our Immanuel's feet, 
And learn and feel his grace ? 

6 Haste, sovereign mercy, and transform 

Their cruelty tplove ; 
Soften the Tyger to the Lamb, 
The Vulture to the Dove* 

V Smile, Lord, on each divine attempt 
To spread thy gospel rays ; 
And build, on sin*s demolished throne, 
The temples of thy praise. 

HYMN 216. C. M. JPsahn ii. 8. 

1. FATHER, is not thy promise pledged 
To thine exalted Son, 
That thro' the nations of the earth, 
Thy word of life shall ruu ? 

2 « Ask, and I give the heathen lands 

*.' For thine inheritance ; 
•« And to the world's remotest shores 
Thine empire shall advance." 

3 Hast thou not said, the blinded Jews 

Shall their Redeemer own ; 
AVhilc Gentiles to his standard croud, 
And bow before his throne. 

4 Are not all kingdoms, tribes and tongues 
Under tli* expanse of heaven, 


To the dominion of thy Son, 
Wtthout exemption, given ? 

3 From east to west, from north to soulu 5 
Then be his name adored ! 
Europe, with all thy millions, shout 
Ho9annas to the Lord. 

Asia and Africa, resound 

From shore to sh ore .his fame ; 
And thou, America", in- songs, 
Redeeming love proclaim. 


HYMN 217. C. M. 

Luke ii, 27—33. 

1 LOUD, at thy temple we appear, 

As happy Simeon came, 
And hope to meet our Saviour here ; 
O make our joys the same. 

2 IVith what divine and vast delight, 

The good old man was filled, 
When fondly in his withered arms 
He clasped the holy child. 

3 " Now.I can leave this world," he cried, 

" Behold thy servant dies ; 
f* I'>-e seen. thy great salvation, Lord? 
c ? And close my peaceful eye?. 


4 " This is the light prepared to shine, 

" Upon the U entile lands ; 
rt Thine Israel's glory and their hope, 
" To break their- -slavish bands." 

5 Jesugj the vision of thy face 

Hath overpowering charms ; 
Scarce shall I feel death's cold embrace,* 
If Christ be in my arms. 

C Then, while ye hoar mv heart striim 
How sweet my moments roll, [breafi 
A mortal paleness on my cheek, 
And glory in my soul. 


HYMN 218. C. M. 

1 BLESS' the man who shuns the place 

Where sinners love to meet ; 

SSJw t0 ^ ead t i ldr wicked *W 
Add hates the scoffer's seat 

2 But inthestatutes of the* Lord, 

■p H *J P lic d 1"* chief delight ; 

y f"? he J- eads ov hears the word 
And meditates by night. 

3 He like a plant of gen'rous kind 

Py Jiving waters set, 
Safe from the storms and blasting wind 
Enjoys a peaceful state.J S ' 


4 Green as the leaf, and ever fair* 

Shall his profession shine ; 
While* fruits of holiness appear 
Like clusters on the vine. 

5 Not so the impious and unjust ; 

What vain designs they form ! 
Their hopes are blown away like dust, 
Or chaff, before the storm. 

C Sinners in judgment shall not stand 
Among* the sons of grace ; 
When Christ the judge at his right hand. 
Appoints his saints a place. 

7 His eye beholds the path they tread> 
His heart approves it well ; 
But crooked ways of sinners lead 
Down to the gates of hell. 

HYMN 219. L. M. 

1 LORD, thou hast been thy children's 


All-powerful, wise, and good, and just, 

In every age their safe abode, 

Their hope, their refuge, and their trust. 

2 Before thy word gave nature birth, 
Or spread the starry heavens abroad, 
Orform'd the varied face of earth, 
From everlasting 'thou art God. 

«H5D PERFECT. 209 

5 Great father of eternity, 
How short are ages in thy sight! 
A thousand years how swift they fly, 
Like one short silent watch of night ! 

4 Uncertain life, how soon it flies ! 
Dream of an hour, how short our bloom! 
Like spring's gay verdure now we rise, 
Cut down ere night to fill the tomb. 

5 Teach us to count our short'ning days, 
And with true diligence apply 

Our hearts to wisdom's sacred ways, 
That we may learn to live and die. 

6 make our sacred pleasures rise 
In sweet proportion to our pains, 
'Till e'en the sad rememb'rance dies, 
Nor one uneasy thought complains. 

7 [Let thy almighty work appear 
With power and evidence divine ; 
And may the bliss thy servants share. 
Continued to thy children shine ! 

8 Thy glorious image fair imprest, 
Let all our hearts and lives declare ; 
Beneath thy kind protection blest, 
May all our labours own thy care 

HYMN 220. L. 3Vf, 

i GREAT former of this various frame, 
Our eouls adore thine awful name ; 
l ?» 



And bow and tremble while they praise 
The ancient of eternal days. 

2 Thou, Lord, with unsurpris'd survey 
Saw'st nature rising yesterday ; 
And as to-morrow, shall thine eye 
See earth and stars in ruin lie. 

3 Beyond an angel's vision bright, 
Thou dwell'st in self-existent light; 
Which shines with undiminished ray, 
While suns and worlds in smoke decay. 

4 Our days a transient period run, 
And change with every circling sun ; 
And in the firmest state we boast, 

A moth can crush us into dust. 

5 But let the creatures fall around : 
Let death consign us to the ground? 
Let the last general flame arise, 
And melt the arches of the skies ; 

6 Calm as a summer's ocean, we 
May all the wreck of nature see, 
While grace secures us an abode, 
Unshaken as the tlirone of God. 

HYMN 221. L. M. 

1 YE servants of your God, his fame 
In songs of highest praise proclaim ; 
Ye who, 'on his commands intent, 
The courts of Israel's Lord frequent 


2 Him praise the everlasting king, 
And mercy's unexhausted spring ; 
Haste, to his name your voice's rear; 
What name like his the heart can cheer? 

3 Thy greatness, Lord, my thoughts attest, 
With awful gratitude impressed, 

Nor know among the seats divine, 
A power that shall contend with thine, 

4 thou, whose all-disposing sway, 
The heavens, the earth, and seas obey ; 
Whose might thro' all extent extends, 

Sinks thro' all dcpth,all height transcends. 

5 From earth's low margin to the skies, 
Now bids the pregnant vapours rise, 
The lightning's pallid sheet expands, 
And glads with flowers the sorrow'd 


6 Now from the storehouse, built on high^ 
Permits the imprison'd winds to fly, 
And, guided by thy will, to sweep 
The surface of the foaming deep. 

7 Him praise, the everlasting king, 
An4 mercy's unexhausted spring ; 
Haste, to his name your voices rear ; 
What name like his the heart can cheer i 

HYMN 222. C. M. 

1 LORD, thou with an unerring bean* 
Surverest all my powers ; 


My rising steps arc watch'd by,> 
By thee, my rising hours. 

My thoughts scarce struggling into birttfc 
Great God, are known to thee ; 
Abroad, at home, still I'm inclos'd 
With thine immensity. 

3 To thee the labyrinths of life 

In open view appear ; 
INor steals a whisper from my lips 
Without thy listening ear. 

4 Behold I glance, and thou art there ; 

Before me shines thy name ; 
And 'tis thy strong almighty hand 
Sustains my tender frame. 

3 Such knowledge mocks the vain essays 
Of my astonish'd mind ; 
Nor can my reason's soaring eye 
Its towering summit find, 


6 Where from thy Spirit shall I stretch 

The pinions of my flight i 
Or where, thro' nature's spacious rangfy 
Shall I elude thy sight ? 

7 Scal'd I the skies ; the blaze divine 

Would overwhelm my soul ; 
Plung'd I to hell ; there should I heap 
T&nc awful thunders roll. 



5 Let sun and *tars forget to rise, 
JOr quit their stations in the skies ; 
Let heaven and earth both pass away, 
Eternal truth shall. ne*er decay. 

6 True to his word, God, gave his Son, 
To die for crimes which men had done ; 
Blest pledge ! he never will revoke 

A single promise he has spoke. 

HYMN 225. L. M. 

The moral Perfections of Deity imitated, 
Matt. v. 48. 

1 GREAT author of* th' immortal mind 
For noblest thoughts and vie ws designed. 
Make me ambitious to express 

The image of thy holiness. 

2 While I thy boundless love' admire, 
Grant me to catch the sacred fire 
Thus shall-my heavenly birth be kno^. 
And for thy child thou wilt me own* 

3 Father, I free thy sun arise 

To cheer thy friends and enemies ; 
And when thy rain from heaven descends 
Thy bounty both alike befriends, 

4 Enlarge my s,oul with love like thine j 
My moral powers by grace refine ; 
So shall I feel mother's woe, 

And cheerful feed an hungry foe. 


H I hope for pardon thro' thy Sort, 
Of all the crimes which I have done.; 
O, may the grace that pardons me 
Constrain me to forgive like thee ! 

HYMN 226. C. M. 

The Mysteries of Providence g or, light sfii» 
ning out of Darkness. 

1 GOD mores in a mysterious way, 

His wonders to perform ; 
He plants his footsteps in the sea, 
And rides upon the storm. 

2 Deep in unfathomable mines 

Of ncvcr-failin&skill, 
He treasures un his bright designs, 
And works his sov'reign will. 

3 Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take, 

'1 he clouds ye so much dread 
Arc big with mercy, and shall break 
In blessings on your head. 

4t Judge not the Lord by feeble sense, 
But trust him for his grace ; 
Behind a frowning providence, 
He hides a smiling face. 

3 His purposes will ripen fast, 
Unfolding every hour ; 
The bud may have a bitter last, 
But sweet will be the flower. 


8 If on a morning's darting ray 

With matchless speed I rode, 
And flew to the wild lonely shore, 
That bounds the ocean's flood ; 

9 Thither thine hand, all-present God 

Must guide the wond'rous way, 
And thine omnipotence support 
The fabric of my clay. 

10 Should I involve myself around 

With clouds of tenfold night, 
The clouds would shine like blazing 
Before thy piercing sight. [noon 

11 "The beams of noon, the midnight 

u Arc both alike to thee ; [hour 
" O may I ne'er provoke that power 
lt From which I cannot flee I" 

HYMN 223. L. M. 

The wisdom of God. 

1 WAIT,0 my soul, thy maker's will, 
Tumultuous passions, all be still ! 
Nor let a murmuring thought arise, 
His ways arc just, his councils wise. 

3 He in the thickest darkness dwells, 
Performs his work, the cause conceals ; 
Hut tho' his methods are unknown, 
Judgment and truth support his thrones 



3 In heaven, and earth, and air, and seas* 
lie executes his firm decrees ; 
And by his saints it stands confest, 
That what he does is ever best. 

6' Wait then, my soul, submissive wait, 
Prostrate before his awful ; 
And 'midst the terrors of his rod 
Trusf in a wise and gracious God, 

HYMN 224. L. M. 

The truth and faithfulness of God t 

1 YE humble saints proclaim abroad, 
The honors of a faithful God, 
How just and true are all his ways. 
How much above your highest praise \ 

2 The words his sacred lips declare 
Of his own mind the image bear ; 
.What should him tempt, from frailty 
blest in hi3 self-sufficiency ? (free, 

3 He will rot his great self deny • 
A God all truth can never lie ; 
As well mijjht he his being quit 
As break his oath, or word forget- 

Ai Let frightened rivers change their course 
Or backward hasten to their source ; 
Swift thro* the air let rocks be hurl'd. 
And mountains like the clUT be whuTd. 


I1YMN 229. C. M. 

The Gospel a Feast, Isaiah xxr. 6. 

3 ON Sion, his most holy mount, 
Cod will a feast prepare. 
And Israel's sons and Gentile lands 
Shall in the banquet share. 

2 Marrow and fatness arc the food 

I lis. bounteous hand bestows : 
Vine on the lees, and wellrefin'd. 
In rich abundance flows. 

3 See to the vilest of the vile 

A free acceptance given ! 
See rebels by adopting grace 
Sit with the heirs of heaven I 

•4 The pain'd; the sick, the dying, \\o\s~ 
To ease and health restored, 
"With eager appetites partake 
The plenties of the board. 

5 But O what draughts of bliss unknown. 
"What dainties shall be given, 
When, with the myriads round the 
We join the feast of heaven ! [throne, 

C There joys immeasurably high 
Shall overflow the soul, 
And springs of life, that never dry, 
In thousand channels roll. 



HYMN 230. C. M. 

The lost sheep found ; or y joyin Heaven Qrv 
the Conversion of a sinner, Luke xy. 3, 4. 

1 WHEN some kind shepherd from his 

Has lost a straying- sheep, [fold, 
Thro* vales, o*er hills, he anxious roves, 
And climbs the mountain's steep. 

2 But O, the joy ! the transport sweet ! 

When he the wanderer finds ; 
Up in his arms he takes his charge, 
And to lus shoulder binds. 

3 Homeward he hastes to tell his joys, 

And make his bliss complete ; 
The neighbours hear the news, and all 
^ The joyful shepheid greet. 

Tet how much greater is the joy 
When but one sinner turns ; 

When the poor wretch with broken heart 
His sins and errors mourns ? 

5 Pkis'd with the news, the saints below, 

In songs thf-lv tongues employ ; 
Beyond the sLies the tidings go, 
And heaven is filled with joy. 

6 Well pleas'd the Father sees and heal? 

The conscious sinner weep ; 
Jesus receives him in lus arms, 
And owns hiin for his sheep. 



5 Blind unbelief is sure to err 
And scan his work in vain ; 
God is his own interpreter, 
And he will make it plain. 

HYMN 227. C. U. 
The Traveller's Psalm. 

1 HOW arc thy servants blessed, OLord, 

How sure is their defence ! 
r.tvrnal wisdom is their guide, 
Their help Omnipotence. 

2 In foreign realms and lands remote, 

Supported by thy care, 
Thro' burning climes they pass un- 
And breathe in tainted air. [hurt, 

3 When by the dreadful tempest borne. 

High on the broken wave, 
Tiicy know thou art not slow to hear, 
Nor impotent to save. 

4 The" -Storm is laid, the winds retire, 

Obedient to thy will ; 
T\vz sea, that roars at thy command, 
At thy command is still. 

I In 'midst of dangers, fears and deaths, 
'?\\y goodness we'll adore ; 
We'll praise thee for thy mercies past,. 
And humbly hope for more. 



HYMN 228. S. M. 

Waiting' for the coming- of his Lord ; or. 
active Christiuti, Luke xii. 35 — 38. 

1 YE servants of the lord, 

Each in his office wait, 
Observant of his heavenly word, 
And w atchful at his gate. 

2 Let all your lamps be bright, 
And trim the golden flame ; 

Gird up your loins, as in his sight, 
For awful is his name. 

3 Watch 'tis your Lord's command ; 
And while we speak he's near; 

Mark the first signal of his hand, 
And ready all appear. 

4> O happy sei-vant he 

In such a posture found ! 
He shall his Lord with rupture see,, 
And be with honor crown'd. 

Christ shall the banquet spread 
With his own bounteous hand, 
And raise that faithful servant's head 
Amidst th' angelic band. 


7 Nor angels can their joy$ contain, 
But kindle with new iire ; 
"A wandering sheep's returh'd" they 
And raise their joys still higher, [sing. 

HYMN 231. C. Mo 
The converted Tide/, Luke xxiii. 42. 

1 AS on the cross the Saviour hung, 

And wept, and bled, and dy'd, 
He poured salvation on a. wretch 
That languishe d at his. side. 

2 His crimes with inward grief and shame, 

The penitent confess'd; 
Then turned his dying eyes to Christ, 
And thus his prayer address'd : 

3 " Jesus, thou Son and heir of Heaven, 

" Thou spotless Lamb of God, 
" Isee thee bathed in sweat and tears, 
" And welt'ring in thy blood. 

4 " Yet quickly from these scenes of wo 

" In triumph thou shalt rise, 
M Hurst thro' the gloomy shades of death 
" And shine above the skies. 

5 "Amid the glories of {hat world, 

" Dear Saviour, think on n\e ; 
"And in the vict'ries of thy death 
"Let jne a sharet be." 


6 His prayer the dying Jesus hears, 
And instantly replies, 
" To-day thy parting soul shall he 
" With me in paradise." 

HYMN 232. S. M. 

Vital Union to Christ in Regeneration. 
1 Cor. vi. 17. 

1 DEAR Saviour, we are thine, 
By everlasting bonds ; 

Our names, our hearts, we would re- 
Our souls are in thy hand. [sign, 

2 To thee we still would cleave 
With ever growing zeal ; 

If millions tempt us Christ to leave, 
O let them ne'er prevail. 

3 Thy spirit shall unite 

Our souls to thee our head ; 
Shall form us to thy image bright, 
That we thy paths may tread- 

4 Death may pur souls divide 
From these abodes of clay ; 

But love shall keep us near thy side 
Thro' all the gloomy way. 

5 Since Christ and we are one, 
Why should we doubt or fear ? 

If he in heaven hath fix'd his throng 
He'll fix his member* there} 


HYMN 233. C M. 
Pardoning Love, Jer. iii. 22. Hos. xiv. 4. 

1 HOW oft, alas ! this wretched heart 

I las wander' d from the Lord ! 
How oft my roving thoughts depart, 
Forgetful of his word 1 

2 Yet sov'reign mercy calls, "Return;" 

Dear Lord, and may I come ! 
My vile ingratitude I mourn ; 
O take the wanderer home. 

3 And canst thou, wilt thou yet forgive^ 

And bid my crimes remove ? 
And shall a pardoned rebel live 
To speak thy wond'rons love ! 

4 Almighty grace, thy healing power 

How glorious, how divine ! 
That can to life and bliss restore 
So vile a heart as mine. 

5 Thy pardoning love, so free, so sweet/ 

Dear Saviour, 1 adore ; 
keen me at thy sacred feet, 
Ami let me rove no more. 

HYMN 234. C. M. 

Turtlon fpoken by Christ, Mat. ix. 2. 

1 MY-S:iviour, let me near tny vo j ce 
I'rououncc the* words of peace I 


And all my warmest powers shall join 
To celebrate thy grace. 

2 With gentle Smiles call me thy child, 

And speak my sins forgtv'n ; 
The accents mild shall charm mine ear 
All like the harps of heaven. 

3 Cheerful, where'er thy hand shall lead, 

The darkest path I'd tread ; 
Cheerful I'd quit these mortal shores, 
And mingle with the dead. 

4 When dreadful guilt is done away, 

No other fears we know ; 
That hand, which scatters pardons down, 
Shall crowns of life bestow. 

HYMN 235. C. M. 

Mba, Father, Gal. iv. 6. 

\ SOVEREIGN of all the worlds on high, 
Allow my humble claim ; 
Nor, while a worm would raise its hea4 
Disdain a Father's name. 

9. My father God ! how sweet the sound! 
How tender, and how dear ! 
Not all the harmony of heaven 
Could so delight the ear. 

Come sacred Spirit, seal the name 
On my expanding heart ; 


And shew that in Jehovah's grace 
I share a filial part. 

A Cheer'd by a signal so divine, 
Unwavering 1 believe ; 
And Abba, Father, humbly cry, 
Nor can the sign deceive. 

HYMN 236. C. M. 

True Liberty given by Chrtst, John viii. 50. 

1 HARK ! for His God's own Son that 

To life and liberty , [calls 
Transported full before his feet, 
Who makes the prisoners free. 

2 The cruel bonds of sin he breaks, 

And breaks old Satan's chain ; 
Smiling he detds those pardons round, 
Which free from endless pain. 

3 Into the captive heart he pours 

His Spirit from on high ; 
We lose the terrors of the slave, 
And Abba, Father, cry. 

4 Shake off your bonds, and sing his grace; 

The sinner's friend proclaim ; 
And call on all around to seek 
True freedom by his name 

5 Walk on at large, till you attain 

Your Father's house, above 
k 2 


There shall you«wear immortal crowns, 
And sing immortal love. 

HYMN 237. L. M. 

Christians the sons of God, John i. 12. 
1 John iii. 1. 

3 NOT all the nobles of the earth, 
Who boast the honors of their birth, 
Such real dignity can claim, 
As those who bear the Christian name* 

2 To them the privilege is giv'n 

To be the sons and heirs of heaven ; 
Sons of the God who reigns on high, 
And heirs of joys beyond the sky. 

3 [On them, a happy chosen race, 
Their Father pours his richest grace; 
To them his counsels he imparts, 
And stamps his image on their hearts. 

4 Their infant-cries, their tender age, 
His pity and his love engage ; 

He clasps them in his arms, and there 
Secures them with parental care.] 

H His will he makes them early know, 
And teaches their young* feet to go ; 
Whispers instruction to their minds, 
And on their hearts his precepts, binds t 



<S Their daily wants his hands supply 
Their steps he guards with watchful eye; 
Leads them from earth to heaven above, 
And crowns them with eternal love. 

7 If I've the honor, Lord, to be 
One of this numerous family, 
On me the gracious gift bestow, 
To call thee Abba Father ! too. 

9 So may my conduct ever prove 
My filial piety and love \ 
Whilst all my brethren clearly trace 
Their Father's likeness in my face. 

HYMN 138. S. M. 

Communion irith God and Christ, 1 John i. 3. 

1 OUR heavenly father calls, 
And Christ invites us near; 

With both our friendship shall be sweet, 
And our communion dear. 

2 God' pities all our griefs ; 
He pardons every day ; 

Almighty to protect our souls, 
And wise to guide our way. 

3 J esus, our living head, 
"VVe bless thy faithful care ; 

Our advocate before the throne, 
And our forerunnei* there. 



4 Here fix, my roving heart ? 
Here wait, my warmest love ! 
'Till the communion be complete 
In nobler scenes above. 

HYMN 239. L. M. 

Desiring communion -with God. 

\ MY rising soul with strong desires, 
To perfect happiness aspires, 
With steady steps would tread the roa &> 
That leads to heaven, that leads to God.. 

3 1 thirst to drink unmingled love, 
From the pure fountain-head above t 
My dearest Lord, I long to be 
Empty'd of sin, and full of thee. 

3 For thee I pant, for thee I burn, 
Art thou withdrawn ? again return, 
Nor let me be the first to say, 
Thou wilt got hear when sinners pray. 

HYMN 240. S. M. 

The security of Christ* s sheep, John x. 27, 29. 

1 MY soul, with joy attend, 
While Jesus silence breaks ; 
No angel's harp such music yields^ 
As v/hat my shepherd speaks. 



Q "I know my sheep," he cries, 
" My soul approves them well; 
"Vain is the treach'rous world's disguise, 
" And vain the rage ofhcll. 

3 "I freely feed them now 
" With tokens of my love, 

"But richer pastures I prepare, 
" And sweeter streams above. 

4 " Unnumber'd years of bliss 
M I to my sheep will give ; 

•* And while my throne unshaken stands 
«* Shall all my people live. 

5 " This tried almighty hand 

" Is rais'd for their defence ; [there ? 
" Where is the power shall reach them 
"Or what shall force them thence ?" 

6 Enough my gracious Lord, 
Let faith triumphant cry ; 

My heart can on this promise live, 
Can on this promise die. 

HYMN 241. C. M. 

Perseverance, Psalm cxix. 117. 

1 LORD, hast thou made me know thy 
Conduct me in thy fear, [ways ? 

And grant me such'supplics of grace, 
That I may persevere,. 



2 Let but thy own almighty arm 

Sustain a feeble worm, 
May I escape, secure from harm, 
Amid the dreadful storm. 

3 Be thou my all-sufficient friend, 

'Till all my toils shall cease ; 
Guide me thro' life, and let my end 
Be everlasting peace. 

HYMN 242. C. M. 
Fear not, for I am iviih thee, Isaiah xli. 10. 

1 AND art thou with us, gracious Lord, 

To dissipate cur fear ? 
Dost thou proclaim thyself our God, 
Our God forever near ? 

2 Dost thou a father's bowels feel 

For all thy humble saints ? 
And in such friendly accents speak, 
To smooth their sad complaints ? 

3 Why droop our hearts ? Why flow our 

While such a voice we hear ? [eyes 
Why rise our sorrows and our fears, 
While such a friend is near? 

4 To all thine other favors add 

A heart to trust thy word ; 
And death itself shall hear us sing^ 
While resting on the Lord* 


HYMN 243. C. M. 

My grace is sufficient for thee, 2 Cor. xii. 9. 

1 KIND are the words that Jesus speaks 
To cheer tRe drooping' saint; 
" My grace sufficient is for you, 
" Tho' nature's powers may faint. 

« g raC e its glories shall display, 

" And make your griefs remove ; 
" Your weakness shall the triumphs tell 
" Of boundless power and of love." 

3 "What tho' my griefs are not remov'd, 

Yet why should I despair ? 
While my kind Saviour's arms support, 
I can the burden bear. 

4 Jesus, my Saviour, and my Lord, 

*Tis good to trust thy name : 
Thy power, thy faithfulness and love 
Will ever be the same. 

5 Weak as I am, yet thro' thy grace 

I all things can perform j 
And smiling triumph in thy namc> 
Amid the raging storm. 

HYMN 244. C. M. 

My God shall supply all your need, 
Phil. iv. 19, 20. 

1 MY God, how cheerful is the sound ! 

How pleasant to repeat! 



Well may that heart With pleasure bound 
Where God has fix'd his seat. 

2 What want shall not our God supply 

From his reduhdant^tores ? 
What streams of mercy from on high 
An arm almighty pours ! 

3 Frem Christ, the ever-living spring*. 

These ample blessings flow : 
Prepare, my lips, his praise to sing, 
Whose heart has lov'd us so. 

4 Now to our Father and our God, 

Be endless glory given, 
Thro' all the realms of man's abode, 
And thro' the highest heaven. 

HYMN 245. C. M. 

Fr7iv not, it is your Father's good pleasure 
to give you the Kingdom, Luke xii. 32. 

1 YE little flock, whom Jesus feeds, 

Dismiss your anxious cares ; 
Look to the shepherd of your souls, 
And smile away your fears. 

2 Tho' wolves and lions prowl around, 

His stall* is your defence; [voice, 
'Midst sands and rocks, your shepherd's 
Calls streams ar.d pastures theiicc. 


3 Your. Father will a kingdom give, 

And give it with delight ; 
His feeblest child his love shall call 
To triumph in his sight. 

4 Ten thousand praises, Lord, we bring 

For sure supports like these : 
And o'er the pious dead we sing 
Thy living promises. 

5 For all we hope and they enjoy, 

We bless a Saviour's name ; 
Nor shall that stroke disturb the son, 
"Which breaks his mortal frame. 

HYMN 246. C. M. 

The Redeemer's Message, Luke iv. 18, 19. 

1 HARK, the glad souud, the Saviour 

The Saviour promis'd long ! [comes 
Let every heart prepare a throne, 
And every voice a song. 

2 On him the Spirit largely pour'd, 

Exerts his sacred fire ; 
Wisdom and might, and zeal and love 
His holy breast inspire. 

3 He comes the prisoners to release, 

In Satan's bondage held, 
The gates of brass before him burst, 
The iron fetters yield. 


4 He comes from thickest films of vice 

To clear the mental ray ; 
And on the eyes.oppress'd with night, 
To pour celestial day. 

5 He comes, the broken heart to bind, 

The bleeding soul to cure ; 
And with the treasures of his grace* 
T' enrich the humble poor. 

6 Our glad hosannas, Prince of Peace, 

Thy welcome sl^all proclaim ; 
And heaven's eternal arches ring 
With thy beloved name. 

HYMN 247. L. M. 

Our example, John xiii. 15. 

1 AND is the gospel peace and love ? 
Such let our conversation be ; 

The serpent blended with the Dove, 
Wisdom and weak simplicity. 

2 When'erthe angry passions rise, 
And tempt our thoughts or tongues to 
To .'esus let us lift our eyes, [strife, 
Bright pattern of the christian life ! 

3 O how benevolent and kind ! 
How mild ! how ready to forgive ! 
Be this the temper of our mind, 
And these the rules by which weliYC 


4 To do his heavenly Father's will, 
Was his employment and delight ; 
Humility and holy zeal 

Shone thro' his life, divinely bright ! 

5 Dispensing good where'er he came, 
The lnbors of his life were love; 

O, if we love the Saviour's name, 
Let his divine example move. 

6 But ah, how blind ! how weak we are 
How frail ! how apt to turn aside ! 
Lord, we depend upon thy care, 
And ask thy Spirit for our guide. 

7 Thy fair example may we trace, 
To teach us what we ought to be ; 
Make vis by thy transforming grace, 
Deaf Siiviour, daily more like thee. 

riVMM 243. C. M. 

Head cf the Ckurcl^ Eph. iv. 15, 16. 

1 JESUS, T sing thy matchless grace, 

That calls a worm thy own ; 
Gives me among thy/saints a place 
To make thy glories known. 

2 Allied to thee our vitathead, 

Wc act, and grow, and thrive ; 
Vrom thee divided, each is dead. 
When mo9t he seems alive. 


GOD tehfect. 

3 Thy saints on earth, and those above,. 

Here join in sweet accord ; 
One body all in mutual love, 
And thou, our common Lord. 

4 O may my faith each hour derive 

Thy Spirit with delight ; 
While death and hell in vain shall strive 
This bond to disunite. 

5 Thou the whole body wilt present 

Before thy Father's face ; 
Nor shall a wrinkle or a spot 
Its beauteous form disgrace. 

HYMN 249. C. M. 

Pearl of great price. Matth. xiii; 40. 

1 YE glittering toys of earth, adieu, 

A nobler choice be mine ; 
A real prize attracts our view, 
A treasure all divine. 

2 Begone, unworthy of my cares., 

Ye specious baits of sense ; — 
Inestimable worth appears, 
The pearl of price immense ! 

3 Jesus, to multitudes unknown, 

O name divinely street ! 
Jesus, in thee, in thee alone, 
lYealth, honor, pleasure meat. 



i Should both .the Indies, at my call, 
Their boasted stores resign ; 
With joy I would renounce them all 
For leave to call thee mine. 

$ Should earth's vain treasures all depart, 
Of this dear gift possess'd, 
I'd clasp it to my joyful heart, 
And be forever bless'd. 

6 Dear sovereign of my soul's desires^ 
Thy love is bliss divine ; 
Accept the wish that love inspires, 
And bid me call thee mine. 

HYMN 250. S. M, 

Shepherd, Psalm xxiii. 1—3. 

1 WHII^E my Redeemer's near, 
My shepherd and my guide, 

I bid farewell to anxious fear, 
My wants are all supply'd. 

2 To ever-fragrant meads 
Where rich abundance grows, 

His gracious hand indulgent leads 
And guards my sweet repose.. 

3 Along the lovely scene 
Cool waters gently roll, 

Transparent, sweet, and all serene. 
To cheer my fainting soul. 



4 Here let my spirit rest ; 
How sweet a lot is mine ! 

With pleasure, food, and safety blest; 
Beneficence divine! 

5 Dear shepherd, if I stray, 
My wandering feet restore ; 

To thy fair pastures guide my way, 
And let me rove no more. 

G Unworthy as I am, 

Of thy protecting care, 
Jesus, I plead thy gracious name. 
For all my hopes arc there. 

HYMN 251. L. M. 

The leadings of the Spirit, Rom. via. 14. 

1 COME, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove, 
"With light and comfort from above ; 
13c thou our guardian, thou our guide, 
O'er every thought and step preside. 

2 Conduct us safe, conduct us far 
From every sin and hurtful snare ; 

l ead to thy word that rules must give, 
And teach us lessons how to live. 

3 The light of truth to us display, 

And make usknow and choose thy way; 
Plant holy fear in every heart, 
That we from God may ne'er depart. 



4 Lead us to holiness, the road 

That we must take to dwell with God ; 
Lead us to Christ, the living way, 
Nor let us from his pastures stray. 

5 Lead us to God, our final rest 
In his enjoyment to be bless'd ; 
Lead us to heaven, the seat of blis9, 
Where pleasure in perfection is. 

HYMN 252. L. M. 

The Spirit's Influences compared to living 
Waiter, Jolih iv. 10. 

1 BLESS* D Jesus, source of grace divine, 
What soul-refreshing streams are thine 1 
O bring these healing waters nigh, 

Or we must droop, and fall, and die, 

2 No traveller, thro* desert lands, 
'Midst scorching suns and burning sands, 
More, needs the current to obtain, 

Or to enjoy refreshing rain. 

3 Our longing souls aloud would sing, 
Spring up, celestial fountain, spring; 
To a redundant river flow, 

And cheer this thirsty land below. 

4 May this blest torrent near my side 
Thro' all the deserts gently glide j 
Then in lmmanuel's land above, 
Spread to a sea of joy andloye 1 



HYMN 253. L. M. 

Divine Influences compared to Utivi t 
Psalm lxxii. 6. 

1 AS showers on meadows newly mown, 
Jesus shall shed his blessings clown, 
Crown'd with whose life-infusing drops, 
Earth shall renew her blissful crops. 

2 Lands that beneath a burning sky, 
Have long been desolate and dry, 
Th' effusions of his love shall share, 
And sudden greens and herbage wear. 

3 The dews and rains, in all their store, 
Drenching the pastures o'er and o'er, 
Are not so copious as that grace 
"Which sanctifies and saves our race. 

4 As in soft silence vernal showers 
Descend and cheer the fainting flower's* 
So in the secrecy of thy love, 

Falls the sweet influence from above. 

5 That heavenly influence let me find 
In holy silence of the mind, 

"While every grace maintains its bloom, 
Diffusing wide its rich perfume. 

6 Nor let these blessings be confined 
To me, but pour'd on all mankind, 
-'Till earth's wide wastes in verdure rise, 
And a young Eden bless our eyes. 



HYMN 254. L. M. 

Seeking to God for the communication of h;9 
Spirit, Ezek. xxxvi. 37. 

1 HEAR, gracious sovereign, from thy 


And send thy various blessings down : 
While by thine Israel thou art sought, 
Attend the prayer thy word hath taught. 

2 Come, sacred Spirit, from above, 
And fill the coldest hearts with love ; 
Soften to flesh the flinty stone, 

And let thy god-like power be known 

j Speak thou, and from the haughtiest eyea 
Shall floods of pious sorrow rise ; 
While all their glowing souls are borne 
To seek that gvace which now they 

4 let a holy flock await, 
Numerous around thy temple gate, 
Jiach pressing on with zeal to be 
A living sacrifice to thee. 

HYMN 255. C. 

Divine Drawings celebrated; or, Cratituda 
the spring of true Jidigioh, Ilosea x'?. 4. 

1 MY God, what silken cords are thine ! 
How soft, and yet how strong! 



While power, and truth, and love com* 
To draw our souls along. [bine 

2 Thou saw'st us crush'd beneath the yoke i 

Of Satan and of sin : 
Thy hand the iron bondage broke, 
Our worthless hearts to win. 

3 Comfort thro' all this vale of tears 

In rich profusion flows, 
And glory of unnumbered years. 
Eternity bestows. 

4 Drawn by such cords we'd onward move 

'Till round thy throne we meet ; 
And captives, in the chains of love, 
Embrace our conqueror's feet. 

HYMN 256. C. M. 

The poioer of Faith. 

1 FAITH adds new charms to earthly 

And saves me from its snares, [blig$, 
Its aid in every duty brings, 
And softens all my cares : 

2 Extinguishes the thirst of sin, 

And lights the sacred fire 
Of love to God, and heavenly things, 
And feeds the pure desire. 

3 The wounded conscience knows ih 

Thrc, healing balm to give < [pow'r 



That balm the saddesjt l^eart can chee* 
And make the dying liye. 

Wide it unveils celestial. worlds. 
Where deathless pleasures reign 

And bids me seek my portion there, 
Nor bids me seek in vain : 

Shews me the precious promise sealed 

In the Redeemer's blood , 
And helps, my feeble soul to rest, 

Upon a faithful Cod. 

There, there unshaken would I rest, 

•Till this vile body dies ; 
And then on faith's triumphant wings, 

At once to glory rise. 

HYMN 257. C. M. 
Fear of God. Proverbs siv, 2(* 

HAPPY beyond description, ha 
Who fears the Lord liis God ; 

Who hears bis threats with holy awe, 
And trembles at his word. 

Fear, sacred passion, ever dwells 

With its fair partner, love ; 
Blending their beauties, both proclaim 

Their source is from above. 

Let terrors fright the unwilling slavey 
The child with joy appears ; 



Cheerful he does his Father's will, 
And loves as aiuch as fears. 

& Let fear and love, most holy God ! 
Possess this soul of mine, 
Then shall I worship thee aright, 
And taste thy joys divine. 

HYMN 258. L. M. 

Gravity and Decency. 

1 BEHOLD the sons, the heirs of God. 
So dearly bought with Jesus' blood ! 
Are they rot born to heavenly joys, 
And shall they stoop to earthly toys ? 

2 Can laughter feed th' immortal mind ? 
Were spirits of celestial kind 
Made for a jest, for sport and play,- 
To wear out time, and waste the day ? 

3 Doth vain discourse, or empty mirth, 
Well suit the honours of their birth ? 
Shall they be fond of gay attire, 
Wluch children love, and fools admire ? 

4 What if we wear the richest vest, 
Pearccks and flies are better drest; 
This flesh, with nil its gaudy forms, 
Must drop to dust, and feed the worms. 

5 Lord,raise our hearts an'.] passions higher 
Touch our vein souls with sacred fire } 


Then with a heaven directed eye, 
We'll pass these glittering trifles by, 

9 We'll look on all the toys below 
With such disdain us angels do ; 
And wait the call that bids u,$ rise 
To mansions pronus'U in the skies. 

HYMN 259. L. M, 

Happy. Povtvty ; or, the Poor in Spirit blQi 
ed, Matth. v. 3. 

1 YE humble souls, complain no more, 
Let faith survey your future store ; 
How happy, how divinely bles.t, 
The sacred words of truth attest. 

2 When conscious gyief laments sincere^ 
And pours the penitential tear ; 
Hope points to your dejected eyes, 
The bright reversion in the skies. 

3 In vain the sons of wealth and pride 
Despise your lot, your hopes deride : 
In vain they boast' their little stores, 
Trifles are theirs, a kingdom yours:^— 

4 A kingdom of immense delight, 
Where health, and peace, and joy unite; 
Where undeclining pleasures rise, 
And every wish hath full supplies : 

5 A kingdom which can ne'er decay, 
While time sweeps earthly thrones away; 



The state which power and truth sustain, 
Unmoved forever must remain. 

6 There shall your eyes with rapture view 
The glorious friend that died for you; 
That died to ransom, died to raise 

To crowns of joy, and songs of praise. 

7 Jesus, to thee I breathe my prayer, 
Reveal, confirm my interest there: 
"Whute'er my humble lot below, 
TIus, this my soul desires to know ! 

S O let me hear that voice divine 
Pronounce the glorious blessing mine-'} 
Enroll'd among thy "happy poor, 
&Iy largest wishes ask no more. 

HYMN 260. 7's. 

Jt Prayer for Humility. 

1 LORD, if thou thy grace impart, 
Poor in spirit, meek in heart, 

J shall as my Master be, 
Rooted in humility. 

2 Simple, teachable, and mild, 
Chang'd into a little child ; 
Pleas'd with all the Lord provider 
"Wean'd from all the world besides. 

3 Father, fix my soul on thee ; 
Every evil let mc flee ^ 


Nothing want beneath, above, 
Happy in thy precious love. 

4 that all may seek and find, 
Every good in Jesus join'di 
Him let Israel still adore, 
Trust him, praise liim evermore. 

HYMN 261. L. M. 

Lib.erc.tity / or, the .duty and pleasure* of 

1 O WHAT stupendous mercy shines 
Around the majesty of heaven ! 
Rebels he deigns to call his sons, 
Their souls renew'd, tlieir sinsforgiveIt> 

2 Go, imitate the grace divine, 
The grace that blazes like a sun ; 
Hold forth your fair, tho' feeble light, 
Thro' all your lives let mercy run : 

3 Upon your bounty's willing wings 
Swift let the great salvation fly; 
The hungry feed, the naked clothe, 
To pain and sickness help apply. 

Pit y the weeping widow's wo, 
And be her counsellor and stay j 
Adopt the fatherless, and smooth 
To useful, happy life his way. 

5 Let age with want and. weakness bow'dj 
Your bowels of compassion move, 


Let e'en your enemies be blcss'd; 
Their hatred recompensed with love. 

6 "When all is done renounce your deeds, 
Renounce self-righteousness with scorn; 
Thus will you glorify your God, 
And thus the christian name adorn. 

HYMN 262. L. M. 

Tfce Heart purified to unfeigned love of ihs 
JSrethren by the Spirit, 1 Peter i. 22. 

1 GREAT Spirit of immortal love ! 
Vouchsafe our frozen hearts to move ; 
With ardor strong these breasts inflattifr 
TO all that own a Saviour's name. 

2 Still let the heavenly fire endure 
Fervent and vigorous, true and pure \ 
Let every heart and every hand 
Join in the dear fraternal band. 

3 Cclcstjal Dove, descend and bring 
The smiling blessings on thy wing ; 
And make us taste those sweets below 
"Which in the blissful mansions grow. 

HYMN 2G3. C. M. 

Love to our neighbor, Luke x. 29 — 3T. 

X FATHER of mercies send thy grac<$ 
.All powerful from above^ 


Ta form, in our obedient soul& 
The image of thy love. 

may our sympathising breast%. 
That generous pleasure know j 

Kindly to share in others joy, 
And weep for others wo. 

When the most helpless sons of grief, 

In low distress are laid, 
Soft be our hearts their pains to feel, 

And swift our hands to aid. 

So Jesus look'd on dying man, 
When thron'd above the skies ; 

And 'midst the embraces of his God, 
lie felt compassion rise. 

On wings of love the Saviour flew 
To raise us from the ground ; 

And shed the richest of his blood, 
A balm for every wound, 

HYMN 264. C. M. 
love to our enemies from the example of Christ 
Luke xxiii. 34. Mat. v. 44. 

i ALOUD we sing the wond'rous grace, 
Christ to Jus murderers bear; 
Which made the torturing cross Its 
And hung its trophies there, [throne- 

! w Father, forgive," his mercy cried, 
With his expiring breath, 
L 2 



And drew abundant blessings down 
On those who wrought his death. 

3 Jesus, this wond'rous love we sing', 
And whilst we sing admire ; 
Breathe on our souls, and kindle there. 
The same celestial fire. 

4. Sway'd by thy dear example, wc 
For enemies.will pray ; 
VUth love, their hatred, and their curse, 

SVith blesings will repay. 

HYJVIN 265. C. M. 

t&fl attainments vain -without Love, 1 Cot. 
xiiL 1—3. 

X SHOULD bounteous nature iandly pour. 
Her richest gifts on me, 
Still, O my God, I should be poor, 
If void of love to thee. 

2 Not shining wit, nor manly sense, 

Could make me truly good : 
Not zeal itself could recompense 
The want of love to God. 

3 Did I possess the gift of tongues, 

But were deny'd thy grace, 
My loudest words, my loftiest songs 
Would be but sounding brass. 

4 Tho' thou should'st give me heavenly 


If Td no heart to do thy will, 
My knowledge would be vain. 

3 Had I so strong a faith, my God, 
As mountains to remove, 
No faith could do me real good, 
That did not work by love. 

6 [What tho* to gratiiy my pride, 

And make my heaven secure, 
All my possesssions I divide, 
Among the hungry poor ! 

7 What tho' my body I consign 

To tlic devouring flame, 
In hope the glorious deed will sliino 
In rolls of endless fame ! 

$ These splendid acts of vanity, 
"Tho' all the world applaud, 
If destitute of charity, 
Can never please my God ] 

9 grant me then this one request, 
And I'll be satisfy 'd* 
That love divine may rule my breatt, 
And all my actions guide. 

HYMN 266. L. M. 

Jlguv*! wish. Provcrba xxx. T, 8, £ 

I Thu9 Agur breath 'd bin warm dcsir<*> 
"My God, two favors I require, 


" In neither my request deny, 

" Vouchsafe them both before I die; 

2 " Far from my heart and tents excludes- 
"Those enemies to all that's good, 

" Folly', whose pleasures end in death* 
" And falsehood's pestilential breath. 

3 " Re neither wealth nor want my lot? 
" Below the dome, above the cot. 

" Let me my life unanxious lead, 
•* And know nor luxury nor need.*' 

4 These wishes, Lord, we make our own; 
O shed in moderation down 

Tliy bounties, 'till this mortal breath, 
Expiring; tunes thy praise in death ! 

3 But should'st thou large possession* 

May we with thankfulness receive 
The exuberance — still our Cod adore 
And bless the needy from our store ! 

C Or should we feel the pains of want, 
Submission, resignation grant, 
'Till thou shall send the wish'd supply, 
Or call us to the bliss on high. 

HYMN 267. L. M. 
Christian patience, Luke xxi. 19. 

1 PATIENCE ! O what a grace divine \ 

Scut from tue Cod of power and lore 


Submissive to its Father's hand, 
As thro* the wilds of life we rove. 

3 By patience we serenely bear 
The troubles of our mortal state, 
And wait contented our discharge, 
Nor think our glory comes too late. 

3 Tho* we in full sensation feel 

The weight,thc wounds our Godor(lains 4 
We smile amid our heavenly woes, 
And triumph in our sharpest pains. 

4 O for this grace to aid us on, 
And arm with fortitude the breast, 
'Till life's tumultuous voyage is o'er, 
We reach the shores of endless rest 1 

Hope shall in full fruition die ; 
And patience in possession end 
In the bright worlds of bliss on. higt 

HYMN 268. C. M. 

God speaking peace to his people, 
Psalm lxxxv. 8. 

; UNITE, my roving thoughts, unite 
In silence soft and sweet : 
And thou, my soul, sit gently down 
At thy great Sovereign's feet. 

5 Faith into vision shall 

2 Jehovah's awful voice is hearth 
Yet gladly I attend, j 



For lo ! the everlasting God 
Proclaims himself my friend. 

3 Harmonious accents to my sou) 

The sounds of peace convey ; 
The tempest at his word subsides;, 
And winds and seas obey. 

4 By all its joys, I charge my heart , 

To grieve his love no more ; 
Unt cliarmcd by melody divine, 
To give its follies o'er. 

HYMN 269. C. M. 

Resignation; or, God our portion* 

1 MY times of sorrow and of joy, 

Great God, are in thy hand ; 
My choicest comforts come from theCj 
And go at thy command. 

2 If thou should'st take them all away, 

Yet should I not repine ; 
Before they were possessed by mc, 
They were entirely thine. 

3 "What is the world with all its store r 

'Tis but a bitter sweet ; 
When I attempt to pluck the rosov 
A pricking thorn I meet, 


4 Here perfect bliss can ne'er be found, 
The honey's mix'd with (rail ; 
Midst changing- scenes and drying friends, 
Be thou my all in all. 

HYMN 2?U C. M. 

Self-denial; of, taking vfi the Cit>9$ f 
" Mark viii. 38. Luke ix. 26. 

1 ASHAMED of Christ ! my soul disdain 

The mean Ungen'rous thought f 
Shall I disown that friend, whose blood 
To man salvation brought ? 

2 With the gted news of love and peace 

From heaven to earth he came ; 
Tor us endured the painful cross, 
For us despis'd the shame. 

3 At his command we must take up 

Our cross without delay ; 
Our lives— and thousand lives ef outs 
His love can ne'er repay. 

4 Each faithful sufferer Jesus views 

With infinite delight ; 
Their lives to him are dear, their deaths 
Are precious in his sight. 

5 To bear his name, his cross to bear ! 

Our highest honor this ! 
Who nobly suffers now for him, 
Shall reign with him in bliss, 


6 But should we in the evil day 
From our profession fly, 
Jesus the Judge, before the worlcf. 
The traitor will deny. 

HYMN 271. C. M. 

Self-denial, Mark viii. 34. Luke is. So, 

1 AND must I part with ail I have, 

My dearest I ,ord, for thee ? 
It is but right, since thou hast done 
Much more than this for me. 

2 Yes, let it go — one look from thco 

Will more than make amends, 
For all the losses I sustain 
Of credit, riches, friends. 

3 Ten thousand worlds, ten thousand 

IIow worthless they appear, [lives, 
Compar'd with thee, supremely good, 
Divinely bright and fair! 

4 Saviour of souls, could I from thee 

A single smile obtain, 
Tho' destitute of all tilings else, 
I'd glory in my gain. 

HYMN 272. C. M. 

Sincerity and Truth Phil. iv. 8. 

t LET those who bear the christian nalns 
Their holy vo>vs fulfil ; 


The saints the followers of the Lamb 
Are men of honor still. 

2 True to the solemn oaths they take, 

Tho' to their hurt they swear ; 
Constant and just to all they speak, 
For God and angels hear. 

3 Still with their lips their hearts agre<r, 

Nor flattering" words devise : 
They know the God of truth can see 
Thro' every false disguise. 

4 They hate the appearance of a lie, 

In all the shapes it wears ; 
Firm to the truth — and when they die,, 
Eternal life is theirs. 

H Lo ! from afar the Lord descehds, 
And brings the judgment down ; 
He bids his saints his faithful friends, 
Kise and possess their crown. 

6 While Satan trembles at the sight. 
And devils wish to die, 
Where will the faithless hypocrite 
And guilty liar fly ? 

HYxMN 273. C. M. 

True and false Zeal. 

1 ZEAL is that pure and heavenly flame 
The fire of love supplies 


"While that which often bears the namQj 
Is self in a disguise. 

2 True zeal is merciful and mild, 

Can pity and forbear ; 
The false is headstrong-, fierce and wild, 
And breathes revenge and war- 

3 While zeal for truth the christian warms* 

lie knows the work of peace ; 
But self contends for names and forms, 
Its party to increase. 

4 Zeal has attain'd its highest aim, 

Its end is satisfy'd, 
If sinners love the Saviour's name, 
Nor seeks it aught beside. 

5 But self.however well employ'd, 

lias its own ends in view f 
And says, as boasting Jehucry'd, 
" Come see what I can do." 

Q Self may its poor reward obtain, 
And be applauded here ; 
But zeal the best applause will gain, 
When Jesus shall appear. 

7 Dear Lord, the idol self dethrone, 
And from our hearts remove ; 
And let no zeal by us be shown, 
But that which springs from love. 



HYMN 274. C. M. 

Ihicouragcmcnt to trust and love Gqrt. 
Psalm xxxiv. 

1 THRO* all the changing scenes of life, 

In trouble and in joy, 
The praises of my Ciod should still 
My heart and tongue employ. 

2 The hosts of God encamp around 

The dwellings of the just : 
Protection he affords to all 

Who make his name their trust 

3 O make but trial of his love, 

Experience will decide, 
How blest are they and only they, 
Who in his truth confide. 

4 Fear him, ye saints, and vou will thca, 

Have nothing else tolear; 
Make you his service your delight ; 
Your wants shall be his care. 

5 While hungry lions lack their prey, 

The Lord will food provide 
For such as put their trust in him, 
And see their needs supply 'd. 


<50» PERFECT. 

flYMN 275. L. 3VI. 
Tme Wisdom, Proverbs Hi. 13—18. 

1 HAPPY the man who finds the grace. 
The blessing of God's chosen race ; 
The wisdom coming from above, 
And faith that sweetly works by love ! 

S Happy beyond description he, 

Who knows, "the Saviour died for me," 
The gift unspeakable obtains, 
And heavenly understanding gains. 

3 Her ways are ways of pleasantness, 
And all" her flow'ry paths are peace; 
Wisdom to silver we prefer, 
And gold is dross compar'd with her. 

A Happy the man who wisdom gains, 
In whose obedient heart she reigns ; 
He owns, and will for ever own, 
Wisdom, and Christ, and heaven are one 

HYMN 276. C. M. 

Holy Zeal and Diligence. 

1 WHILE carnal men with all their mig'K 
Earth's vanities pursue, 
How slow the advances which I make, 
With heaYea itself in view 1 



2 Inspire my sot$ with holy zeal ; 

Great God my love inflame ; 
Religion, without zeal and love, 
Is but an empty name. 

3 To gain the top of Zion's hill, 

May I with fervor strive ; 
And all those powers employ for thee 
Which I from thee derive ! 

KYMN 277*. L. M. 

TJie increase of the Church. 

1 SHOUT, for the blessed Jesus reigns, 
Thro' distant lands his triumphs spread ; 
And sinners freed from endless pains, 
Own him their Saviour, and their head. 

2 His sons, and daughters, from afar. 
Daily at Sion's gate arrive ; 
Those who were dead in sin before 
By sovereign grace are made alive. 

3 Oppressors bow beneath his feet, 
O'ercome by his victorious po\ve>; 
Princes in humble posture wait, 
And proud blasphemers learn t' adore. 

& Gentiles and Jews his laws obey, 
Nations remote their offerings bring, 
And, unconstrain'd, their homage pay 
To their exalted God and King. 



5 O may his conquests still increase, 
And every foe his power subdue ; 
While angels celebrate his praise, 
And saints his growing glories shew. 

Loud halellujahs to the Lamb, 
Prom all below and all above ; 
In lofty songs, exalt his name, 
In songs as lasting as his love. 

HYMN 278. C. M. 
Running the Christian Itace t Phil. iii. 12, 1 

1 AWAKE, my soul, stretch cv'ry nerve 

And press with vigor on ; 
A heavenly race demands thy zeal, 
And an immortal crown. 

2 'Tis God's all-animating voice, 

That calls thee from on high ; 
'Tis his own hand presents the prize 
To thine aspiring eye. 

3 A cloud of witnesses around 

Hold thee in full survey ; 
Forget the steps already trod, 
And onward urge thy way. 

4 Bless'd Saviour, introdue'd by thee., 

Have we our race begun ; 
And, crown'dwith victory, at thy feet 
We lay our laurels down. 


HYMN 279. C. M. 

The Request. 

1 FATHER, what'er of earthly bliss* 

'1 hy sovereign will denies, 
Accepted at thy throne of grace, 
Let this petition rise ; 

2 « Give me a calm, a thankful hearty 

" From every murmur free : 
« The blessings of thy graee impart, 
" And make iue live to thee. 

3 «*Lct the sweet hope- that thou art 

" My -life and death attend ; [mine, 
" Thy presence thro' my journey shine, 
" And crown my journey's end." 

HYMN 280. C. M. 

Watchfulness and Prayer, Matt. sxvi. i\. 

1 ALAS, what hourly dangers rise ! 

W hat snares beset my way ! 
To heaven O let me lift my eyes, 
And hourly watch and pray. 

2 llow oft my mournful thoughts complain, 

And melt in flowing tears ! 
My weak resistance, ah, how vain ! 
How strong my fees and fears ! 

3 gracious God, in whom I live, 

My feeble efforts uid \ 


Help me to watch, and pray and strive, 
Tho' trembling" and afraid. 

4 Increase my faith, increase my hope, 
When foes and fears prevail ; 
And bear my fainting spirit up, 
Or soon my strength will fail. 

3 Whene'er temptations fright my heart, 
Or lure my feet aside, 
My God thy powerful aid impart, 
My guardian and my guide. 

6 keep me in thy heavenly way 
And bid the tempter fiee ; 
And let me never, never stray 
Prom happiness and thee. 

HYMN 281. C. M. 

The Christian Warrior animated & crowned. 
Rev. ii. 10. 

1 HARK ! 'tis our heavenly leader's voice 
From his triumphant seat ; 
'Midst all the war's tumultuous noise. 
How powerful and how sweet ! 

3 " Tight on, my faithful band," he crier, 
" Nor fear the mortal blow : 
" Who first in such a warfare dies, 
" Shall speediest victory know. 

3 " I have my days of combat known? 
And in the dust was laid; 


f; But thence I mounted to my throne, 
" And glory crowns my head. 

4 " That throne.that glory you shall share; 
" My hands the crown shall give ; 
(( And you the sparkling' honors wear, 
'« While God himself shall live." 

HYMN 282. C. M. 
Dedication of Children. Mark X. 14-. 

1 SEE Israel's gentle Shepherd stands, 

With all engaging" charms ; 
Hark how he calls the tender Lambs, 
And folds thcia in his arms ! 

2 " Permit them to approach," lie cries, 

Nor scorn their humble name ; 
For 'twas to bless such souls as these, 
The Lord of Angela came. 

o We bring* them, Lord,by fervent prayer, 
And yield them up to thee ; 
Joyful that we ourselves are thine, 
Thine let our offspring 1 be ! 

4 Ye little flock, with pleasure hear. 

Ye children, seek his face ; 
And fly with transport to receive 
The blessings of his grace. 

5 If orphans they are left behind., 

Thy guardian care we trust ; 



That care shall heal our bleeding hearts 
If weeping o'er their dust. 

HYMN 283. S. M. 

The pleasures of social IVorslup. 

1 HOW charming is the place, 
Where my Redeemer God 

Unveils the beauties of his face, 
And sheds his love abroad i 

2 Not the fair palaces 

To which the great resort, 
Are once to be compar'd with this* 
Where Jesus holds his court 

3 Here on the mercy-seat, 
With radiant glory crownM, 

Our joyful eyes behold him sit, 
And smile on all around. 

4 To him their prayers and cries 
Each humble soul presents : 

He listens to their broken sighs, 
And grants then) all they want. 

5 To them hi* sovereign will 
He gracious:/ imparls : 

And in return accept w ith smiles, 
The tribute of their hearts. 

6 Give me, O Lord, a place 
Within thy blest abodcj 


Among the children of thy grace. 
The servants of my God. 

HYMN 284. L. M. 

The happiness of humble ivors/a'p 
Psalm lxxxiv. 

1 HOW lovely, how divinely sweet, 
Lord, thy sacred courts appear ; 
Fain would my longing passions meet 
The glories of thy presence there 

2 O, blest the men, blest their employ, 
Whom thy indulgent favors raise, 
To dwell in these abodes of joy, 
And sing the never-ceasing praise. 

3 Happy t\ie men whom strength divine, 
With ardent love and zeal inspires ; 
Whose steps to thy blest way incline, 
With willing hearts and warm desires. 

•1 One day within thy sacred gate, 
Affords more real joy to me, 
Than thousands in the tents of state ; 
The meanest place is bliss with thee. 

3 God is a Sun ; our brightest day 
From his reviving presence Hows; 
God is a shield, thro* all the way, 
To guard us from surrounding foes. 

6 He pours his kindest blessings down, 
Profusely down on souls sincere ;. 


And grace shall jjuide and glory crown 
The happy favorites of his care. 

7 Lord of hosts, thou Cod of fracc, 
How blest, divinely blest, is lie, 
"Who trusts thy love and seeks liiy face, 
And fixes all his hope on thee ! 

HYMN 235. S. M. 

I'\rmsvGtn without JReli^isr.. 

1 ALMIGHTY Maker, God! 
How wond'rOtis is thy name ! 

Tin cdories how dill'us'd abroad 
Thro' the creation's frame. 

2 Nature in every dress 
Her humble homage pays, 

And finds a thousand ways t' express 
Thine undissembled praise. 

3 My soul would rise and sing" 
To her Creator too, 

Tain would my tongue adore my King, 
And pay the worship due. 

4 Create my soul anew, 
Else all my worship':; vain ; 

This u retched heart will ne'er betray 
Until 'tis formed again. 

3 Let joy und worship tpqoA 
The remnant of my Uovs, 



And to my God, my soul ascend 
Jn sweet perfumes of praise. 

HYMN 2SG. C. M. 

T/iefreeness of the Gospel. 

1 HOW free and boundless is the grace 

Of our redeeming God, 
Extending to the Greek and Jew, 
And men of every blood ! 

2 The mightiest king, and meanest slave, 

May his rich mercy taste ; 
He bids the beggar and the prince 
Unto the gospel feast. 

3 None, are excluded thence, but those 

Who do themselves exclude ; 
Welcome the learned and polite, 

4 Come then ye men of every narae^ 
Of every rank and tongue ; 
What you are willing to receive 
Doth unto you belong. 

HYMN 287. C. M. 

Ditties and privileges, Jude 20, ii. 

1 WHILE sinners who presume to bear 
The Christian's sacred name, 

The ignorant and rude. 



2 Ye saints, preserv'd in Christ and call'd, 

Detest their impious ways 
And on the basis of your faith 
An heavenly temple raise. 

3 Upon the Spirit's promisM aid 

Depend from day to day, 
And, while he breathes his quickening 
Adore, and praise, and pray. [gale, 

4 Preserve unquench'd your love to Go$, 

And let the flame arise, 
And higher and still higher blaze, 
Till it ascends the skies. 

5 With a transporting joy expect 

When all his saints shall from his hands 
Their crowns of life receive. 

HYMN 288. S. M. 

Jab'ez's Prayer, 1 Chron. iv. 9, 10. 

1 « O TTIA.T the . Lord indeed 
" Would me his servant bless, 

" From every evil shield my head, 
u And crown my paths with peaces 

2 « P.e his almighty hand 

" My helper and my guide, 
Ct Till with his saints in Canaan's land, 
" My portion he divide." 

The grace your Lord shall give 


HYMN 289. C. M. 
Psalm lxxxiv. 8. 

1 LORD. God, omnipotent to bless, 

My supplication hear ; 
Guardian of Jacob, to my voice 
Incline thy gracious, ear. 

2 . If I have never yet begun 

To tread the sacred road, 
teach my wandering feet the v/ay, 
To Zion's blest abode ! 

3 Or if I'm travelling' in the path, 

Assist me with thy strength, 
And let me swift advances make, 
And reach thine heaven atJengtht 

4- 'My care, my hope, my first request, 
Arc all comprised in this, 
To follow where thy saints have led, 
And then partake their bliss. 

HYMN 290. C. M. 

Vanity of the wor/J, Psalm iv. 6. 

1 IN .vain the giddy world enquires, 

Forgetful of their God, 
« Who w ill supply our vast desircy, 
" Or show us any good I" 

2 Thro' the wide circuit of the earth 

Their eager wishes roye, 


In chaca of honor, wealth, and mirth, 
The phantoms of their love. 

3 But oft these shadowy joys elude 

Their most intense pursuit : 
Or if they seize the fancied good, 
There's poison in the fruit. 

4 Lord, from this world call off my love 

Set my affections right ; 
Bid me aspire to joys above, 
And walk no more by sight. 

5 O let the glories of thy face 

Upon my bosom shine ; 
Assur'd of thy forgiving grace, 
My joys v.\ill be divine. 

HYMN 291. C. M. 

The inch fool surprised, Luke xii. 1G — 22 

:< DELUDED souls ! who think to find 
A solid bliss below : 
Bliss ! the fair flower of paradise, 
On earth can never grow. 

2 See how the foolish wretch is ple.ns'd, 

T* increase his worldly store ; 
Too scanty now he finds his barns, 
And covets room for more. 

3 "What shall I do ?" distrcst, he cries. 

• ; Tins scheme will 1 pursue : 


* My scanty barns shall now come<3own> 
w I'll build them large and new. 

4 '* Here will I lay my fruits and bid 

" My soul to take its ease ; 
"Eat, drink, be glad, my lasting store 
" Shall give what joys I please." 

5 Scarce had he spoke when lo 1 from 

The Almighty made reply : [heaven 
"For whom dost thou provide, thou fool i 
" This night thyself shall die." 

C Teach me, my God, all earthly joys 
Are but an empty dream ; 
And may I seek my bliss alone, 
In thee the good supreme ! 

HYMN 292. C. M. 

The whole world no compensation for the loss 
of one soul, Mark viii. 36. 

1 LORD, shall we part with gold for dros?, 

With solid good for show ? 
Out-live our bliss, and mourn our los* 
In everlasting wo ? 

2 Let us not lose the living God, 

For one short dream of joy ; 
With fond embrace cling lo a clod 
And fi'.j?ga?l he men awav. 
H 2 



2 Vain world, thy weak attempts forbear, 
We all thy charms defy ; 
And rate our precious souls too dear. 
Eor all thy wealth to buy. 

HYMN 293. L. M. 

The Farewell 

1 DEAD Ire my heart to all below, 
To mortal joys and mortal cares; 
To sensual buss that charms us so* 

Be dark, mine eyes, and deaf, my ears. 

2 Lord, I renounce my carnal taste 
Of the fair fruit that sinners prize : 
Their paradise should never waste 
One thought of mine, but to despise. 

3 All earthly joys are overwveigh'd 
With mountains 6T vexatious care ; 
And where's the sweet that is not laid. 
A bait to some destructive snare i 

4 Begone, for ever, mortal tilings ! 
Thou mighty mole-hill, earth, farewell ! 
Angels aspire on lofty wings, 

And leave the globe for ants to dwell. 

5 Come heaven and fill my vast desires, 
My soul pursues the sovereign good: 
She was all made of heavenly fires, 
Nor can she live on meaner food. 

eoD PERFECT. 275 

I1YMN -294. C. M. 

The Churchxleacribed ; or, the stability and 
Glory of Sion, Cant. vi. 10. 

1 SAY. who is she, that locks abroad, 

Like the sweet blushing- daw n, 
"When with her living 1 light she paints 
The dew-drops of tne lawn : 

2 Fair as the moon, when in the skies 

Serene her throne she guides, 
And o'er the twinkling stars supreme 
In full-orb'd glory rides : 

3 Clear as the sun, when from the east 

Without a cloud he springs, 
And scatters boundless light and heat. 
From his resplendent wings : 

4 Tremendous as an host that moves 

Majestically slow, 
"With banners wide display'd, all arm'd, 
All ardent for the foe ! 

5 This is the church by heaven array M, 
AVith strength and grace divine ; 
Thus shall she strike hcrfoes with dread., 
And thus her glories shincv 


HYMN 295. C. M. 

Jl3ki7ig the way to Sion, Jer. 1. 5. 

2 ENQUIRE, ye pilgrims, for the way. 
That leads to Sion's hill, 
And thither set ycur steady face, 
AVitli a determined will. 

2 Invite the strangers all around 

Your pious march to join ; 
And spread the sentiments youfefc! 
Of faith and love divine. 

3 O come, and to his temple haste, 

And seek his favor there ; 
Before his footstool humbly bow, 
And pour your fervent prayer ! 

4 come, and join your souls to God 

In everlasting bands, 
Accept the blessings he bestows. 
With thankful hearts and hands. 

HYMN 296. C. M. 

Lovest thou me ? feed my Lamb$ } 
John xxi. 15. 

1 DO not I love thee, O my Lord ? 
Behold my heart, and see ; 
And turn each cursed idol out, 
That dares to rival thee, 



2 Is not thy name melodious still 

To mine attentive ear ? 
Doth not each pulse with pleasure bound 
My Saviour's voice to hear ? 

3 [Hast thou a Lamb in all thy flock, 

I would disdain to feed ? 
Hast thou a foe before whose face 
I fear thy cause to plead? 

4 Would not mine ardent spirit vie 

With angels round the throne, 
To execute thy sacred will, 
And make thy glory kn.ow.u-?] 

5 Thou know'stl love thee, dearest Lord; 

But, O ! I long to soar 
Far from the sphere of mortal joys, 
And learn to love thee more. 

HYMN 297. L. M. 

The beneficence of Christ for our imitation. 
Acts jc. 38. 

1 WHEN Jesus dwelt in mortal clay, 
What were his works from day to day, 
But miracles of power and grace, 
That spread salvation thro' our race ? 

2 Teach us, O Lord, to keep in view 
Thy pattern, and thy steps pursue ; 
Let alms besto./'d, let kindness done 
Be witneas'd by each rolling sun* 


3 That man may last, but never lives. 
Who much receives, but nothing gives, 
"Whom none can love, whom none can 

♦.bank : 

Creation's blot, creation's blank ; 

4 But he who marks from clay to clay, 
In cen'rous acts his radiant way, 

Ti reads. the same path Ins Saviour trod, 
The path to glory and to Cod. 

HYMN 293 C. M. 

Providing Jiags that ~vax vot old, 
Luke xii 33. 

1 YES. there are joys that cannot die*, 

With Ciod laid up in store ; 
Treasure beyond the changing sky, 
Brighter than golden ore. 

2 The seeds, which piety and love 

Have scattered here below, 
In the fair fertile fields above 
To ample harvests grow. 

3 The mite, my willing hands can give, 

At Jesus' feet I lay ; 
ft nice shall the humble gift receive, 
And grace at large repay. 


HYMN 299. 8. 8. 6. 

Way, Truth, and Life, John xiv. 6. 

1 THERE is no path to heavenly blUs> 
Or solid joy, or lasting peace, 

But Christ th' appointed road; 
may we tread the sacred Way; 
By faith rejoice, and praise, and pray, 

Till we sit down with God! 

The types, and shadows of the word 
Unite in Christ, the man, the Lord, 

The Saviour, just and true j 
O may we all his word believe, 
And all his ^promises receive, 

And all his precepts do. 

3 As he above for ever lives, 
And life to dying sinners gives, 

Eternal nd divine ; 
O may his spirit in me dwell, 
Then sav'd from sin, and death, and hell, 

Eternal life is mine. 

HYMN 300. C M. 

The conversion of Si?ineiv a matter of 

1 THERE'S joy in heaven, and joy on 

"When prodigals return, [earth, 
To see desponding souls rejoice, 
And haughty siiuiers mourn. 



2 " Come saints, and hear what God has 

Is a reviving sound : [done," 

may it snrcadfrom sea to sea, 
E'en all the globe around. 

3 Often, O sovereign Lord, renew 

The wonders of this day ; 
That Jesus here may see his seed, 
And Satan lose his prey. 

4 Great God, the work is all thine owiij 

Thine be the praises too, 
Let every heart and every tongue 
Give thee the glory due. 

HYMN 301. C. M. 

JJ/mtacy — Will yc also go enva ij ? 

> WHEN any turn from Zion's way, 
(Alas ! what numbers do !) 
Methinks I hear my Saviour say, 
" Wilt thou forsake me too r" 

2 Ah, Lord ! with such a heart as mine, 

Unless thou hold me fast ; 

1 feel 1 must, I shall decline, 
And prove like them at last. 

3 Yet thou alone hast power, I know. 

To save a wretch like me ; 
To whom, or whither, could I go, 
If I should turn from ? 


4 Beyond ft doubtI re9t assur'd 

Thou art the Christ of God ; 
"Who hath eterrial life secur'd 
By promise and by blood. 

5 The help of men and angels join'd. 

Could never reach my case ; 
Nor can I hope relief to find, 
But in thy boundless grace. 

6 No voice but thine can give me rest, 

And bid my fears depart ; 
No love but thine can make me bless' J, 
And satisfy my heart. 

7 "What anguish has that question stirr'd. 

If I will also go ? 3 
Yet, Lord, relying on thy word, 
I humbly answer, No ! 

HYMN 302. L. M. 

To whom shall wc go hut unto thee f 
John vi. 67—69. 

1 THOU only sovereign of my heart, 
My refuge, my almighty friend — 
And can my Soul from thee depart, 
On whom alone my hopes depend ? 

2 Whither, ah ! whither shall I go, 

A wretched wanderer from my Lord ? 
Can this dark world of sin and wo 
One glimpse of happiness afford ? 
m 3 


3 Eternal life thy words impart, 
On these my fainting spirit lives, 
Here sweeter comforts cheer my heart 
Than all the round of nature gives. 

4 Let earth's alluring 1 joys combine, 
While thou art near, in vain they call ; 
One smile, one blissful smile of thine, 
My dearest Lord, out wings them all. 

5 Thy name my inmost powers adore, 
Thou art my life, my joy, my care ; 
Depart from thee — 'tis death — 'tis more, 

'Tis endless ruin, deep despair I 

6 Lo ! at thy feet my soul would lie, 
Here safety dwells, and peace divine; 
Still letme live beneath thine eye, 
For life, eternal life is thine. 

HYMN 303. L. M. 
Prayer for the whole Church. 

1 IN thee, thou all-sufficient God, 
The springs of happiness arise, 
That cheer this howling waste below* 
And bless the mansions of the skies; 

2 We, the productions of thy power, 
And pensioners v.pon thy love, 

Look to thy throne with longing eye?, 
And wait thy blessings from above. 


3 Protect the young from every snare, 
And let thy staff support the old,. 
Relieve the poor nor let the rich, 
Have all their heritage in gold. 

5 Let joyful saints still taste thy grace, 
Give to the mourners heavenly day, 
Sustain the strong, and quick revive, 
The withering plants from their decay. 

HYMN 304. 8 M 

The return of the Spring celebrated. 

1 FROM winter's barren clods, 
From winter's t joyless waste. 
The spring in sudden youth anpearfi, 
With blooming beauty grae'd. 

12 How balmy is the air ! 

How warm the soUr beams 
And to refresh the ground, the rains 
Descend in gentle streams. 

? Great God, at thy command 
Seasons in order rise ; 
Thy power and love in concert reign 
Thro' earth, and seas, and side*. 

4 ith grateful praise we own 
Thy providential hand, 

While grass Tor kine, and herb and corn 
For men, enrich the land. 



5 But greater still the gift 
Of thine incarnate Son ; 
By him forgiveness, peace, and joy 
Thro' endless. ages run. 

HYMN 305. C. M. 

Harvest & or, the accepted time and day of 
Salvation, Prov. x. 5. 

1 SHE how the little toiling ant 
Improves the harvest hours : 
While summer lasts thro' all her cells 
The choicest store she pours. 

3 "While life rcmains : our harvest lasts ; 
But youth of life's the prime ; 
Best 5s this season for our work, 
And this th' accepted time. 

3 To day attend, is wisdom's voice, 

To morrow, folly cries : 
And still to morrow 'tis, when, Oh! 
To day the sinner dies. 

4 When conscience (speaks, its voice re- 

And seize the tender hour; [gard, 
Humbly implore the promis'd grace, 
And God will give the power. 

HYMN o06. C. M. 

A JVedding Hymn. 

\ SINCE Jesus freely did appear 
To grace- a marriage feast ; 



O Lord, we ask thy presence here^ 
To make a wedding 1 guest 

3 Upon the bridal pair look down, 
Who now have plighted hands, 
Their union with thy favor crown. 
And bless the nuptial bands. 

3 "With gifts of grace their hearts endow, 

Of all rich dowries best 1 
Their substance bless, and peace bes^T, 
To sweeten all the" rest. 

4 In purest love their souls unite, 

That they with christian care, 
May make domestic burdens lighj, 
By taking mutual share. 

5 True helpers may they prove indec,^ 

In prayer, and faith, and hope ; 
And see with joy a godly seed 
To build their household up. 

6 As Isaac and "Rebecca give 

A pattern chaste and kind; 
So may this married couple live. 
And die in friendship join'd. 

7 On every soul assembled here, 

O make thy face to shine ; 
Thy goodness more our hearts caji cheer 
Than, richest focd or win?. 



HYMN 307. X. M. 

A Welcome to Christian Friends. — At 

1 KINDRED in Christ, for his dear sake, 
A hearty welcome here receive ; 
May we together now partake 
The joys which only he can give. 

3 To you and us by gTace 'tis given 
To know the Saviour's precious name ; 
And shortly we shall meet in heaven, 
Our hope, our way, our end the same. 

3 May he, by whose kind care we meet, 
.Send his good Spirit from above, 
Make our communications sweet, 
And cause our hearts to burn with love 

4 Forgottc^i be each worldly theme, 
"When christians see each other thus, 
"We only wish to speak of him, 
"Who liv'd, and died, and reigns for us. 

5 We'll talk of all he did and said, 
And sull'c-r'dfor us here below ; 
The path he mark'd for us to tread, 
And what he's doing for us now. 

6 Thus, as the moments pass away, 
We'll love, and wonder, and adore ; 
And hasten on the glorious day, 
When wc shall meet to part no more. 



HYMN 308. 7'ft 
At Parting. 

1 FOR a season call'd to part, 
Let us now ourselves commend. 
To the gracious eye and heart 
Of our ever-present friend. 

2 Jesus, hear our humble prayer \ 
Tender shepherd of thy sheep L 
Let thy mercy and thy care 

AU our souls in safety keep. 

3 In thy strength may we be strong", 
Sweeten every cross and pain : 
Give us, if we live, ere long 

In thy peace to meet again. 

4 Then, if thou thy help afford; 
Ebenezers shall be rear'd ; 

And our souls shall praise the Lord, 
Who our poor petitions heard. 

HYMN 309. L. M. 

The Christian Farewell, 2 Ccr. xiii, 11. 

1 THY presence, everlasting Go«J, 
Wide o'er all nature spreads abroad; 
Thy watchful eyes, which cannot sleep, 
In every place thy cluldren keep. 

2 While near each other we remain, 
Thou dost our lives and soujs sustain ; 



When absent, happy if we share 
Thy smiles, thy counsels, and thy care, 

3 To thee we all our ways commit, 
And seek our comforts. near thy seat; 
Still on our souls vouchsafe to shine, 
And guard; and guide us, still as thine. 

4 Give us in thy beloved house, 
Again to pay our thankful vows ; 
Or, if that joy no more be known, 
Give us to meet around thy throne. 

HYMN 310. C. M. 

Seek first the kingdom of Cod, Matt. vi. 33. 

1 NOW let a true ambition rise, 

And ardor lire our breasts, 
To reign in worlds above the skies, 
In heavenly glories drest. 

2 Behold, Jehovah's royal hand 

A radiant crown display, 
Whose gems with vivid lustre sliine, 
While stars and suns decay. 

3 Away each grovelling anxious care, 

Beneath a christian's aim ; 
We spring to seize immortal joys, 
In our licdcemer's name. 

4 Ye hearts, with youthful vigor warm. 

The glorious prize pursue} 



Nor fear the want of earthly good. 
While heaven is kept in view. 

HYMN 311. S. M. 

Jbw shall a Young Man cleanse his JVay*$ 
Psalm cxix. 9. 

t WITH humble heart and tongue. 
My Cod, to thee I pray ; 
O make me learn whilst I am young, 
Howl may cleanse my way. 

t Now in my early days, 

Teach ine thy will to know j 
O God, thy sanctifying grace 
ttetimcs on me bestow. 

Make an unguarded youth 
The object of thy care ; 
Help me to choose the way of truth, 
And fly from every snare. 

5 My heart, to folly prone, 
HcncW by power divine ; 
Unite it to thyself alone, 
And make mc wholly thine, 

5 O let thy word of grace 

My warmest thoughts employ ; 
lie this through all my following days, 
My treasure and my j$y. 



6 To what thy laws impart* 
lie my whole soul inclin'd ; 

O let them dwell within my heart,. 
And sanctify my mind. 

7 May thy young- servant lcani> 
liy these to-eicanse his way j 

And may I here the path discern 
That leads, to endless day. 

HYMN 312. L. M. 

The shortness of Time t and frailty of J\Ian 
Vs. xxxix. 

2 ALMIGHTY Malcer of my frame. 
Teach me the measure of my days ! 
Teach me to know how frail I am, 
And spend the remnant to thy praise. 

2 My days are shorter than a span, 
A little point my life appears ; 
How frail at best is dying man ! 
How vain are all his hopes and fears-. 

3 Vain his ambition, noise and show ! 
Vain arc the cares which rack his mind 
He heaps up treasures mix'd with wo ; 
And dies, and leaves them all behind. 

4 O be a robler portion mine ; 

My Cod, I bow before thy throne. 
Earth's fleeting treasures I resign, 
And fix my hope on thee alone,- 


HYMN 313. L. M. 


The Wisdom of redeeming Time, 
Eph. v. 15, 16. 

1 COD of eternity, from thee 
Did infant I ime his being draw ; 
Moments and fays, and months and year3> 
Revolve by thine unvaried law. 

2 Silent and slow they glide away : 
Steady and strong the current flows, 
Lost in eternity's wide sea, [rose. 
The boundless gulph, from whence it* 

3 Willi it the thoughtless sons of men. 
JJefoi'e (he rapid streams are borne> 
On to thut everlasting home, 

W hence not one soul can e'er return. 

4 Yet while the shore on either side 
Presents a gaudy, flattering b!iow, 
We gaze, in fond amazement loat, 
Nor think to what a world we go. 

5 Orcat source of wisdom, teach my hear; 
To know the price of every hour; 
That time may bear me on to joys 
Beyond its measures and. its power. 



HYMN 314. C. M. 

(Time and Eternity ; ox, longing after unseen 
Pleasures, 2 Cor. iv. 18. 

1 HOW long shall earth's alluring toys 

Detain our hearts and eyes, 
Regardless of immortal joys, 
And strangers to the skies ? 

2 These transient scenes will soon decay, 

They fade upon the sight ; 
And quickly will their brightest- day 
Be lost in endless night. 

3 Their brightest day, alas, how vain ! 

With conscious sighs we own ; 
While clouds of sorrow, care and pain, 
O'crshade the smiling noon. 

4t O could our thoughts and wishes fly 
Above these gloomy shades; 
To those bright worlds beyond the sky, 
Which sorrow ne'er invades. 

$ There joys unseen by mortal eyesi 
Or reason's feeble ray, 
In ever blooming prospects rise, 
Unconscious of decay. 

G Lord, send abeam of light divine;, 
To guide our upward aim ! 
With one reviving touch of thine 
Our languid hearts infifunc. 


% Then shall, on faith's sublimest wing-, 
Our ardent wishes rise, 
To those bright scenes where pleasures; 
Immortal in the skies. (spring 

HYMN 315. S. M. 

Jhvpie mercies in constant succession*, 
Lam. iii. 22, 23. 

% HOW various and how new, 
Arc thy compassions, Lord ! 
Each morning shall thy mercy $he*r, 
Each night thy truth record. 

2 Thy goodness, Jike the sun, 
Dawn'd on our early days, 

Ere infant reason had begun 
To form our lips to praise. 

3 Each object wc beheld 
Gave pleasure to our eyes : 

And nature all our senses held 
In band3 of sweet surprise. 

4 But pleasures more refin'd 
Awaited that blcss'd day» 

When light arose upon our mind, 
And chas'd our sins away. 

How sovereign and haw free ! 
pur souls that had been dead in sin, 
Were made alive to thee 

£ How new thy 





6 Now we expect a clay 
Still brighter far than this, 

"When death shall bear our souls aWiry 
To realms of light and bliss. 

7 T here rapturous scenes of joy 
Shall burst upon our sight: 

And every pain, and tear and sigh, 
He drowned in endless night. 

8 Beneath thy balmy wing, 
O sun of righteousness, 

Our happy souls shall sit and sing 
The wonders of thy grace. 

9 Nor shall that radiant day 
So joyfulh begun, 

In evening shadows die away, 
Beneath the setting sun. 

10 How various and how new 
Are thy compassions, Lord I 

Eternity thy love shall shew', 
And all thy truth record. 

HYMN 316. L M. 

Eternity joyful and tremendous. 

1 ETERNITY is just at hand : 
And shall 1 waste my ebbing sand, 
And raielesS viev departing day, 
And throw my inch of time away* 



2 Eternity, tremendous sound ! 

To guilty souls, a dreadful wound ; 
But O ! if Christ and heaven be mine, 
How sweet the accents ! how divine I 

3 Be this my chief, my only care-, 
My high pursuit, ^.y ardent prayer, 
An interest in the Saviour's blood, 
My pardon seal'd and peace with God, 

4 But should my brightest hopes be vain, 
The rising doubt, how sharp its paint 
My fears, O gracious God, remove, 
Speak me an object of thy love. 

5 Search,- Lord, O search my inmost heart, 
And light, and hope, and joy impart; 
From guilt and error, set me free, 
And guide me safe to heaven and thee. 


HYMN 317. P. M. 

Departing flight of the Happy Spirit. 

1 VITAL spark of heavenly flame ; 
Quit, O quit this mortal frame ! 
Trembling, hoping, ling'ring, flying, 
O the pain, the bhss of dying ! 
Cease, fond nature, cease thy strife, 
And let me languish into life. 

Mark ! they whisper; angels say, 
Sister spirit, come a.way : 


What ifi this absorbs me quite > 
Steals my senses, shuts my sight;* 
Drowns my spirit, draws my breath i 
Tell mc, my soul, can this be death? 
The world recedes ; it disappears ; 
lleav'n opens on my eyes! my ears 

Willi sounds seraphic ring; 
Lend, lend your wings, I mount, I fly, 
O grave ! where is thy victory i 

O death ! where is thy sting ? 

HYMN 318. lVs. 
The 7ticrcy of Gcrf, Tsalm lxxxix. 1. 

1 THY mercy, my God, is the theme of 

my song, 

The joy of my heart> and the boast of 

my tongue ; 
Thy free grace alone, from the first to 

the last, 

Hath won my affections, and bound my 
soul fast. 

2 Without thy sweet mercy I could not 

live here. 

Sin soon would reduce me to utter des- 
pair ; 

But through thy free goodness^ my spi- 
rits revive, 

And he that first m^de me, still keeps 
me alive. 

3 Thy mercy is more than a match for my 


Appendix; 29? 

Which wonders to feel its own hardness, 
depart ; 

Dissolved by thy goodness, 1 fall to the 

And w eep to the praise of the mercy I 

4 The door of thy mevcy stands open all 


To the poor and the needy, who knock 

by the way ; 
No sinner shall ever be empty sent back, 
"Who comes kneeling for mercy — he 

never shall lack. 

A' Thy mercy in Jesus exempts me from 
hell ;. 

Its glories I'll sing, and its wonders I'll 
tell : 

'Twos Jesus, my friend, when he hung 

on the tree, 
Who opened' the channel ofmefrcy for mc. 

C Great father of mercies, thy goodness* 
I own, 

And the covenant love of thy crucified 
son ; 

All' praise to the Spirit, whose whisper 

Seals mercy and pardon and righteous- 

Tics's' rnir.c. 



HYMN 319. L. M". 

1 I LONG to see the season come, 
When sinners shall come flocking home 
To taste the heaven of Jesus' love, 
And seek the joys that are above. 

2 Hark, 'tis the glorious gospel sound, 
Inviting sinners all around; 
Behold the loving Saviour stands, 

And spreads for you his bleeding hand&. 

3 lie now isknocking at your heart, 
Waiting salvation to impart; 

To wash you in atoning blood, 
And seal you heirs and sons of God. 

4 .A few more days, and you must go, 
To realms of joy. or endless wo ; 

In worlds of light, with Christ to dvve3i 
Or sink beneath his frowns to hell. 

3 Come, then, dear sinners., counsel take, 
And all your sinful ways forsake; [hind, 
This world give o'er, leave friends be- 
in Christ you shall redemption find. 

6 Take your companion by the. hand, 
Ami all your children in a band, 
And gi\e them up at .lesus' call. 
To pardon, bless, and save them all. 

7 And when the day of Christ shall como 
And he collect his jewels home i 



On Zlon's mount,you all shall stand, 
And join the bright angelic band. 

3 O, what a glorious company ! 
May I be there that sight to see ; 
And join in praise to Jesus' name, 
And glorious in Jerusalem. 

HYMN 320. 

1 GLORIOUS things of thee are spoken, 

Zion, city of our God ; 
He whose word cannot be broken, 

Formed thee for his own abode. 
On the rock of ages founded, 

What can shake thy sure repose? 
With salvation's walls surrounded, 

Thou may 'st smile at all thy foes. 

2 See the streams of living waters, 

Springing from eternal love ; 
Well supply tby sons and daughters* 

And all fear of want remove ; 
W ho can faint, while such a river, 

Ever flows their thirst t' assuage I 
Grace, which like the Lord, the giver, 

Never fails from age* to age. 

& Round each habitation hovering, 
See the cloud and fire appear, 

Por a glory and a covering, 
Showing that the Lord is near : 

Thus, deriving from their banner,. 
Light by<'night'and shade by da>, 



Safe they feed upon the manna, 
Which he gives them when they pray. 

At Blest inhabitants of Zion, 

Washed in the Redeemer's bloocj, 
Jesus, whom their souls rely on, 

Makes them kings and priests to Gofl, 
'Tis his love his people raises, 

Over self to reign as kings, 
And as priests, his solemn praises- 

Each for a thank-offering brings. 

5 Saviour, since of Zion's city, 

I thro* grace a member am, 
Let the world deride or pity, 

I will glory in thy name : 
Fading is the worldling's pleasure, 

All his boasted pomp and show; 
Solid joys and lasting treasure, 

None but Zion's children know. 

HYMN 321. 

I YE nations all, to you I call, 

Come hear this declaration, 
And don't refuse the glorious nottff 

Of Jesus and salvation : 
To royal Jews, came first the new9 

Of Christ the great Messiah, 
As was foretold by prophets ohi 

Isai' and Jerevruah. 

9 To Abraham the promise camp, 
fcnd to his setd forever* 



A light to shine in Isaac's line. 
By scripture we discovery 
Hail promised morn, the Saviour's born, 
The glorious Mediator, 
God's blessed word made flesh and blooq. 
Assume the human nature : 

3 His parents poor in earthly store, 

To entertain the stranger, 
They found no bed to lay his head, 

Rut in an oxen's manger; 
No royal tilings, as used by kings, 

t>Vere seen by those whX) found him, 
But in the hay the infant lay, 

With swaddling bands around him.. 

•I On the^am^ night, a glorious sight 

To sh.*Ot\ierds there "appeared, 
Bright angels came in shining flume, 

They saw and greatly feared ; 
The angel said, be not afraid, 

Altho' we much alarm you, 
*\Ve do appear good news to bear, 

As now we will inform you. 

3 The city's name is Bethlehem, 

In which God hath appointed. 
This glorious morn, a Saviour's boriii 

For him God hath anointed*, 
By this you'll know if you will go, 

To see this litttle stranger, 
His lovely charms in Mary's arm9> 

Both jyincj in a manger. 



6 When this was said, straightway wa9 

A glorious sound from heaven, 
Each flaming tongue an anthem sung, 

To man a : aviour's given ; 
In Jesus' name the glorious' theme, 

We elev ate our voices, 
At Jesus' birth, be peace on earth, 

Meanwhile all heaven rejoices. 

7; '.Then with delight they toolc their flight, 

And winged their, way to glory 
Tne >.k?pk?rds ga-zed and were amazed 

To hear the pleasa.nt.story ; 
To Betlilehem they qv^ckly, 

The glorious news to * 7a ".y» 
And hi the stall they foui.4 Mem all, 

Joseph, the babe, and M«-*y 

5 The. Shepherds then returned again, 
To their own habitation, 
\Vithjoy . of heart they did depart, 

^'ow they had found salvation. 
Glorv they crv, to God on high, 
Who sent Kis son to save us, 

glorious morn a Saviour's bom., 
Jf ! s name it is Christ Jesus. 

HYMN 322. 

3 O WJIEN shall I see Jesus 
And reign with' him above p 
And drink tfieitowiug' fountain 
Of everlasting lor^ 



When shall I be . delivered 
From this vain world ot sin. 

And with my blessed Jesus. 
Drink endless pleasures in f 

5J But nwi I am a soldier, 

My Captain's gone betorei 
He gave to me- my orders, 
And bid me not to fear: 
And if I hold out faithful, 

A croWnof life he'll give, 
j^nd all his valiant soldiers 
* £. ternal life shall have. 

3 Thro' jrracc 1 am determined 

To conquer, tho' 1 die ; 
And then awav to Jesus, 

On wings of love I'll fly. 
Farewell to sin and sorrow, 

1 bid you all adieu ; 
And you, my friends, pro^e faithful 

And on your way pursue. 

4 And if you meet with trials 

And troubles on the way, 
Cast all your cares on Jesus, 

And don't forget to pray j 
Gird on the gospel armor 

Of faith, and hope, and love,, 
And when the warfare's ended. 

You'll reign with him/aboYev 

$ dojiotbe.discouraged, 
For JesWis your. friend. 



And if you lack for knowledge* 

He'll not refuse to lend ; 
Nor u ill he yet upbraid you, 

Tho* often you request, 
He'll pive you grace to conquer} 

And take 3 ou hpoe to rest. 

UYMX 323. 

3 COME, my christian friends and hrcs 
jBound for Canann's happy land,[thrcn, 
Come unite and walk together, 

Christ our leader girts command. 
Lay aside your party spirit, 

Wound your Christian more* 
All the name of "Christ inherit, 
Zion's peace again restore. 

Q VVU not bind our brother's conscience^ 

Thus to God alone is free, 
Xo>r rn!t{e«d with one. another, 

Put >n Christ united be ; 
Here's the Word, the grand criterion, 

This shall all our doctrines protc, 
Christ the centre of our union. 

And the bond Is christian lore. 

3 Here mv hand, my heart, my spirit, 
•"Now in fellowship I give, 
Kow wc'U love and peace inherit, 

Sbon the world how Christians live , 
tVt axe one in Christ. our Saviour, 

Here is neither bond nor free, 
Christ' is ill in all- forever, 
finis name we all agreey 



4 Now we'll preach and pray togcthct, 

I'raist, give thanks, and shout k sing, 
Now we'll strengthen on* another, 

And adore our heavenly king ;^ 
j* f ow we'll jnin in stveet connnohion, 

Round the tafclc of bvir Lord ; 
tbVd, confirm our Christian union. 

By thy Spirit snd thy wof d. 

5 Now the world Villi he constrained 

To belicvc'in Christ our King ; 
Thousands, millions be converted, 

Hound the earth his praises ring 1 ; 
lilcssed day ! O joyful hour 

Praise the Lord— his natnc \vc bless { 
Send thy kingdom, Lord, with power, 

Fill the world with righteousness. 

riYMX 323, 

L REJOICE, earto, the Lord is king, 
To him your ViuinbVe tribute bring, 
Let Jacob rise and Zion sing, 
And all the world wi'tr* praises mi£, 
Ahd giVc 10 J esus glory. 

2 may flic saints, or every name, 
Unite to serve thfc bleeding "Lamb ; 
May jars aruUliscords cease to flame, 
A nd all.tlic Saviour's love proclannj 

And give to Jciiia £lory. 

3 I Jong to sed the Christians Join, 
la\ £wcd£, ahel lovs divine, 

K 3 



A«)d glory thro* the churches shine,. 
And Gentiles crouding to the sign, 
To give to Jesus glory. 

i may the distant lands rev? : ce, 

And mourners hear the ride groonVa- 
voice, [ploys, 
While praise their happy tongues em* 
And all obtain immortal joys, 
And give to Jesus glory. 

5 Come parents, and free. 
Come, will you go to heaven with mc> 
That glorious land of liberty. 
And snout in bliss eternally, 
And give to Jesus glory. 

G My soul grows happy while I sing, 
I feel that I am on the wing^, 
I'll shout salvation lo my King, 
Till 1 to heaven my trophies bring 
And give to Jesus glory. 

7 Tho^.e beauteous fields ofliving green, 
Thro' faith my joyful eyes have seen, 
Tho' Jordan's billows roll between, 
We <.oon shall cross the narrow stream, 

And give to Jesus glory. 

8 A few more days of pain and wo, 

A few more suffering scenes below, 
And then to glory we shall go, 
Where everlasting pleasures llow, 
And give to J«sus glory. 



S Then we shall weep and part no more. 
When we have met on Canaan's shore, 
For Zion's warfare now is o'er, 
Such shouts were never heard before, 
And there we'll give him glory. 

10 Then tears shall all be wiped away. 
And Christiana never" go astray ; 
M hen We'are freed from cumbrous clay, 
WeUl praise the Lord in endless day. 
And give to JeHus glory. 

HYMN 325. 

1 HOW happy are they 
Y\ ho the Saviour obey, 

And have laid up their treasures above* 

Tongue cannot cvprc3$ 
The sweei cm. fort arid peace, 
Of a soul in its rarlii-st love. 

2 That comfort was mine, 
"When tlie favor divine, 

1 first found in the blood of the Lamtj* 
V. hen my heart it believed, 
What a joy I receired, 

What a heaven in Jesus** name* 

3 'Twos a heaven below; 
My Sa* iour to know. 

The angel* could do nothing roorCfc 

Than to fail at lii« fee^ 

And the stort eepeat* 
And *ht love of wunera 

308 ^rrEHiux. 

4 Jesus, all the day long, 
Was my joy and my sang", 

that all Jus salvation wight M^J ; 

IleUath loved me, J cried, . 

lie lmth. suffered and died. 
To redeem such a rebel as rr.c. 

5 On the wio£9 of hi* 3°ve» 
I wa$ carried above 

AH sin a^d temptation ami pa»U ; 
I could not belipvc 
That I ever should grieve, 

That I ever should suffer again 

fi I rode on the sty, 

Freely justified I, 
Nor envied Elijah his seat t 

My soul mounted highar, 

In a cbarrjot of fire, 
And the moon was under my feet. 

7 O ! the rapturous height, 
Of that holy delight, 
Which I (c]t in the life-giving blood; 
Of my Saviour possessed, 
I was perfectly blessed, 
A3 if lUlcd with the fulness of God. 

HYMN 32G. JU M. 

1 CHILDREN" of the heavenly king, 
As we journey, sweetly sinj* ; 
Sing- our Saviour's worthy praise, 
Glorious in liis works ami W«*ye. 

3 Ufeue trr\yc4Ui>ar lipmc to Goa, 
In the ; way the fibers *rod ; 
They are happy t\6\y,' and *y:p. 
Sooji thc^r happiness shall sec. 

3 O ye moutnjng be jjia ( J> 
Christ our advocate is made ; 
Us to save, our fipah assumes, 
Brnf I».. r to our souls bQCOO)CS. 

4 Shout, yc r,yl 9 and blest, 
boon you'lj enter iutp rc$t: 
There your se*,t now prepared, 
There your Kingdom and reward. 

fi Fear not, brethren, jpyful stand 
On tne bojtjprs piyaur land, 
Jesus, pur^jcrt Son, 
IWds us undismayed go oil. 

6 Lord, obediently we'll g- , 
Gladly leaving £dl below; 
Only thou on r leader be, 
And xye eijlj wjU folbvv tha<y, 

2 Miaous Bible! what a treasure 
])(>es the word of.God afford ! ' 
All I want for life aitti pleasure 
1- owl and medicine, shield a swot* 
J ; ct the world account me poor, 
ilaving: this I need no n.n-h 


J2 Food to which the world's a stranger, 
Here my' hungry soul enjoys; 
Of excess there is no danger, 
1 ho' it fills, it never cloys ; 
On a dying Christ I feed, 
He is meat and drink indeed. 

3 "When my faith is faint and sickly, 

Or when Satan wounds my mind, 
Cordials to revive me quickly, 
Healing medicines here I find ; 
To the promises I flee, 
Each affords a remedy. 

4 In the hour of dark temptation, 

Satan cannot make me yield; 
For the word of consolation 
Is to me a mighty shield : 
While the scripture truths are sure, 
From his malice I'm secure. 

5 Vain his threats to overcome me, 

When J take the Spirit's sword, 
Then with ease I drive him from me, 
Satan trembles at the vord ; 
'Tisa sword for conquest made, 
Keen the edge and strong the blade. 

6 Shall I envy then the n.iser, 

Poating on his golden s f ore ? 
Sure 1 am, or should he wiser, 
I am rich, 'tis he that's poor ; 
Jesus gives me in his ivord 
Food and medicine, shield and sword, 



Trusting in Christ. 

HYMN 328. 

1 HOW firm a foundation, ye saints of the* 

Lord, , [word i. 

Is laid for your faith, m his excellent 
What more could he say than to you he 

hath said ? 
You who unto Jesus for refuge have fled). 

2 In every condition, in sickness, in health. 
In poverty's vale,or abounding in wealth, 
At hbmeand abroad, on the land,on the 

As thy days may demand, shall thy 

3 Fear not, I am with thee, O be not dis- 

mayed, [aid; 
I, I am thy God, and will still give thee 
I'll strengthen thee, help thee,and cause 

thec to stand, [hand. 
Upheld by my righteous omnipotent 

4 "When thro' the deep waters I call thee 

to go, [flow t 

The rivers cf wo. shall not thee over- 
Vor I will be with thee, thy troubles to 


And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress* 

5 When thro' fiery trials thy pathway shall 

lie » [ply; 
My grace, all-sufficient, shall be thy sup- 




The flame shall not hurt thee, I only de- 
sign [fine. 
Thy dross to consume,attd thy gold to re- 

Even down to old age, all my people 

Shall prove 
7*Ty sovercign^ternal.nnchan^able love 
And vrhcnhdary hairs shall thtir tcrtiplc3 

adorn, [be borne. 

Like lambs they shall still in my bosom 

7 The soul that oh Jesas doth lean for re* 

I will not, IWjHnbtj desert to his fees; 
That soul tho* all hell should endeavor 
to shake, 

I'll never, no never, no never forsako. 
HYMN 329. 

1 SAVIOUR, visit thy plantation, 

Grant us, Lord, a gracious rain 
.All will come to desolation, 

Unless thou return again : 
Keep no longer at a distance, 

Shine upon us from on high, 
Lest for want of thine assistance, 

£ver>* plant should droop and die ; 

*3 Surely once thy garden flourished". 
Every part looked gay and green, 
Then thy word our spirits nourished, 
• Happy seasons we have seen ; 
fiat % drought has since succeeded, 



Ami a sad decline we see ; 
Lord, thy help is greatly needed, 
Help can only come from thee. 

3 Where are those we counted leaden;, 

filled with zeal and love and truth- 
Old professors, tall as cedars, 

Bright examples of our youth ? 
Some, in whom we once delighted, 

AVc shall meet no more below ; 
Some, alas ! we fear are blighted, 

Scarce a single leaf they show. 

4 Younger plants, the sight how pleasant, 

Covered thick with blossoms stood, 
But they cause us grief at present, 

Frost has nipt them in the bud : 
Kcarcst Saviour, hasten hither, 

Thou canst make them bloom again ; 
Oh ! permit them not to wither, 

Let not all our hopes be vain. 

5 Let our mutual love be fervent, 

Make us prevalent in prayer; 
Let, each one esteemed thy servant, 

Shun the world's bewitching snare. 
Break the tempter's fatal power, 

Turn the stony heart to flcsli ; 
And begin, from this good hour. 

To revive thy work afresh 



The good Shepherd. 
HYMN S30. 

1 LET thy kingdom, blessed Saviour** 

Come and bid our jarring cease ; 
Cornc, (> come, and reign forever, 

Clod of love and Prince of Peace : 
Visit now poor bleeding Zion, 

Hep.r thy people mourn and weep, 
Day ami night the lambs are crying, 

Come, good Shepherd, feed thy sheep. 

2 Many follow- men's inventions, 

And submit to human laws, 
Hence divisions, and contentions, 

Sully the Redeemer's cause : 
Hence we suffer persecution, 

While the foolish virgin's sleep ; 
What an uproar and confusion, 

Come, good Shepherd; feed thy sheep. 

3 Some of Paul, some nf Apollo9> 

Some of Cephas, few agree ; 
Jesus, let us hear thee call us, 

Help us, Lord, to follow thee : 
Then we'll rush thro' what incumbers, 

Over every hindrance leap, 
Unappalled by force or numbers, 

Come, good Shepherdjfeed thy sheep. 

4 Lord, in us there is no merit, 

We've been sinners from our youth; 
Guide vis, Lord, by thv good Spirit, 
Wlvcli shall teach us all the truth 


On thy gospel word we'll venture* 
Till in death's cold arms we sleep ; 

Love our Lord and Christ our Saviour, 
Come, good Shepherd, feed thy sheep. 

5 Come,' good Lord, with courage arm us, 

Persecution rages here ! 
Nothing, Lord, we know can harm us, 

While our Shepherd is so near : 
Glory, glory be do Jesus. 

At his name our hearts to leap, 
lie both comforts us and frees us, 

•The good Shepherd feeds his sheep. 

C Hear the* Prince of our salvation 

Saying, " Fear not, little flock, 
I myself am your foundation, 

You are built upon this rock ; 
Shun the paths or vice and folly, 

Or you'll sink into the deep, 
Look to me, and be ye holy, 

I delight to feed my sheep.'* 

7 Christ ulonc our souls rely on, 

Taught by him, we own his nam?. 
Sweetest of all names is Jesus, 

How it doth our souls inflame. 
Glory, glory, glory, glory, 

Give him glovy — he will keep. 
He will clear our way before \is t 

The good Shepherd feeds hia aheep. 



J^arlmg of Christian?. 
HYMN 331. 

1 FATHER, grant us all a blessing, 

Send it down now from above, 
Let us all go home with praising, 
Andrejoicing in thy love; 

Farewell brethren, 
Soon we all shall meet above. 

2 Saviour, pardon all our folly, 

Since we've in thy presence been, 
Make us humble, make us holy, 

Make us free from every sin : 
Farewell brethren, 
Soon we all shall meet again. 

3 Let thy presence, Lord, go with us, 

To each one's respective home, 
Let the blessing of our Jesus 
Kest upon us every one : 

Farewell brethren, 
Soon we all shall meet at home. 

*l Then we'll sing and shout forever, 
Then will parting be no more; 
Then, O then we'll rest together, 
On that fair ami happy shore ; 

Farewell brethren, 
Soon we'll meet and part no mere. 



HYMN 332. 

1 STOP, poor sinner, stop and tiring 

Before you further go ; 
Will you sport upon the brinl^ 

Of everlasting wo 
Once again I charge you stop, 

For unless you warping take, 
Ere you are aware you'll drop 

Into the burning lake I 

2 Say, have you an arm like God> 

That you his will oppose ? 
Fear you not that iron rod, 

With which he breaks his foes ? 
Can you stand in that dread day, 

When he judgment shall proclaim? 
And the earth shall melt away 

Like wax before the flame ? 

3 Pale-faced death will quickly come, 

And drag you to his bar ; 
Then to hear your awful doom, 

Will fill you with despair ; 
All your sins will round you croud, 

Sins of a blood-crimson dye ; 
Each for vengeance crying loud ; 

And what can you reply t 

5 Tho' your heart be made of steel, 
Your forehead lined with brass ; 
God at length will make you feel, 

He will not let you pass ; 
Sinners then in vain will call, 
(Tho' they now despise liis grace) 



Hocks and mountains on us fati, 
And bide us from his face. 

3 But as yet there is a hope, 

You may his mercy know ; 
Tho' his arm is lifted up, 

He still forbears the blow ; 
*Twas for sinners Jesus died, 

Sinners he invites to come ; 
None that come shall be denied, 

He says " There still is room." 

HYMN 333. L. M. 

1 O GOD, my heart with love inflame> 
That I may in thy holy name 

A loud in songs of praise rejoice, 
While I have breath to raise my voice? 
Then will I shout, then will l sing, 
And make the heavenly arches ring.; 
I'll sing 1 and slrout forever more, 
On that eternal happy shore. 

2 O Jesus, hope of glory, come, 

And make my heart thy constant home 
For the short remnant of my days, 
I want to sing and shout thy praise ; 
Incessantly 1 want to pray, 
And live rejoicing every day, 
And to give thanks in every thing, 
And sing and shout and shout and sing. 

3 Lord, on my last, my dying day, 
Then give me strength tQ au)g and pra^ 


To praise thee with my latest breath, 
Until my voice is lost in death ; 
Then sisters brothers shouting come, 
My bocly follow to the tomb, 
And as you march that solemn road, 
Loud sing and shout the praise of God. 

4 Then you below, and I above, 

Will sing and shout the God we love ; 
And on that great tremendous day, 
When Christ shall call our slumbering 

We from our dusty bed will spring, 
And shout, "O death, where is thy sting? 
O grave, where is thy victory ?" 
We'll shout thro' all eternity. 

5 Our race is run, we've gained the prize, 
Well done! the Sovereign of the skies, 
Will, smiling, to his chilgren say, 
Come reign with nae in endless day.*' 
Then on that happy, happy shore, 
"We'll sing and shout forevermore ; 

"\\ cTi sing and shout and shout and sing, 
And make all heaven with praises ring. 

HYMN 334. L. M. 

1 RISE, Christians, rise, who love the 

Whose souls are quickened by hid \vord ; 
Arise and shine, your light is come, 
God is our father, heaven our home. 



2 Christ is our head, he'll ne'er forsafce 
His members, who his life partake ; 
The life he gives must clearly shine, 
That all may own it is divine. 

3 Let it appear, by all we do, 

That God has formed our souls anew ; 
That others may from rain fly, 
And join, our God to glorify . 

Ai He calls us one, his spouse, his bride, 
O let no enemy divide ; 
Let love unite, let heavenly flames 
Consume, destroy all party names. 

5 ! Christians join your hearts to pray, 
Tho' hell oppose let faith obey, 

That love, sweet fruit of gospel ligjit, 
May chase the gloomy shades of night. 

6 O love, we want no other tie, 

With Kings and courts we do not vie ; 
By framing compacts, forms and rules \ 
The kingdom is within our souls. 

7 Lord Jesus, thee our king we own, 
Gather thy children into one ; 
The works of darkness all de stroy, 
And fill the world with light and joy. 


Love to Christ. 

HYMN 335. 
2 MY gracious Redeemer I love, 
His praises aloud I'll proclaim. 
And join v ith the armies above, 
To snout his adorable name ; 
To gaze on his glories divine, 
Shall be my eternal employ, 
And feel them incessantly shine, 
My boundless, ineffable joy, 

2 He freely redeemed with his blood, 
My soul from the confines of hell, 
To live on the smiles of my God, 
And in his sweet presence to dwell j 
To shine wiili the angels oflight, 
With saints and with seraphs to sing. 
To view with eternal delight, 

My Jesus, my SavioXir, my king 1 . 

3 My glorious Redeemer, I long 
To see thee descend on a cloud, 
Amidst a bright numberless throng, 
And mix w ith the triumphing croud ; 
O when wilt thou bid me ascend, 

To join in thy praises above? 

To gaze, on the world without end, 

And feast on thy ravishing love i 

4 No sorrow, nor sickness, nor pain, 
Nor sin., nor temptation, nor fear, 
Shall eve r molesj. me again, 
1'erfcctioii of glory reigns there- 

o 2 



This soul and this body shall shine 
In robes of salvation and- praise, 
And banquet on pleasures divine, 
Where God his full beauty displays. 

5 Soon, soon shall my spirit exchange 
This cell of corruptible clay, 
For mansions celestial, and range 
Thro' realms of ineffable day. 
The crown that my Saviour bestows, 
Yon permanent sun shall outshine, 
Jfy joy everlastingly flows, 
My God, my Redeemer is mine. 

HYMN 336. L. M. 

1 THE mighty frame of glorious grace, ! 
That brightest monument of praise, j : 
That e'er the God of love designed, 
Employs and fills my laboring- mind. 

3 Begin, my soul, the heavenlv song, 
A burden for an angel's ton£«je ; 
When Gabric> sounds these awful things 
He tunes and summons all his strings. 

3 Proclaim inimitable love, 

Jesus, the. Lord of worlds above, 
Puts off the beams of bright array, 
And veils the God i.i mortal clay. 

4- He that distributes crowns and thrones, 
Hangs on a tree and bleeds and groans I 
The Prince of life resigns his breath, 
The King of glory bows to death. 


5 But Bee the wonders of his power, 
1^2 triumphs in his dying hour; 
And while by Satan's rage he fell, 
He ^shedthe rising hopes of hell. 

6 Thus were 5 the hosts of death subduej, 
And cin was drowned in .;esr ^.fjlood-; 
Then he arose and reigns, 

And conquers sinners by his love. 

Longing for Heaven. 
HYMN 337. L. M. 

1 FAREWELL, vain world, I'm going 


My Saviour smiles and bids me com«„ 
Bright angels beckon me away, 

To sing God's praise in endless day. 

2 And' when to that bright world I fly, 

And join the anthems in the sky ; 

then my happy soul shall tell, 
My Jesus has done all things well. 

3 I hope to meet my brethren there, 

V\ ho once did join with me in praye£, 
Our mournijvg time will then be o'er, 
And we shall live, to die no more. 

i 111 praise my God while I have r eatlj, 
I hope to praise him aU r r»eath, 

1 hope to praise him when I die 
And shout salvatioa as I fly. 


5 There T shall see my glorious GocL 
And triui'iiph in his blest abode t 
My theme, thro* all eternity, 
Shall glory, glory, glory, be. 

HYMN 338. C. M. 

1 JERUSALEM, my happy home, 

O now 1 long for thee*! 
When shall my sorrows have an end. 
My joys when shall I see ? 

2 Thy gardens and thy pleasant grccns> 

My study long have been ; 
Such sparkling goms by human sight* 
Have never yet been seen. 

3 Thy walls are all of precious stone, 

Most glorious to behold ; 
Thy gates are richly set with pearl, 
Thy streets arc paved with Gold. 

4 If heaven be thus glorious Lord, 

What is it keeps me thence ? 
What folly 'tis that I should dread 
To die and go from hence. 

5 Reach down, reach down thine arm of 

And cause me to ascend. [grace, 
Wher.* cd.igrpga;i >iis ne'er break up, 
And Sabbat ha never end. 

6 Jcsns. my love's \o glory £one ; 

/tlim will I go and sec ; 



And all my friends on earth below 
I hope will follow me. 

7 My friends, I bid you all adieu, 
I leave you in, God's care. 
And if on earth we meet no more, 
Co on, I'll meet you there. 

S There we shall meet and no more part, 
All heaven shall ring with praise, 
"While Jesus' love, in every heart, 
Shall tune the song, "Free grace." 

Millions of years around may roll, 

Our song-s shall still abound ; 
While raptures burst from every soul, 
In sweet melodious sound. 

10 When we've been there ten thousand 
R right shi.iin.y as the sun, [years, 
We've no less days to sing GoJ!§ praise^ 
Than when we first begun. 

HYMN 339. C. M. 

1 ON Jordan's stormy banks I stand, 

And cast a wistful eye 
To Canaan's fair and h^ppy laud. 
Where my possessions Ue. 

2 O the transporting, rapturous scene, 

That rises to my sight ! 
Sweet fields un-ayed in living green. 
And rivers of delight* 


3 There generous fruit, that never fails, 

On trees immortal grow ; 
There rocks and hills, and brooks and 
With milk and honey flow. [vales, 

4 All o'er those wide extended plains, 

Shines one eternal day ; 
There God, the sun, forever reigns, 
And scatters night away. 

ti >fo chilling winds nor poisonous breath, 
Can reach the healthful shore : 
Sickness and sorrow, pain and death, 
Are felt and feared no more. 

9 When shall I reach that happy place, 
And be forevcy blest ? 
When s5a.1I 1 see my Saviour's face, 
And in his bosom rest i 

7 Filled with delight, my raptured soul, 

Would here no longer stay ; 
Tho' Jordan's waves around me roll, 
Tearless I'd launch away. 

8 Yes, I'd surmount the swelling flood, 

It Jesus bid me come ; 
While leaning on my Saviour, God # 
I'd safely reach my home. 



Latter Day Glory. 

HYMN 340. L. M. 

Christ's kingdom among the Gentile$t 
Psalm lxxii, 

1 JESUS shall reign where'er the sun 
Does his successive journies run ; 
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore 
Till moons shall wax and wane no more. 

Behold the nations with their kings : 
There Europe her best tribute brings, 
From north to south the princes meet, 
To pay their homage at his feet. 

3 There, Persia, glorious to behold. 
And India shines in eastern goldi 
While western empires own their Lord, 
And savage, tribes attend his word. 

4 To him shall endless prayer be made, 
And endless praises crown his head ; 
His name like sweet perfume shall rise, 
With every morning sacrifice. 

5. People and realms of every tongue, 
Dwell on his love with.s wee test song ; 
And infant voices shall proclaim, 
Their early blessings on his name. 

<5 Blessings abound where'er he rei^nSj 
The joyful prisoner bursts his chains, 


The weary find eternal rest, 
And all the sons of want are blest. 

7 Where he displays his healing power, 
Death and the curse are known no more; 
In him the tribes of Adam boast 
More blessings than their Father lost. 

3 Let every creature rise and bring, 
Peculiar honors to our king ; 
Angels descend with songs again, 
And earth repeat the loud — Amen. 

HYMN 341. L. M. 

1 LOUD let the tuneful trumpet sound, 
And spread the joyful tidings round; 
Let every soul with transport hear, 
And hail the Lord's accepted year. 

2 Ye debtors, whom lie gives to know, 
That you ten thousand talents owe, 
When humble at his feet you fall, 
Yourgracious God forgives them all. 

3 Slaves that have borne the heavy chain 
Of sin, and hell's tyrannic reign, 

To liberty assert your claim, 

And bless the great Redeemer's name. 

4 The rich inheritance of heaven, 
Your joy, your boast, is free ly given : 
Tair Salem your arrival waits, 

With golden streets and pearly gate?. 



5* Her blest inhabitants, no more, 
Bondage and poverty deplore ; 
No debt but love,- immensely great, 
Their joy still rises with their debt. 

6 O happy souls, that know the sound 1 , 
Celestial light their steps Surround, 
And show the jubilee begun, 
Which thro' eternal years shall rurr. 

HYMN 342. 

1 BY whom was David taught* 
To aim the dreadful blow, 
When he Goliah fought, 
And laid the Gittite low ? 

No ewortl or spear the stripling took, 
But chose a pebble from the brook. 

2 'Twas Israel's God and King, 
Who sent him to the-fight ; 
Who gave liim strength to sling, 
And skill to aim aright. 

Ye feeble saints, your strength endurejr, 
Because young David's God is yours. 

3 Who order'd Gideon forth, 
To storm th' invader's camp, 
With arms of little worth, 

A pitcher and a lamp ? 
The trumpets made his coming known, 
And all the host was overthrown. 



4 Thus I have seen the day, 
When with a single ~wof d> 
God helping meto,say> 
My trust is in' the Lord, 

Myspulhas quell'd a thousand foes> 
Fearless of all thai codkf bppose. 

5 But unbelief, self will, 
Self-nphtedusnfcsS'ahd pKde, 
How often do they steal 
My weapons from my side ? 

Vet David's Lord; and' Gideon's friend 
Will help his servant to the end. 

HYMN 343. 

1 WHEN Hannah press'd with grief, 
Pour'd forth her so til in prayer, 
She quickly found relief, 

And left her burden there : 
Like her, in ev'ry trying case, 
Let us approach the throiie of gfacfc; 

2 When she began to pray. 
Her heart was paih'd and sad ; 
But ere she went away, 
Was- comforted and glad : 

In trouble what a resting. place 

Have they who kndw a throne of grace I 

3 Tho* men and devils rage, 
And threaten to devour ; 
The saints from age to age, 
Are safe fron* all their pow'r > 


Fresh strength fyey ,gfui^o run their race, 
By waitjng. at the tin-one of £race. 

4 Eli her case mistook, 

By his unkind rebuke ? 
But God cause, approy'd.; 
We need hot fear r ii .creature's face, 
While welcome at' a'. throne of grace. 

But' with afailh'divine, 
And found t,hc help, she .spughjt 
Tho' men despjae, ana ' call us, base, 
jStill let us ply the throne'.of grac/e. 

6 Me,n . have . not p ow'r or. skill. 
With troubled souls to bear : 
Tho* they express good -Will, 
Poor comforters th e ; 

But swelling sorrows sink.'apacs, 
When we approach the tin-one of grace 

7 Numbers before have try'd, 
And found the promise true s 
Nor has one been deny'd, 
Then why should I or you? 

Let us by. faith .their footsteps trace, 
And hasten to the throne of grace, 

8 As fogs obscure th e light, 
And tftint :the morning air : 
But soon are put to flight, 

5 She. not fijl'd with wine, 



If the bright sun appear ; 
Thus Jesus will our troubles chase* 
By shining from the throne of grace* 

HYMN 344. 

1 SUPPORTRD by thy word, 
Tho' in himself a worm, 
The servant of the Lord 
Can wond'rous acts perform , 

Without dismay he boldly tread? 

Where'er the path of duty leads, 

3 The haughty king in vain, 
With fury on his brow, 
Believers would constrain 
To golden gods to bow : 
The furhace could not make them fea$ 
Because they knew the Lord was near, 

3 As vain was the decree 

Which charg'd them not to pray, 
Daniel still bowed his knee, 
And worshipped thrice a day. 
Trusting in God he fear'd not men, 
Though threatened with the lion's den... 

4i Secure they might refuse 
Compliance with such laws ; 
For what had they to lose, 
When God espous'd their cause-? 
lie made the hungry lion's crouch, 
Nor durst the fire his children tourfi 



$ The Lord Is still the same, 
A mighty shield and tow'r ; 
And they who trust his name 

He can the rage of lions tame, 
And bear them harmless through the flame. 

6 Then wherefore should we shrink, 
When trials are in view ? 
We n'eed not fear, or sink, 
The Lord will bear us through ; 
Whenever we believe indeed, 
Prom ev'ry fear we soon are freed* 

1 THE church a garden is, 
In which be He vers stand, 
Like ornamental trees 
Planted by God's own hand ; 
His spirit waters every root, 
And ev'ry bx-anch abounds with lru)t. 

J> But othey trees there are, 
Which in this garden grow ; 
And tho' they promise fair, 
Have only leaves to shew : 
No fruits of grace are on them found, 
They stand but cumb'rers of the ground 

The under gardner grieves, 
In vain his strength he spend?. 
For heaps of useless leaves^ 
Afford him small amend?* 

HYMN 345. 



He hears the JLord his will make 3cno\vn 
To cut the barren fig trees down. 

4 How difficult Jus post, 

What pangs his bowels move, 
To find his wishes cross'd, 
His labours useless prove ! 
His last relief, his earnest pray'r, 
Is "spare them, Lord, another year." 

3 " Spare them, and let me try, 
Whatfarther means. may do ; 
I'll fresh manure .apply, 
My digging I'll renew ; 

Who knows but yet they fruit may yield ! 

If not — 'tis just they must be fell'd." 

6 If, under means of grace, 
No gracilis fruits appear ; 
It is a dreadful case, 
Tho' God may long forbear: 

At length he'll strike the threatened blow, 

And lay the barren fig tree low. 

HYMN 346. 
0/ that I -were as in months pasty Job 29. 2. 

1 WHEN I was carnal, Satan's slave, 

Vain pleasures I pursn'd ; 
But still I cry'd who in this way 
Can shew me any good ? 

2 Al length the word shone thro' royeoul> 

Eeveal'dmysin and shame. 



And mercy- said, ; wilt' thou be vriloie ? 
Trust in a Saviour's" name. 

3 OF sinners chief to God I cry'd 

His pard'nihg loVe to feet; 
lie freed 1 my'sbul| my Wants supply* d_, 
And gave the' 'Spirit's' seal. 

4 His word Was to my path a light, 

My love, my joy remairi'd; 
His promises gave new delight, 
And still iriy soul sustain'd. 

5 But clouds o'erspread my soul now pain'd 

With bondage and with fears ; 
I try to pray, it seems in vain, 
And dark the, word appears. 

6 The sweet rememb'rance of his love- 

Some consolation gives, 
And though in darkness now I move, 
1 long in God to live. 

7 Why am I thus ? does God remove 

Bondage or darkness give ? 
It Cannot bei for he is love, 
in him I move and live. 

8 He says, if "Jesus make you free 

You shall be free indeed," 
Their way's not dark who follow me* 
In them remains my seed. 

9 He says, I never will forsake 

The souls who seek my face v 



Tho' tempests should all nature shake, 
Sufficient is my grace. 

10 Then "why my soul this painful strife ? 

Why dark and fill'd with grief ; 
Sure I have lost the light of life, 
Through pride and unbelief. 

11 My soul doth pant to feel his grace, 

I cahnot, will not rest ; 
I long, I thirst, for righteousness, 
God does pronounce me blest. 

15 My Saviour's come — he's present now 
I know, I feel him high : 
Arise my soul, renew thy vow 
For God to live and (he. 

HYMN 347. 

i O JEStJS ! wlio can tell his love ? 
To earth he comes from heav'n above, 
His tender heart beholds our race, 
Sold under sin, devoid of grace. 

To shew lis God he lives and dies, 
An offering and a sacrifice, 
Sinners behold him on the tree, 
Thence virtue flows to set them free. 

3 God dwells in him — his only Son, 

Who knows no change, his name is one, 
His name is love ; the cause I see 
Why Jesus bleeds and dies for me. 


4 When in n>y blood I heard him cry, 
The Soul that sinneth it shall die, 
Turn now, behold my life I give ! 
A ransom that your soul may live. 

5 Look unto me, be sav'd from sin, 
How dare I look, vile and unclean 9 
My sins are great, my thoughts are vain, 
! how shall I a pardon gain. 

6 You're poor, he says, what can yon give? 
If you were rich, l'can't receive, 

All tilings are mine, 1 freely give ; 
Dear sinner only look and live. 

7 Your sinl hate, your soul I love, 
My faithfulness and mercy prov<e, 
Receive my grace, no more delay, 
Now is the time, D come away. 

3 My heart is won by love so free ; 
My sins arc gone, wbere can they be ? 
Such grace, such mercy, and such bliss, 
A thousand tongues cannot express. 

HYMN 343. 

1 BEHOLD Paul a prisoner, at Felix's bar, 
And from the example, learn never to 
fear ; 

No-doubt all assembled expected to sec 
The pris'ner wait trembling the Judge's 




2 But the scene is quite chang'd, how 

strange to behold, 
The Judge seized with trembling, the 

pris'ner so bold, 
'Twas no carnal weapon, nor majestic 


But Cod in the man, and his word gave 
the wound. 

3 "While Paul spoke of Jesus, and faith in 

his name, 

Of righteousness, temp'rance, and judg- 
ment to come, 

The word which discerneth the thoughts 
of the heart, 

Addressed to conscience, and pierc'd as 
a dart. 

4 But Felix lov'd darkness and hated the 


Ilis deeds were all evil, the works of 

the night ; 
His conscience was troubled, to fly from 

the pain, 

He said of this matter, I'll hear theea- 

5 Thus sinners, proud sinners, in ruin'3 

wide field, 

Are oft met by Jesus, intrcated to yield ; 
"When calPd to repentance, or death 

must ensue, 
The devil persuades them to-morrow 

will do. 


6 The heart becomes harder, the consci- 

ence is sear'd, 
Some buitis presented, by which they're 
ensnar'd ; 

Again when exhorted to turn from their 

They'll answer we're waiting for God's 
time and grace. 

7 Of all Hell's devices to lead souls astray, 
'Tis procrastination the most doth betray, 
While Jesus says open, e'en now I'll 

come in, 

The sou] says I cannot, I'll hear thee 

S O sinner, says Jesus, my grace is all 

All things are now ready, I'm come un- 
to thee, 

I come to shew mercy, from wo to re- 
lieve ; 

I offer you pardon, now only believe. 

9 Dear sinners don't linger, obey the glad 

fn Jesus be happy, In Jesus rejoice, 
Choose him for your portion, resign all 
below ; 

Unite with his people; to glory we go. 

HYMN 349. 

1 FROM the regions of love, lo .an angel 


And told the strange news, how- the babe 

was attended ; 
Go shepherds and visit this wonderful 


See yonder bright star ! there's your 

God in a manger, 
Hallelujah to the Lamb, in whom we find 


We will perfectly praise him when wc 
pass over Jordan. 

2 Clad tidings of joy attend every nation, 

I bring unto you, now behold. your sal- 
vation \ 

Transported with rapture, they raise 

their glad voices, 
And shout hallelujah, while heaven re- 
Hallelujah, &c. 

3 All glory to God in the highest be giv'n, 
" All, glory to God," resounds thro' all 

heav'n ;. 

O earth join the chorus, repeat the glacl 

And sing of his love, salvation and glory. 
Jfullelvjah, &c. 

4 In raptures I burn to join the bless'd 


Such love so divine sets my soul all on 
lire ; 

Around the bright throne new hoso.nnas. 


O when shall I join them, and ever be. 
Hallelujah, Uc. 

& The voice of free grace cries escape to 
the mountain, 
Tor Adam's lost race Christ has opened 

a fountain, 
From sin and transgression, and every 

His blood flows to cleanse us in plente- 
ous effusion. 
Hallelujah, &c. 

6 This fountain of life flows through ev'ry 
It m b es from Christ and becomes a great 

river ; 

O sinners rush forward, and plunge irt 

the fountain, 
Your sins shall be buried though high as 

a mountain. 
Hallelujah, &c. 

7 O Jesus ride on in thy chariot, victorious 
And conquer' d with love, make thy king- 
dom all glorious, 

The banner unfurl, let the nations sur- 

And own thee their Saviour, their God 
and defender. 


8 O Jesus, ride on, thy goings are glorious* 
Over sin. death and hell, make us vic« 

torious ; 

Thy name shall be praised in the great 

And saints shall delight in ascribing sal- 
Hallelujah, &c. 

9 When on Zion, we stand in the land of 

full blessing, 
With our harps in our hands, we will 

praise without ceasing, 
We'll range the bless'd fields on the 

banks of the river. 
And sing Hallelujahs forever and ever. 
Jlallelvjah, &c. 

HYMN 350. 

1 THE trump of the gospel resounds thro' 

the land — 
Rejoice, for the Kingdom of Heaven's at 
hand ! 

Aivake thou that sleepest, arise from the 

And Christ shall enlighten and raise up 
thy head. 

2 While the rich and the poor, the aged 

and youth, 
In the north, south and west, are cn> 
bracing the 2VmM— 


Bring near, Heavenly Father, to us the 

glad hour, 
The times of refreshing — the day of thy 


3 With bowels of mercy, O Je9us survey 
The great congregation assembled to-day, 
Of names and sects divers — the price of 

thy blood, 

Who long have revolted, and wandered 
from God. 

4 Let the cloud of thy glory o'ershadow 

the whole — 
A deep veneration impress on each soul, 
And strengthen thy servants thy word to 


And work for the honor and praise of 
thy name. 

5 In copious effusions thy free spirit shed 
Requicken the living, and quicken the 


On penitent sinners thine oivn image 

And waken the shout of a king in the 

6 Let bigotry fall, Lord, like degon of old, 
O'erturn Satan's kingdom— thy standard 


And raise up an army thy name to adore, 
When life's current flows, and when 
time is no more. 


HYMN 351. 

1 LUKEWAHM. souls, the foe gT& 

See what foes your camp surround ! 
Arm to buttle— lag no longer — 

Hark ! the martial trumpets sound. 
Wake ye sleepers — wake — what mean 

Sin besets you round about ; (you ? 
Up and search, the world's within you — 

Seize and chase the traitor out. 

2 What enchants y on '-—gold or.jdeasure ? 

Pluck right eyes — with right hands 
part — 

Ask- y put conscience where's yox-r trca- 
Gure 7 — 

For he certain there's your heart. 
C'n e the fawning foe no credit, 

f.o.! the bloody Hag's unfurl'd — 
That base heart — the tvord liqilx said it, 

Loves nbt God that loves the world. 

3 God and mammon — O be wiser ! 

Serve them both — it cannot be; 
JSascin Nvarfare — saint and sluggard-* 

These will — never will agree. 
Shun the shame of foully falling— 

Cumbc/d captive s clogg'd with qlny— 
Prove vein faith, mukc suro your casing, 
Wield the nwortlj and v.ili the* day 

HYMN 352. 

1 COME brethren and sisters -unite in a 


To praise the dear Saviour well join 

heart in hand i 
To tell of his wonders and wog of his 


'Till we arc safe landed in the mansions 

2 All human confessions and creeds trc'll 


And take for. a standard God's von* to 
walk, by ; 

To follow the Saviour in every com- 

**TiIl wc are safe landed on that lwy.T»v 

3 Wc will lord it over tlic conscience cT 


Who ilea* c lo the Sa\iour, and wicked- 
ness siHsn ; 

Who Jove the Lord Jesus a;:d sing of t race: 

Arou:»d the Lord's table we'll meet them 
in peace. 

4 The table of Jesus with love doth a- 
botit'd ; 

O christians, come, all yo?.:r prejudice.; 
lav clown, 

And flock to lua table like La.*ab«, to 
the fvld, ? 2 

346 AFTEjtDnc. 

And feast on that lore which can ncrw 
be told. 

5 We'll join you in tinging and join you 

in pray'r, 

And join you in spreading the word far 
and now ; 

Wc now hope to meet you on Canaan's 

bright si tore, 
"Where trouble is over, and parting's no 


6 Divisions and parties, ! were they all 


And all the Lord's people united in one; 
You would then see the gospel would 

flourish around, 
And peace, love and union, forever a* 


7 Like lightning around it the gospel would 

And 'waken the nations, a Saviour to try, 
You would see poor sinners would turn 
unto God, 

And find peace and pardon thro' Jesus's 

8 My soul is all on fire — I long for the time 
When christians in union and friendship 

shall join : 
Come join me my brethren, andegive me 

your hand, 
And we'll walk together to'lhat happy 



HYMN 353. 

I THAT glorious day is drawing nigh, 
When Zion's light shall come : 
She shall arise and shine on high, 

Rright as the niorning sun. 
The north and south their sons resign, 

And earth's foundations bend ; 
Dorn'd as a bride, Jerusalem 
All glorious shall descend. 

#2 The King who bears the golden crown, 

The azUre flaming bow ; 
The holy city shall bring down, 

His pow'r and love to shqw. 
When Zion's bleeding, conq'ring King, 

Shall sin and death destroy, 
The morning stars shall together si'jg, 

And Zion shout for joy. 

3 The holy, bright musician band, 

That sing on harps; of 'gblclV; 
Hard by the coast, along the' strand, 

Their gentle numbers roll 
Descending on such melting strains, 

Jehovah's name they bore ; 
Such shouts on earth's extensive plains, 

Were never heard before. 

4 Let Satan rage, and boast no more, 

Not think his reign js long ; 
Tho' saints are feeble/tfeak and poor, 

Their great Redeemer's strong 
In storms he is their hiding place— 



A covert from the wind ; 

A stream from th' rock in the wilder- 
Runs through this weary land. 

5 This chrystal stream runs down from hea» 

It issues from the throne j (ven, 
The floods of strife away are driven. 

The Church becomes but one. 
That peaceful union she shall know, 

And live upon his love ; 
And shout and sing- his name below, 

As angels do abov<k 

J THROUGH tribulations deep the way 
to glory lies, 
This stormy course I'd keep on the tem- 
pestuous seas ; 
By winds and waves I'm tost and 

Freighted with Grace, and bound for 

2 Sometimes temptations blow a dreadful 
And high' the waters flow, arid o'er the 
side break in ; 
Rut still my little ship outbraves 
The blustering winds and ^Y'rinff 

HYMN 354. 

Lenox Tune. Sailor's Song. 


& When I in my distress my anchor, hope, 
can coat 

"Within the promises, it holds my vessel 

Safely she then at anchor rides, 
'Midst stormy blasts and swelling tidesu. 

4 If a dead calm ensues, and heaven no 

breezes give, 
The oar of prayer Fd use, and tug and 

toil, and strive; 
Thro' storms and. calms for many days, 
I make but very little ways. 

5 "But when a heavenly breeze springs up 

and fills my' sail, 
My vessel goes with ease before the 

pleasant gale, 
And runs as much an hour or more, 
As in a month or two before. 

6 Hid by the clouds from sight, the sun 

doth not appear ; 
Nor can I in the. night, behold the moon 
or stars. 

Sometimes for days, or weeks or more, 
I cannot see the sky or shore. 

7 As at the time of noon my quadrant, 

faith, I take, 
To view my Christ, my sun, if he the 
clouds should break; 
I'm happy when hid face I see, 
I know then where abouts I be* 

£ My Bible is my chart, by it the seas I 

I cannot with it part — it rocks and sands 
doth show ; 
It is my chart and compass too, 
Whose needle points forever true. 

9 I'd keep aloof from pride, the rocks I'd 

shun with care, 
I'd studiously avoid the whirlpool of des- 
pair ; 

Presumption's quicksands tool'd shun, 
Near them I do not choose to run. 

10 When through a strait I go, or neai» 

some Island drove, 
The plummet faith I'd throw, and- thus 
my safety prove ; 
My conscience is the line which I # 
Fathom the depth of water by. 

11 My vessel would be lost in spite of all 

my care, 

But that the Holy Ghost himself vouch- 
safes to steer ; 
And thro* my voyage he always will 
Be my dear "faithful steersman still. 

12 And e'er I reach the coast, a gulph I 

must pass through, 
Which fatal proves to most, for all the 
passage, go i 
But all death's waves can't meo'er- 

If God himself is at the helnr. 


13 When through this, gulph I get, the? 
rough it is but short, 
The pilot angels-meet to bring me- into 

And when I land: on ..that blest shoce, 
I shall be safe forever more. 

HYMN 355. 

J -THUS saitlUhe Lord of glory, I'd have 

the world: to know me, 
For all must stand before me, to account 

for what they have done, 
I am the God of heaven, eternally I'm 


All tilings are my creation, fori am God 

2 sinners will you hear me, repent and 

do believe me, 
For you cannot' deceive me, all things to 

me are known, 
Yourselves you are deceiving, my word 

you'r disbelieving, 
Damnation you'r receivingfrom me that's 

God alone. 

3 My Gosnel is rejected, my : worship is 

And \vickedness.protected,-by slighting 

of my son, 
Although you are hard hearted till earth 

and you are parted, 
Through you it shall be darted that I 

am God alone, 


4 O will you be reformed, and to my word 

My ransom is provided if you will only 

ISut if you do refuse it, I never will ex* 
cuse it, 

Because you do abuse it, for I am God 

5 Do you not fear my judgment when 3'ou 

shall in amazement 
Hear the last sounding trumpet a-bid- 
ding you to come, 

then I'll fix your station by pointing 

you damnation, 
For slighting my salvation, for I am God 

5 O do you seek for pleasure, or do you 
seek for treasure, 
Or what is your desire, come make it 
quickly known, 

1 am the God of pleasure, I am the God 

of treasure, 
And there is none that's higher than I 
that's God alone, 

7 Draw near to me my Zion, for I am Ju- 

dah's Lion, 
I've often heard your crying and listened 

to your groans, 
I never will forsake you, but ever wifl 

protect you, 
From evil I will save you, for I am Ged 



8 I am your friend and father, your com- 
forter and brother, 

Love me, and one-another, my mercy is 
made known, 

Forsake all sinful pleasure and I will be 
your treasure, 

I'll grant you your desire, for I am God 

HYMN 356. Ezekiel xlvii. 

1 THE Lord is the fountain of goodness 

and love, • [above, 

Tljro' Eden once flowing in streams from 
Refreshed every moment the first hap- 
py pair, [in despair. 
'Till sin stopped the torrent and brought 

2 Q wretched condition ! what anguish 

and pain ! [obtain ; 

They thirst for the fountain but cannot 
To sin's bitter waters they fly for relief, 
They drink but the draught still increa- 
ses their grief. 

3 Glad tklin ps, glad tidings! no more we 


Our Jeaub us opened this fountain again, 
Now mingled with mercy, enriched with 
free grace, [race. 
From Zion 'tis flowing on all the lost 

4 How happy the prophet, how pleasant 

his road, [ofGAd f 

When led down the stream by the aujfel 
p 3 



Tho* shallow at first, yet he found it at 
.last [passed. 
A river so boundless it could not be 

5 Come sinner, poor, sinner, tis boundless 

and free, [for thee : 

Your welcome, take freely, 'twas opened 
The Spirit invites you, "the bride calls 

you too, [welcome with you. 

Come call all your neighbors they 're 

6 Come all ye dead sinners, here life you 

will find, [blind; 
Come all ye poor beggars, ye halt and ye 
'J his water has m virtue to heal all ; :com- 

plaints, [the saihtsi 

Come drink, ye diseased, & rejoice with 

7 Say not «• I'm a sinner,and must not par- 

take," [take ; 

For litis very reason, the Lord bids you 
Say not '■* too unworthy, the vilest of all," 
For such, not the righteous, the Lord. 

came to call. 

ft Make not your complaints an excuse to 

' delay, .. -.W^l 

Let not your transgressions affright you 
The worse your condition the welcomer 
here; [ fear - 
Come, come on dear sinner, & cast away 

9 Come christians let's venture along down 
the stream, ± t . fa™ l 

The shallows are pleasant but O let us 



Let's bathe in the ocean of infinite lore, 
And \rash & be pure as the angels above. 

30 Too Ion* have we dreaded to launch 
the great deep, Tto keep; 

And loved near the threshhola of Zion 
But Jesus now calls us; arise let us go, 
O glory Unsporting — 'tis heaven below. 

HYMN 357. 

I ONE spark, O God, of heavenly fire, 
TOv.warm my heart with pure desire. 
To reach the realm above ; 
Immortal glories round me shine, 
I'd drink the stream of joy divine 
And sing redeeming love. 

1 O could I wing my way in haste, 
Soon with bright seraphs I would feast, 
And join their sweet employ ; 
I'd glide along the heavenly stream, 
And join their most exalted theme 
Of everlasting joy. 

3 Too mean this little globe for me, 
Nor will I e'er contented be, 
To feast on things so vain ; 
Its greatest treasures are tout -dross, 
Its grandeur short, its pleasures cross'd, 
Its joys all mixed with pain. 

i But resting on my Saviour's arms, 
My ooul enjoy* transporting chnrms, 
Of cvcrlaeting love t 



There's Kfe, there's joy, there's solid 
A friendship that can never ccase ; [peace 
A rock that cannot move. 

5 O then my son! stretch every thought, 
To meet within the heavenly court, 
Above these mortal cares. 

Then with the angels let me rise, 
And find my scat above the skies, 
Where sins no more distress. 

6 Then with an everlasting band, 

With kindred saints at God's right hand, 

My happy lot shall be ; 

To sing, to shout, to reign, to rest, 

Forever and forever blest 

With thec, O God, with thee. 

HYMN 358. 

% YE citizens of Zion, who are a marching 
home, [to come, 

C-iit us unite together to call sinners 
Unite our testimony to spread his name 
abroad, [cended Lord 

And all speak forth the glory of our as. 

2 T4us is a world of trouble and darkness 
alf around, [his love abound, 

But they that follow Jesus, shall in 
'1 he straight high way of holiness is a 
way of peace and joy, [sky. 
That lcadsjus on to glory above the starry 


3 Christians are one, their way is one, also 

their love is one, 
And light is one, and love is one,they aU 

[aim for one home, 
By this the world shall know us, that 

we are the son§ of God, 
When we love oneJfcnother according to 

his word. 

4 The word of God, we all believe it came 

from above, 
That we God's will might here receive 

and understand his woi-d, 
Then let us all receive it and publish 

forth the same; 
Walk by it in our practice and glorify 

his name. 

And thus our faith will all be one, our 

practice the same, 
And thus we'll see that union and love 

will soon inflame, 
Our testimony thus agree to call the 

world to come, 
Declare that God has loved them, and 

gave to them his son. 

6 We'll join and sing together, we'll join 

in solemn prayer, 
We'll join in sweet communion,and flock 

together there, 
We will nut lord' it over the heritage of 


Nor will we try to hinder those that's 
w.ash'd in Jesus blood. 



7 And soon we'll leave the world behind 

and fly to peace and jov, 
Where singing hallelujah 'shall all our 

powers employ, 
"We'll feast upon that heavenly fruit and 

walk the glorious plain, 
And shout and sing God's praise while 

God and heaven remain. 

HYMN 359. L. M. 
The Rich Man and Lazarus, Luke xvi. 25. 

1 IN what confusion earth appears, 
(iod's dearest children bathed in tears j 
"While they, who heaven itself deride, 
Uiot in luxury and pride. 

2 But patient let my soul attend, 
And, ere 1 censure, view the end ; 
That end, how different, who can tell ? 
The wide extremes of heaven and hell. 

See the red flames around him twine, 
"Who did in gold and purple shine ! 
Nor can his tongue one drop obtain 
T' allay the scorching of his pain. 

4 While round the saint, so poor below", 
Full rivers of salvation flow ; 
On Abram's breast he leans his head, 
And banquets on celestial bread. 



5 Jesus, my Saviour, let me shave 
The meanest of thy servant's fare :• 
May I at last approach to taste 
The blessing's of thy marriage feast. 

HYMN 360. L. M. 
Self- Examination; Gal. iv. 19, 20. 

1 WHAT strange perplexities arise ? 
What anxious fears and jealousies ? 
What crouds in doubtful lig'ht appear ( 
How few, alas, approv'd and clear 1 

2 \pd what am I ?— My soul, awake, 
And an impartial survey take ; 

Does no dark sign, no ground of fear, 
In practice or in heart appear ? 

3 What image does my spirit bear ? 
Is Jesus form'd, and living tliere ? 
Say, do bis lineaments divine 

In thought, and word, and action sliine ? 

4 Searcher of hearts, O search me still ; 
The secrets of my soul reveal ; 

My fears remove, let me appear 

To God, and my own conscience clear. 

5 Scatter the clouds which o'er my head 
Thick gloom of dubious terror spread j 
Lead me into celestial day, 

And to myself myself display. 


d I at tli at bless'd world arrive, 

l\ i.ere Christ thro' all my soul shall live, 
And give full proof that he is there, 
"Witliout one gloomy doubt or fear ! 

HYMN 361. 

An experience. 

1 COME all ye that labor with sin*s heavy 


I pray give attention to what I relate; 
Of all wretched sinners I know I am 

Yet Jesus my Saviour han granted relief. 

2 When fust I received the heavenly dove 
I thought I should always abide in his 

love ; 

The fountain of mercy v/as boundless 
and free, 

Just suiting the case of a sinner like me. 

3 The plan of salvation was all my delight, 
My vessel ran over by day and by night, 
I thought the whole world might his ful- 
ness receive, 

And wonder'd why sinners refused to 

4 The free love of Christ was my joy and 

my song, 

'Till some did persuade me, my views 
were all wrong ; 


Such strong consolation they deemed tt 
bad mark, 

That christians were safest when most 
in the dark. 

6 And more than all this, that the doctrine 
of grace 

Did only extend t$*s part of our race ; 
The few chosen favorites, for whom Je> 
sus died, 

Must grope in thick darkness, to hum* 
ble their pride. 

6 -A^Smner, they said, had no right to be- 
lieve, . 

1*111 some Special gift he from heaven 

And when he received it, to doubt and 

\Yerc needful to prove that the gift was 

t Can this be religion, I thought with a 
. sigh, 

But surdy the Invites know better than I; 
Then founded my faith 6n the wisdoru 
of man, 

And soon was iridue'd to embrace the 
Whole plan. 

8 Beneath a new banner I soon did appear, 
And foolishly try'dto get others to fear; 
Although living christians had once been 

my fchoicc, 
I now was unhappy to hear them rejoice 


9 The spirit was grieved and soon did 

withdraw — 
I let go the gospel and turned to the 
law ; 

The spirit of bondage soon brought me 
to doubt* 

And under this bushel my candle went 

10 My former task-master resumed, his 


And under his pressure I often did groan, 
2VJ y sins which had once, by the gospel 

been slain, 
Were brought by the law into action a- 


11 Against my corruptions I daily did 


But no peace of conscience I thence 

could derive ; 
( labor'd in pain with my burden of grief, 
Jn hopes that kind death would soou 

give me relief. 

12 The sound of a going at length I did 


And scon was convinced the Bridegroom 
was near ; 

liis presence awoke me, but O how dis- 
trt s&'d ! 

To find that bis love had forsaken my 


13 While others around mc his presence 

did feel, 

I stood like the son that came out of the 

The servants in raptures were lifting 

their voice, 
I wanted a kid with my friends to rejo:ce\ 

14 While sinners were pressing- in crouda 

^to come in, 
I groaned with the weight of my indwel- 
Jing sin, 

I-ielt.that my soul had gone farther a- 

SPIian sinners who never had heard of 
the way. 

15 I found that my legal endeavors were 


No service of mine could his favor ob- 

And since I had wilfully chosen to doubf 
He justly hadsuffercd my lamp to go out! 

16 I solemnly promised if grace would re- 


I never would quench it, but still let ll 
burn ; 

My soul should forever resign to -his 

And follow with. pleasure his word fo 


X7 This humble submission that Jesus 
should reign, 
Soon opened the windows of Heaven a- 
gain ; 

And though for his sake I be counted a 

J know that my heart has been made like 

My own private interest I cast at hi9 

And in his salvation I know I'm complete; 
Since grace upon grace 1 so freely re- 

I'll praise him, I'll praise him as long"asr 
I live. 

19 I now live dependent on Jesus my 


And out of liis fulness I daily am fed, 
Mis faithfulness binds me on him to be- 
lieve ; 

And give him the glory of all I receive. 

20 A.nd now you have heard the contents. 

of my song, 
Can such a' dependenco on Jesus be 
wrong ? 

If scripture does plainly affirm it is right, 
J.ord grant you, may instantly come to 
the light. 



©1 At once be persuaded to give up your 

And come as you a^e, to the author of 

Leap into the fountain of infinite love, 
And shout like the glorified spirits above. 

IIYMN 362. L. M. 

1 BEUtftffl myjbeart, these anxious care* 
To thee are burdens, thorns and snares : 

And?iJntradict his gracious word. 

CUJrought safely by his hand thus far, 
Why wilt thou now give place to feaH ; 
How canst thou want if he provide, 
Or lase thy way, with such a guide ? 

3 Did trouble ever yet befal, 
And he refuse to hear thy call ? 
And has he not his promise past, 
That thou shalt overcome at last ? 

4 Like David thou mayest comfort draw ; 
Saved from the bear's and lion's pavv { 
Goliah's rage I may defy, 

For God my Saviour still is nigh. 

$ He that has helped me hitherto, 
Will help me all my journey through; 
And give me daily cause to raise 
New Ebeneicr's to lus praise. 


dishonor on thy Lord, 


6 Tho* rough and thorny be the road, 
It leads me home apace to God ; 
Then count thy present triah small, 
For heaven will make amends for all. 

HYMN 363. C. M. 

1 'TIS pure delight, without alloy, 

Jesus to hear thy name ; 
My spirit leaps with inward' joy, 
I feel the sacred flame. 

2 My passions hold a pleasing reigifc 

While love inspires my breast; 
Love, thedivinest of the train, 
And sovereign of the rest. 

This is the grace must live and sing, 
"When faith and hope sW rease, 

Must sound from every joyful string, 
Tfepc* the sweet world of bliss. 

Let life immortal seize my clay, 
Let love refine my blood : 

Her flames can bear my soul away. 
Can bring me near my God. 

5 Swift I ascend the heavenly place, 
A nd hasten to my home ; 
I leap to meet thy kind embrace, 
1 come my Lord, I come. 

C Sink down, ye separating hills, 
Let guilt and death remove : 
"Tis love that drives my chariot wheel 
And death must yield to love. 


HYMN 364. 

t O IIEAItKEX sinner* wc hare come. 
To warn you of your danger, 
We pray be reconcil'd to him, 
Who once lay in a manger. 


Ho every one that thirsteth, 
Come yc" to the waters, 
Freely drink and quencli your thirst* 
IVith'Zion's sons and daughters. 

J? That awful God that made your souls, 
Ami all the world around you, 
Doth charge you with ten thousand 
But hatcth to confound you. [crimes, 

Ho every one, ice. 

3 The cross of Christ you have to bear, 
Fearless of persecution, 

Or groan you wlli when time ahall cease* 
Id dar&ness and contusion. 

Ho every one, Ecc 

4 O seek the circumcising grace, 
Be wise, do not refuse it; 

For if you seek your life to sartj 
\ou will be sure to lose it. 

Ho every one, &c. 



5 Come all ye humble weeping" souls. 
Who long to be forgiven, 

We bring 1 glad tidings unto you, 
From the good Lord of Heaven. 

Ho every one, Sec. 

6 There ii a fountain deep and wide, 
For sin and all uncleanness; 

Come drink and wash fit be made white, 
And prove the gospel's fuluess. 

llo every one, 8cc. 

f See the crowd that's travelling on, 
In paths of self denial, 
Th-ry march along the banks of lore, 
And long for your arrival. 

Ho every one, Lc 

8 Shall unbelief debar you from 
The knov. ledge cf your S« V '»»U!^ 
Believe mid you'll be justified, 
Bciievc and live forever. 

Ho every one, kc. 

I*m not surprisM that angels sing, 
That saints do shout around us ; 
I would glory, glory, too, 
For God delights to save us. 

JIq every one, he. 


10 My nicht of sin and grief is gonc> 
My soul is f illed with glory, 
O for a thousand tonguei to tell 
jLovie's animating 1 story. 

Ho every one, &c. 

Hi Let heaven and earth with mc unite, 
Tp sing and shout Hosannaj 
Tfire. Lord has pardoned all my sins* 
Ari&ifill'd my soul with manna. 

Hwevery one, Sec. 

12 fioor sinners will you laugh and scofT, 
Because I sing hos&nna; 

but do*?not know what this doth mean*. 
My soul it eating manna. 

Ho every one, kc. 

13 My old companions think I ? m los* 
Because 1 sing hosanna, 

But they wculd shout as loud 
If they had tasted manna. 

Ho every one, &c. 

14 The cold professsors do dotes*. 
Such noise arid loud hbsanna; 
j^nd so did we before we sought 
And found the hidden manna. 

Ho every dn'i, &c. 



15 When on my dying" bed I Tie^ 
My soul shall sing hosanna; 

With- happy saints that shout arouttQ. 
We'll have a feast of manna. 

Ho every one* &c. 

16 A glorious throng have gone before^, 
Who sing and shout hosanna, 

They stand around the tree of. life* 
And always gather manna. 

Ho every one, &.c. 

17 Come on ye followers of the Lamb> 
Love God and sing hosanna; 

We soon shall join that holy throngs 
y\nd always live on manna, 

41o ejery one, &c. 

HYMN 365. C. M. 

1 MY friends and brethren we are met, 
Again to serve the Lord : 
O HoJv Ghost descend just now. 
And give thy living word. 

$ O may it run and be like fire, 
And Jl our sins destroy ; 
Aud make us of one heart and mini, 
And fill our souli with joy. 

3 My soul it fill'd with joy, X sec 
The day it rolling on ; 


When all the saints of ev*ry name, 
Will all unite as one. 

4 The watchmen then will all unite, 
Their flocks will be as one, 

And all in love march sweetly on» 
To Canaan's happy land. 

5 O Watchmen ! watchmen ! will you; foiQ, 

A^in this work gt> on ? 
Then every wall that men have built, 
Like&ericho comes down. 

6 .0:K?ift£ God increase thy work^ 

jAntl push thy victories on, 
Till every child of God below, 
Can join to slug this song. 


A • Hymn 

Approach, my soul, the mercy seat, j, 32 
Al. M r etched souls, who strive in vain, 36 
Jacob d'iCi in days of old, / f 47 
Am I a soldier of the cross, I - 1 96 
Awake, my soul, in joyful lays, NL k 104 
Almighty Father, gracious Lord, 1^106 
:\fflicted saint to Christ draw near/^ ^ 131 
'- ial. ! and did my Saviour bleed, ^*2{9 
And will the Judge descend, 157 
Away from every mortal care, " ' > . 172 
An<l must this body die, 180 
Awake, my soul, to meel the day, 191 
Awake my heart, my soul arise, 198 
*;id J.avel, Christ, no love to thee, 211 
^.■nighty Father, gracious Cord, . 228 
And art thou with us, gracious Lord, 242 
And is the Gospel p|ace and love, » 247 
As shower^nmeadiws newly mown, 253 
As on^the f r^M ie _*iyiGiir ivM«gv~— ^ISV 
i Jud we sin;rtfie wond'rous grace, 264 
isham'd of Christ, my soul disdain, 270 
\nd must I part with all I have, 271 
Awake, my 'soul, stretch every nerve, 278 
Alas ! what hourly dangers rise, -280 
Almighty maker, God, 285 
£laiighty maker of my frame, 3;2 


B Hymi$ 
Blow ye the trOmpet, blew; 5 
Broad is the ipad that leads to death, 2(1 
Behold the wretch whose hist and wine, 22 
Blest are the humble souls who see, 25. 
Beside the Gospel pool, ^ 
Beset with snares on every hand, 53 
Begl\i, my tongue, some heav'nly theme 69 
By various maxims, forms and rules, 70 
Brethren, cast your eyes around, 83 
Behold tfie love, the grace of God, 10V 
Behold the lefty sky, 10$ 
By faith in Christ I walk with God, \22 A 
Blessed Redeemer, how divine, * 12.?4 
Beiull my heart, these anxious cares,J*f/ 
Blest be the tic that binds, 1 9 

Blest be the dear uniting love, I^rir 
Behold the mornii g sun, 184 
Begone my worldly cares, away, 197". 
Bless'd is the man that shuns the place 218 
Bless'd Jesus, source of grace divine, 
Behold the sons, the heirs of God, 
Behold Paul a prisoner at Felix's bar, ,. 1 
By whom was David taught, , . , - v ' - 

C .'*.'"• X*J 

1 ■ ;••>•.* s,', 
trOmv ^-*:e that labor wjtU sin's heV \* 
> vy weight, 'v.^-^ 
Come, sinners, to the Gospel feast, 'C 
Come, weary souls, with .Sin.distr est, . TC. 
Come humble sinner, in whose breast, oZ- 
Come my soul, thy suit prepare, .. 42 
Ceme dearest Lord, descend and dwell 59 ^ 
Come ye that love the Lord, " . 88 
Qi^ren ot Qod, renounce your fears, 

37 '4f INDEX. 

Come, Lord, and warm each languid 

heart, - - - . 209 
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly dove, 251 
-Come, my christian friends and breth- 

ren, - - 323- 

..ddren of the heavenly King-, 326 
Come, brethren and sisters, unite in a . 

band, - - - \ * /352 
3 Confirm the hope thy word allows, .' /l73 

• D ; v 

fl.idst thou, dear Jesus, suffer shame,/ 46 
j'leur refuge of my weary soul, Vp 147 
' 1 ;ath, 'tis a melancholy day, [ V 161 

! *Mniss us with thy blessing, Lord, 
~ sovereign, let my evening songJT^i 
n 'v Saviour, we are thine, - 232 
glided souls; who think to find, ' 291 
<)< ad be my heart to all below, 293 
ihy not 1 love thee, O my Lord, 296 

j^Nuraged by thy word, 49 
*al God, enthron'd on high, 61 
' . has engrossed my love too long, 214 
a | ire, ye pilgrims, for the way, 295 
^^ityisj.uw--at bancL - ' 

• , the brightest evidence, - jjtf 
• \ ; iS i'rom my thoughts, vain world bd^^ 
J ' gone, - - 86 

5- rom all that's mortal, all that's vain, 92 
Forever blessed be the Lord, 99 
'Father cf mercies, in thy word, 110 

• v . • " . i,XN&EX. -V $Zf 

- . -a- . . • to 

Farewell, loving christians, the time few** 

at hand," . - . . • ■ _: 

Fair Zion's king we humbly own, . #"2 
Frequent the day of God returns, 202 
Father, is not thy promise pledged, 2lG 
Faith adds new charms to earthly bliss -25/i 
Father of mercies send-thy grace, c 
Father, whate'er of earthly dIiss, i 
From winter's barren clods, V : 
ForWseason call'd to part, . oV-i 
Fatl^rVrant us all a blessing, ' * •*> J .'>' 
Farewell vain world, I'm going homcv Z]8 
^ $e regions of love, lo, an angel ~\ 
Jscends, • - -m 

" v G ; "\ ^ 

'my childhood and my youth, ' 
'Gracious Lord, incline thine ear, . £\ 
Great Shepherd of thine Israel, - •> ■/ 
God is the refuge of his saints, * >f ' 

God, the Eternal awful name," - 

God of the morning, at whose voi&.\ .'13 

GWy to thee, my God, this nigi 
Great Cpd, the nations of thfc i' • 
Great fbrruci; *»Cthis various fnipfli 
Great author ot »mmort^i> .* 
God moves in a m)^tefC6;\_ r. ; 
Great Spirit of immorX^jUp*^. ' : ; 'L V • 
Hhd of Eternity, from thee, r *JCrJX V 
Pappus things of thee/are sppien^ .^^4.^ 

How free the fountain flows,* ' 7 ;? 
How short and hasty is our life, . • • 19 
How did the powers of darkness rage, 29 
iiow vain are. lU thing? here. below;; " ^53 




.yr^ - Uymr ¥ 

>rr Jydtn un and Satan strove, 72 
/.' ..weet the name of .lesus sounds, 78 
.x my soul, it is the Lord, 79 
I i'jsu.m?. to the prince of light, 82 
How precious is the book divine, 107 
T.-y shall the young secure their i 
li carts, - - • - 116 

r ly and reverend is the name, 121 
. 'py the man whose cautious stepsi 129 
? . v condescending and how kind, - / 135 
lies, the friend of sinners dies, ( 140 
eaven has confirmed the great decree 165 
^•k ! from the tombs a doleful sound 169 
ngry, and faint,- and poor, \\t 176 
sanna with a cheerful sound, ' Cv%187 
v welcome to ihe saints when prilB?§t29, 
ar ' thy servants bless'd, O Lord, 227 
eft, a»iis, this wretched heart, 233 
for 'tis Cod's own Son that calls 236 
t i: t, the Savior comes 246 
«-mcious sovereign, from thy 

:avl 'description he, - 257 
man- who f.ndr iS^jrace, 275 
• heaver. 1 Oder's voice, 281 
le place, 283 
j , how divinely sw. ct, 234 
.v ii ee and boundless is the grace, .286 
o\v Jongvsball earth's alluring toys, ■ l£14 
How various and how new are thy 

compassions, - - 315 

How Jiappy are they, 325 
I low firm a foundation, ve saints of the 

• : " .•' .Index" ' \ - 

I; /' ?i 

in vain the giddy world inquires, 
I*ra not ashamed to own my Lord 
I've 'listed in the holy war, 
Is this the kind return, 
I long to see the season come, 
I send the joys of earth away, 
In thee, thou all-sufficient God, 
In what confusion earth appears, 
tlvou art the living head, 
th't blessings are not few, w-* 
thy far extended fame, «S 
wand'ring sheep behold, 
10 knows full well, 
'fruit that will not grow, 
* je'su , s> and shall it ever be, 
Jesuf is* gone above the skies.', 
Jesus, the Lord* the glory take, 
Jesus, my all, to heaven ilVjanc,;^ ' 
J ps lis, I sing thy matchless grace,' ■ 
Jerusalem, my happy hoiije^ 
Jesus shall reign where'er tne^un, 
.lesus, Lord, we look to thee, * • ^ 
Jesus, united by tliy •grace, 
Jesus, O word divinely sweet, 

Kind arc the words that Jesus ^neaks ^ 
Kindred in Christ for his dear ssi£ey~\ 

Let every mortal ear attend, ' :}) : 
Lord, we come before tjiee now, *, : r 
f^ct aniious doubts be heard no more/ 

r , f 

•*.et car"; ?/~t neaven rgree, 76 
Let pari .nes no more, ".101 
T xt avarice '/.torn shore to shore, 1G9 
Laden' with j;--ilt and full of fear, 111 
I _t pM *he li ;: liien writers join, 114 
s c r ■ ::ayc Made thy word my choice, 115 
J .- . 'harisccs of high esteem, 144 
} • *'i when together here we meet, 153 
Vi 'tis an infinite delight, V 170 

L' t ZioiiN watchmen cry aloud, .... f 181 
,v »»» *-e morning I will send, 
' yeri'at thy temple we appear, t 
^ tl.e.u hast been thy chilo; 
'-' Coil, 

y- lIiou with an unerring bead 
%. ul lust ti;ou made mc kno\ 

I:.;} 'x t'.iou tiiyfrace impart, 
! .< ;.. so v. . ;,(» l>e<ir the christian name 2~2, 
.' > i on.nipo* . M t t.a bless. -i 239 

j r^part with gold for dross 292 

tt- M v. v i :: x .?-!o»n blessed Saviour, • / 330. 
- ,;i> %' )irt < tuneful trumpet sound, 341 
ni ].L< v.iU'i.v*oqltlie foe grows stronger 351 
u - M ■ JVai a heaven of saving- grace, ti7 

t.'od inspire this heart of mine, 1' 

V: drowsy nov ers why sleep ye so, 17 

; s^jjjbr: s aK'es her vain iK-Ught, 24 

.».» -TTVTis ivvakc with angels join, 81 

>..y life, iny love, 89 

2klv * my portion and my love,- 90 

]*h c?pU>: sounds the alarm of war, 9S 

jMy thought* ou awful subjects roll, 158 


• INDEX. * 379 < 

: -.Sr* 

My thoughts .that often jA.wl 

skies, • • . • -?> t 

My God how endless is thy $ 
My -Saviour let me hear -thy void . 
My rising soul with strdpg desires 
My soul with joy -attend, Uj 
My God how cheerful is the sound. 
My 'God what silken cords are *'uiii^« 
My times of sorrow and of joy', 
My gracpus redeemer I $e%. s . • 
My irienda St brethren we have met. 

y ■ n 

in the heavenly thcjB* 
\he J.ord a no'.ie song-, 
row let our voices join, 
Now by-the bowels of my God 
NowLord inspire the preacher's he:\ri 
Now let our souls on wings subl.m^" 
Not all the nobles of the. eanh, 
Now let a true ambition rise. 
Now^from the? V^ay of our hear?-, 

O thou befnre Vhb'se tyrac : .H L f5>' r» >,: 

O thou tiiitt ht*Jl SI A bin •i'.^v, 

6 thou that seest an4- .knp.yc&i iv-y 

grief, •• Ulfo- / . ; '-, 'tyi 
O Lord my best desires fulfill •' ':' artv 
Oh that the Lo-u would rru&c :nj '.v£ys £' A' 

O Lord .how great is 
O i .ord I would delight in thee 
Oft us the bell \vith,so!c*ifn toll 
Of nil the joys e mor.lals Tcnciv 
On Sion his'mjst holy.woant 5 




list' I 
129 J 



d wh&sto^ndous mercy shines^ • 26fc 
G tWtbe Lord ir deed, r r V * ?88 

TO >vhyeii *hall I see Jesus; ; • ";" 
*0 Ood my heart with love* inflame) 
^Cfejjdrdan's storing ban^^dtand, 


A}[ esus v ho caV tell • his#bvey< • >;> \. ■ 
v 1^£ : #ai&:f*lk/wjtf .God; J i*. . j 
* ' iar^mf soulthci rising day, * 
*^1yj^er calls, V & • 
i^fipk;0 f^T^yieayeoly fire 
9, /en sinriers we have come, 

ofjnv srin-sic): soul, " 
/6uble(f soul thou need'st 
year, ' ' ■ m > , - 
^everlasting praise be paid, 
fires with pleasure, let us part, \, 
-jtti .e O what a grace divine, f .vfe*S 
*\«*£i5 Uiblc, what a treasure, 

believer in .the tord,? 
»i\ is thex^fconce 


King, -355- 

^oicetof Godregard, '3 vfcr- J5 
kthe, ti»me"wheJi first I felt/- 26 
'trfejt&e lift up your eyes 80 
^W^oyfulsQUQd!; >- 103 

7 . INDFX. , ', . 

Stoop doyh i^tntitights that ..sed to 

'rise, > • ; V ^,166', 
See what a living stone, r ; 201 ■ 

$weet glories rlish dpon my s : ght, £.207/ 
Sovereign of all the worlds oh/iigh,v ;J23g 
Should bounteous nature kin&Htooury ^3*^ 
pee Israel's gentle Shepherds, 
SajMfrho is that looks'abrpad,^ " & 
See now the little toiling ahfc^! ^ : %rp n " 
Since Jefus freely did appeaiy* ^ V'A 
6ayipAi^|isit thy : plantation, \ v 3& 
StopJbOorsinner stop and think* * "V^ 
ItJffi^l^^word, .; ..^ , 
urlips' and lives exp^esij 
the Way the door is strait .y 
d up my soul shake *r* tl fears* * 
SooMs I hej»rd my Father . y, A 
eflnow.the mpniilh^r sun. 

for the blessed J e"§b K eigns, - r 
if? • :v T.. -I ■ . '•. - ? 
bra of life exalted stands, f 
rtbV favored Israel's meat. 
Thus saith^fiJ^d|Ufe ^Mnposjie. 
Thy mercies filKtBe ^d^Jfihlt^- . 
Try us O God *lf^^&W^ v ^ 
The -Saviour call|.Jet feary %y.v* 74] 

The Lord's my She|^W^;how>cai^.- 
' ■ • ' wants 'r^Wf.y'- - 7~ ! 


The righteous Xord sxfprem^ 
Thisis the word of truth and 
The hleavens declare thy, glory; Lpro^ 118* 
;Thou jtaly centre of my rest, '^>\>"132i 
Teach'me the measure of, mv dayTj;%- 13^ 
Twgs on that, d«K thtfdoleful ni'^^J^ 

'ij^Ving 1 of heaven table spreads, 137 
To o»ir redeemer's glericus name, < 141 
Tljat r.wfVi 1 ?...y will surf > 1 ycomcj 155 
The -'Lord tiic judge befc; .Ms-tlirdne 156 
Thee >-c adi;ic eternal ne, 163 
TV. \. iivv. : Lord and thy command, 175 
\r;-Vhct/r. my first ofleri.ig rise, 192 
<?a. *st and;e;c>ne, .194 
. S.-e <*sn..iy S'abbUhs, - . Lord we love, 2u3 
'/f^:-\w;l ;:tii's gone tivc day is past, 204 
i'l { -..a v no made tlic world on high- 205 
r is .-. land of pure delimit, j 212 
breathed his warm de^iret&26G 
. all th« ch^npng scenes of 1^ 
( ;v : a y \r. 1; wen ai d joy cn cJ^WRl 
v< <;■.•'•• v » < . imv heart, ' ..302 
£ r« " ^a^uod, - >Sl>9 
v"U -it;, >•<•• i.: die theme of \ 

;ia:f.e of jfleriovo gracei 3t>6 
< re!- a pi den is. v^o45 
«:p i f the Cosp el resounds 
\h:\.' t!,c l- i], • 550 
.*;.'• ' ."u'Sttr' '^TttU'tr.g-TMgh, 353 
. . •.. i\'.\>\' Xuhvlil .-,* s ..deep!, 354 
Ti.i s 3;>t. ; the Lofd.of'^lory, 355 
The' : is tJie fountain ot' goodness 

v -ar.d,*' ■" /• r 356 
Ti i rc i* i o, p:uh to heavenly h :r, 2 l .;9 
" Tis pure d'.ii.r^t ■ withriit siloy, ' 3l-3 

*jq ?.* .'e 1 .or ■ that re*: w ns on high,' 120 
|Ci4C» A r;ij'%iovii!^.'i.hoiigiits unite. . lfS 



Vita) spark of hcayenl) .:a.w * 

V vt shall. the' ;ii 5 tlo. ' . 

Why O my" soul ».!);, • .'Nc-.. rh;>- 
When the poor' leper's* -.v.e t l 
W'hy should the rhidf-"n of a j 
What various hin ' « we m 
When in the liglJof frith div! 
When by the her - serpen: stu 
W hen Israel thro' tl \ desert 
When I can read my tii'ti clc'f 
WUd shall ascend th'V h""*" 
wjwdjrwo mourn dc[. 
•jja^j^-b!ooiriing' you', 

W 7 hat scenes of hor: or : 
should we start a id 
^Jeil met dear friend .' 
iwhere two or, threes with 

WT^cpme sweet day of res 4 ; 
When T) tlnjar Jesus v.ken shall 
Wait O my so^ thy . m^ys \vu 
WJtcn some Wid^She;: tcru frc'm 1 


While my rede%fner's*pear. 
While enmal men wi$£ati their nr.g 
Wb*' sinners ; v ho presume to beui 
W hi *"» us ci -.velt i . i m ort il clay, 
W'> i\\\y t rn from Zion's w r ay,V 
W ith 1 • inhie heart acicl ton^ne, 
Whw i ilaun»vh prest with griefj 

V/ha^strin^ c «. it^it^cs^rise, 1 ;^/- G6Q. 

' •%-'ty^.'£F* -J ■ " ' ■ * ' 

* 5^\hWj|t;' starvin^poot, io 
' V ' V .V<> " lisinrSs ypar'/ears,.'- 71 
Ute Savour's .voice, 73 

souls i. A proash your God, 127 
^ your' Gdd his fame, • 
"ints proclaim. abroad^ 
•k,' whom Jesus feeds,£. 
* *o>s of earth adieu, ' % 
•mplain no more 
that cannot die,! 
ou I call", 

who are a marclijngf 
:3 Lord, , ■ 
*v;re N and hcjrrenly flaifce^j 


A Page 

Afflicted saint, to Christ draw near 132 

Ah I wretched souls who strive in vain hO 

Alas! and did my Saviour bleed IhO 

Alas, what hourly dangers rise 263 

Almighty Father, gracious Lord 108 

Almighty Maker, God 268 

Almighty Maker of my frame 290 

Aloud we sing the wond'rous grace 2U9 

Am I a soldier of the cross 99 

And art thou with us, gracious Lord 230 

And have I, Christ, no love to thee 200 

And is the gospel peace and love 23k 

And must I part with all I have 256 

And must this body die 175 

And will the Judge descend 137 

Approach, my soul, the mercy-seat 37 

As Jacob did in the days of old 50 

As on the cross the Saviour hung 221 

As showers on meadows newly mown 2k0 

Ashamed of Christ J my soul disdain 255 

Awake, my heart, my soul arise 190 

Awake, my soul, in joyful lays 106 

Awake, my soul, stretch ev'ry nerve 262 

Awake, my soul, to meet the day 181* 

Away from every mortal care 171 


B Page 

5e still my heart, these anxious cares 361 

Begin, my tongue, some heavenly theme 71 

Begone, ray worldly cares, away 189 

Behold Paul a prisoner, at Felix's bar 337 

Behold, the lofty sky 10U 

Behold the love, the grace of God 102 

Behold the morning sun 179 

Behold the sons, the heirs of God 2hh 

Behold the wretch, whose lust & wine 26 

Beset with snares on every hand 56 

Beside the gospel pool 36 

Blessed is the man who shuns the place 207 

. Bless 'd Jesus, source of grace divine 239 

Blessed Redeemer, how divine 129 

Blest are the humble souls, who see 29 

Blest be the dear uniting love 1$2 

Blest be the tie that binds U49 

Blow ye the trumpet, blow 9 

Brethren, cast your eyes around 86 

Broad is the road that leads to death 21* 

By faith in Christ, I walk with God 12h 

By various maxims, forms and rules 72 

By whom was David taught 329 


Children of God, renounce your fear 1U7 

Children of the heavenly king 308 

The church a garden is 333 
Come all ye that labor with sin's heavy load 360 
Come brethren and sisters unite in a band 3U5 

Come, dearest Lord, descend and dwell 6l 

Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly Dove 238 

Come, humble sinner, in whose breast 39 

Come, Lord, and warm each languid heart 198 



Come, my christian friends and brethren 30lt 

Come, my soul, thy suit prepare 1*6 

Come, sinners, to the gospel feast 6 

Come, weary souls, with sin distrest 15 

Come, ye that love the Lord 90 

Confirm the hope thy word allows 172 


The day is past, is past and gone 186 

Dead be my- heart to all below 27l 

Dear refuge of my weary soul lh6 

Dear Saviour, we are thine 222 

Death, 'tis a melancholy day 161 

Deluded souls! who think to find 272 

Didst thou, dear Jesus, suffer shame 1*9 

Dismiss us with thy blessing, Lord 175 

Do net I love thee, my Lord 276 

Dread sov 'reign, let my ev'ning song 186 


Earth has engrossed my love too long 203 

Encouraged by thy word 52 

Enquire, ye pilgrims, for the way 276 

Eternal God I enthroned on high 62 

Eternity is just at hand 2$h 


Fair Z ion's King, we humbly own 177 

Faith adds new charms to earthly bliss 21*2 

Faith is the brightest evidence 69 

Far from my tho'ts, vain world begone 88 
Farewell loving Christians, the time is at 

hand 150 

Farewell, vain world, I'm going home 323 



Father, grant us all a blessing 316 

Father, is not the promise pledged 20$ 

Father of mercies, in thy word 112 

Father of mercies send thy grace 2b8 

Father, what'er of earthly bliss 263 

For a season call'd to part 287 

Forever blessed be the Lord 102 

Frequent the day of God returns 193 

From all that's mortal, all that's vain j?5 
From the regions of love, lo and angel 

descended 339 

From winter's barren clods 283 


God is the refuge of his saints 65 

God moves in a mysterious way 216 

God of eternity, from thee 291 

God of my Childhood, and my youth $h 

God of the morning, at whose voice 182 

God, the eternal awful name 120 

Glorious things of thee are spoken 299 

Glory to thee, my God, this night 187 

Gracious Lord, incline thine ear 51 

Great author of th' immortal mind 21 5 

Great former of this various frame 209 

Great God, the nations of the earth 20h 

Great Shepherd of thine Israel 53 

Great Spirit of immortal love 21*8 


Happy beyond description, he 2h3 

Happy the man who finds the grace 260 

Happy the man whose cautious steps 130 

Hark! for His God's own Son that calls 225 



•kl from the tombs a doleful sound 16° 

*k, my soul, it is the Lord 81 

•k, the glad sound, the Saviour comes 233 

*ki 'tis our heavenly leader's voice 26h 

dies! the Friend of Sinners dies lhO 
ir, gracious sovereign, from thy throne 2iil 

tven has confirmed the great decree 165 

> heavens declare thy glory, Lord 119 

.y and reverend is his name 122 

sanna to the Prince of light 85 

sanna vith a cheerful sound 181 

/ are thy servants blessed, Lord 217 

/ charming is the place 266 

j condescending and how kind 136 

; did the powers of darkness rage 33 
f firm a foundation, ye saints of the Lord 311 

t free and boundless is the grace 269 

* free the fountain flows 8 
j happy are they 307 
i long shall earth's alluring toys 292 
/ lovely, how divinely sweet 267 

* oft, alas! this wretched heart 223 
j often sin and Satan strove 7h 

* precious is the book divine 110 
t shall the young secure their hearts 117 
/ sweet the name of Jesus sounds 80 
f vain are all things here below 57 
i various and how new 293 
f welcome to the saints, when prest 191 
lgry, and faint and poor 173 


I Page 

I long to see the season come 298 

I send the joys of earth away 27 

I'm not asham'd to own my Lord 68 

In thee, thou all-sufficient God 282 

In vain the giddy world enquires 271 

In what confusion earth appears 258 

Is this the kind return 126 

I'vs listed in the holy war 100 


Jereusalem, ray happy home 321* 

Jesus I and shall it ever be 9li 

Jesus, I sing thy matchless grace 235 

Jesus is gone above the skies 197. 

Jesus, Lord, we look to thee lU£ 

Jesus, ray all, to heaven is gone 2 f 02 

Jesusi word divinely sweet JL3>9 
Jesus shall reign where'er the sun 

Jesus the Lord, the glory take 151i 

Jesus, thou art the living bread li§ 

Jesus, thy blessings are not few 13 

Jesus, thy far-extended fame 38 

Jesus, thy wandering sheip behold 113 

Jesus, united by thy grace 11*5 

Jesus, where'er thy people meet Uj 

Jesus, who knows full well h$ 


Kind are the words that Jesus speaks 231 

Kindred in Christ, for his dear sake 286 

The King of heaven his table spreads 138 


Laden with guilt and full of fears 11-X 

Let all the heathen writers join \}S- 



et anxious doubts be heard no more 67 

et avarice, from shore to shore 111 
et earth and heaven agree 73 
et every mortal ear attend 11 

et party names no more 10h 

et Pharisees of high esteem lh3 

et those who bear the christian name 256 

et thy kingdom, blessed Saviour 316 

et Z ion's watchmen cry aloud 176 

ord, at thy temple we appear 206 

ora God, omnipotent to bless 271 

ord, hast thou made me know thy ways 229 

ord I have made thy word my choice 116 

ord, if thou thy grace impart 2i*6 

oro r in the morning I will send 18U 
h<? Lord is the fountain of goodness and 

love 353 

ord let the tuneful trumpet sound 328 
he Lord of Life exalted stands 16 

ord, shall we part with gold for dross 273 

he lord, the Judge, before his throne 156 

ord,, thou hast been thy children's God 208 

crd, thou with an unerring beam 211 
ord, we come before thee now h2 
ord, what a heaven of saving grace 89 

ord, when together here we meet 153 
he Lord's my shepherd, how can want 76 

ukewarm souls, the foe grows stronger 3U1 


he ir.isnna, favored Israel's meat 21 

he siighty frame of glorious grace 322 
ksrtsls awake, with angels join 83 

r 0' C aptain sounds the alarm of war 101 
y drowsy powers, why sleep ye so 22 

y friends and brethren we are met 370 



Ky, God how cheerful is the sound 231 

My God, how endless is thy love 183 

My God, inspire this heart of mine 5 

My God, my life, my love 92 

My God, my portion, and my love 93 

My God, what silken cords are thine 2hl 

My gracious Redeemer I love 321 

My Saviour, let me hear thy voice 223 

My soul forsakes her vain delight 28 

My soul, with joy attend 228 

My rising soul with strong desires 228 

My thoughts on awful subjects roll 158 

My thoughts, that often mount the skies 159 

My times of sorrow and of joy 2$h 


Not all the nobles of the earth 226 

Now begin the heavenly theme lU 

Now, by the bowels of my God lh2 

Now from the altar of our hearts 188 

Now let a true ambition rise 288 

Now let our souls, on wings sublime 198 

Now let our voices join 98 

Now Lord, inspire the preacher's 172 

Now to the Lord a noble song 79 

for a closer walk with God 31 

God, my heart with love inflame 318 

hearken sinners we have come 367 

Jesus! who can tell his love 336 

Lord, how great is the delight 87 

Lord, I would delight in thee 127 

Lord, my best desires fulfil 18 

"0 that the Lord indeed 270 

Oh that the Lord would guide my ways 59 

thou, before whose gracious throne 178 



thou that hear'st when sinners cry 32 

thou that seest & know est my grief 38 

what stupendous mercy shines 2^7 

when shall I see Jesus 302 

Of all the joys we mortals know 199 

Oft as the bell with solemn toll 168 

Oh Jordan's stromy banks I stand 225 

On Sion, his most holy mount 219 

Once more, my soul, the rising day 181 

One spark, God, of heavenly fire 355 

Oar heavenly father calls 227 


Patience! what a grace divine 252 
Peace, troubled soul, thou need'st not fear 66 

Physician of my sin-sick soul 35 

Pilgrim, with pleasure let us part Xl|8 

Praise, everlasting praise, be paid 70 

Frecious Bible, what a treasure 309 


Raise your triumphant songs 125 

Rejoice, believer, in the Lord 9 

Rejoice, earth, the Lord is king 305 

Religion is the chief concern 56 

Remember us, we pray thee, Lord 17b 

The righteous Lord, supremely great 97 
Rise, Christians, rise, who love the Lord 319 


The Sabbath's gone, the day is past 19U 

The Saviour calls, let every ear 76 

Saviour, visit thy plantation 312 

Say, who is she, that looks abroad 275 

See how the little toiling ant 281 



See how the mounting sun 180 

See Israel*s gentle Shepherd stands 265 

See, what a living stone 192 
"Shepherds rejoice, lift up your eyes 82 

Should bounteous nature kindly pour 250 

Shout, for the blessed Jesus reigns 261 

Since Jesus freely did appear 28Jj 
Sinner, art thou still secure 19 
Sinners, the voice of God regard 20 

So let our lips and lives express 11*3 

Soon as I heard my Father say 118 

Sovereign of all the world on high 22b 
Stand up my soul, shake off thy fears 98 
Stoop down, my thoughts, that used to rise 166 

Stop, poor sinner, stop and think 317 
Strait is the way, the door is strait 25 

Supported by thy word 332 

Sweet glories rush upon my sight 197 
Sweet was the time when first I felt 30 


Teach me the measure of my days 13U 

That awful day will surely come 155 

That glorious day is drawing nigh 3b7 

That God, who made the worlds on high 195 

Thee we adore, Eternal name 163 

There is a land of pure delight 201 

There is no path to heavenly bliss 279 

There's joy in heaven, and joy on earth 279 

Thine earthly Sabbaths, Lord, we love 19U 

This is the word! of truth and love lib 

Thou only centre of my rest 133 

Thou only sovereign of my heart 251 

Thro' all the changing scenes of life 259 
Through tribulations deep the way of glory 

lies 318 



Thus Agur breath'd his warm desire 251 

Thus saith the Lord of glory 351 

Thus saith the Lord, "the spacious fields 23 

Thy mercies fill the earth, Lord 58 
Thy mercy, my God is the theme of my song 296 

Thy presence, everlasting God 287 

Thy promise, Lord, and thy command 173 

•Tis pure delight, without alloy 366 

To our Redeemer's glorious name lhl 

To thee, let my first offerings rise 185 
The trump of th gospel resounds thro 1 the 

land 3ii2 

Try us, God, and search the ground 60 

•Twas on that dark, that doleful night 135 


Unite, my roving thoughts, unite 253 

Up to the Lord that reigns on high 121 


Vital spark cf heavenly flame 295 

Wait, my soul, thy maker's will 213 

Welcome, sweet day of rest 191 

Well met, dear friends, in Jesus' name 170 

What scenes of horror and of dread 16b 

What shall the dying sinner do 12 

What strange perplexities arise 359 

What various hindrances we meet 61 

When any turn from Z ion's way 280 

When blooming youth is snatched away 162 

When by the fiery serpent stung 107 

When Hannah press 'd with grief 330 

When I can read my title clear 115 



When I was carnal, Satan's slave 33l 

When in the light of faith divine 63 

When Israel thro 1 the desert passed 110 

When Jesus dwelt in mortal clay 277 

When, dear Jesus, when shall I 196 

When some kind shepherd from his fold 220 

When the poor leper's case I read hh 

Where two or three, with sweet accord 17b 

While carnal men with all their might 260 

While my Redeemer's near 237 

While sinners who presume to bear 269 

Why do we mourn departing friends 150 

Why, my soul, why weepest thou Ul 

Why should the children of a king 55 

Why should we start and fear to die 167 

With humble heart and tongue 289 


Ye children of Zion, who are a marching home 356 

Ye dying sons of men 17 

Ye glittering toys of earth, adieu 236 

Ye humble saints proclaim abroad 2lU 

Ye humble souls, approach your God 128 

Ye humble souls, complain no more 21*5 

Ye little flock, whom Jesus feeds 232 

Ye nations all, to you I call 300 

Ye saints, attend the Saviour's voice 75 

Ye servants of the Lord 218 

Ye servants of your God, his fame 210 

Ye sons of men, with joy record 123 

Ye trembling souls, dismiss your fears 73 

Ye wretched, hungry, starving poor 18 

Yes, there are joys that cannot die 278 


Zeal is that pure and heavenly flame 257